Best CBD Oil for Dogs with Arthritis

06:08 AM April 10, 2020

Looking for the best CBD oil for dogs with arthritis can be quite overwhelming. There are so many kinds of CBD oils to choose from, maybe too many for folks like you. Should you give your furry friend CBD oil tinctures or CBD dog chews? It can also be confusing due to the many buzzwords and facts surrounding CBD.

Worry not, as this guide will take you step-by-step in buying the best CBD oil for dogs. We will tackle what CBD oil is, how it works for your dog, and what its potential side effects are.


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What is CBD Oil for Dogs?

best cbd oil for dogs

Naturally, the first questions pet owners may have is “What is CBD oil for dogs? How are they related to CBD dog chews?”

Well, cannabidiol (CBD) oil is an extract derived from the cannabis plant. It isn’t going to get you or your dog “high,” contrary to popular belief. Although some CBD products contain the legal amount of 0.3% THC, it will only boost their potency without mind-altering effects.

CBD works on the endocannabinoid system found in humans and animals. The substance signals the system’s neurotransmitters, producing the numerous benefits of CBD. These wellness benefits include relief for joint pain.

To share the wondrous benefits of CBD, various CBD products have been manufactured and sold publicly. For humans, these include CBD topicals, oil tinctures, and gummies.

For dogs, the benefits of CBD are also within their paws’ reach. There are many kinds of CBD oil for dogs, even including special CBD dog treats.

Where Can I Buy CBD Oil For Dogs?

cbd dog chews

Looking for the best CBD oil for dogs with arthritis? There is one online store where you are guaranteed quality CBD dog chews: BlosumCBD.


All of Blosum’s CBD products are sourced in the USA, containing all-natural, non-artificial ingredients. What’s more, they have their CBD Soft Dog Chews, containing 3 mg of CBD per chew.

These are made with high-quality, broad-spectrum CBD, giving your dog all the essential cannabinoids without THC. You won’t have to worry about the psychoactive compound of THC affecting your dog. Even better, he’ll enjoy its beef liver flavor. Administering CBD for dogs is just like giving him a tasty treat.

Best CBD Dog Chews

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These CBD for dogs in soft chew form are great for owners looking to improve pet health and wellness.

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What Does CBD Oil Do For Dogs?

Next, you may be wondering how cannabidiol helps your pet’s health and wellbeing. It contains countless health benefits.

Surprisingly, it can do so much for your dog’s body and behavior. The endocannabinoid system helps your dog’s physical and mental health due to cannabidiol’s effects.

Getting the best CBD oil for dogs can do wonders for your pets, such as preventing fur loss, renewing your dog’s skin and coat, and slowing signs of aging.

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Benefits of CBD Oil For Dogs

best cbd oil for dogs

CBD for pets such as CBD dog chews can also help address other health issues as well. Cannabidiol contains anti-inflammatory properties and other healing abilities that can help your dog with the following:

  • Arthritis
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Nausea
  • Cancer
  • Muscle Strain
  • Aggression

These benefits that the best CBD oil for dogs produce are proven by scientific research. Although they aren’t all conclusive, they still prove that CBD products like CBD dog chews can provide the listed effects to your dogs.

With further study, maybe CBD products will become more effective in the near future.

Nonetheless, here are some studies proving CBD can help with your dog’s arthritis, anxiety, cancer, appetite, and seizures.

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A study in 2018 showed that it can help dogs with the pain caused by osteoarthritis. It involved administering either CBD or a placebo for four weeks, two days each.

In conclusion, the ones who received doses of cannabidiol showed major improvement. They became more active and experienced less pain compared to the dogs given placebos. The best CBD oil for dogs with arthritis can help them manage pain and live a better life.


best cbd oil for dogs with arthritis

CBD for dogs can also help in other areas such as relieving noise phobias. Dogs often are crippled with anxiety by loud fireworks during New Years’ Eve or on the Fourth of July.

A dose of quality CBD oil can calm your dog. CBD can also reduce excessive barking in dogs, which is a sign of anxiety.


Do you have a Great Dane, Golden Retriever, or a Collie as your furry companion? If so, your dog may be prone to digestive problems. Your pet may be more susceptible to diarrhea, pancreatitis, or constipation.

Luckily, animal studies have found that CBD may help with digestion among animals. It has been discovered to help with colitis, gut mobility, and bowel diseases in animals.

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CBD for dogs may help with canine cancer and its symptoms. Your dog may feel such pain from cancer that sleeping and eating become difficult. Poor sleep and inadequate food may further his condition.

Fortunately, your dog may feel less pain and inflammation from cancer by eating products like CBD dog chews. As a result, he may start to eat normally and sleep soundly again. More importantly, it may prevent your dog’s cancer from growing and spreading further.


For thousands of years, humans have used cannabis to treat chronic pain. Now that we have discovered that cannabidiol functions similarly in dogs, we have also learned it can help alleviate their pain.

For example, CBD can help your furry companion with nerve-related pain. Also, it can help your dog cope with pain resulting from injuries or old age.


cbd oil for dogs

We’ve mentioned earlier that it can help your dog with cancer eat more. Despite having no cancer, your dog may still gain an appetite after taking cannabidiol.

The endocannabinoid system is a network of neurotransmitters that perform various vital functions such as hunger. When CBD stimulates this part of the body, it regulates your dog’s hunger. Consequently, this promotes your furry companion’s appetite.

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Cannabidiol has been found to help with people’s epilepsies, so it may just help dogs suffering from seizures.

CBD for dogs like CBD dog chews may also provide such benefits, as shown in a study in 2019. It involved giving dogs doses of cannabidiol for 12 weeks. Another group was given placebos instead in order to compare it with the CBD group.

As a result, the dogs that took CBD had less frequent seizures compared to those that were only given placebos.

Of course, even the best CBD oil for dogs can induce side effects. Your dog might experience dry mouth, low blood pressure, and drowsiness after eating CBD dog chews. However, these are risks caused by using incorrect doses of CBD.

How To Choose CBD Oil For Dogs

cbd oil for dogs

Because of the many benefits of CBD that were discovered, many products containing cannabidiol are now available in various stores.

Of course, you should know how to find the best CBD oil for dogs with arthritis. Do the following when buying CBD products like CBD dog chews.

  • Search for products with organic ingredients. Make sure your chosen CBD products are made with all-natural components and animal-friendly ingredients. Avoid those that have toxic chemicals such as herbicides or pesticides.
  • Look for quality, not affordability. Many CBD products may be cheap, but they may contain harmful substances or be made with low-quality ingredients. To provide the best for your animal companion, prioritize the pricier, yet better options.
  • Check the amount of CBD oil. Make sure you’re choosing the products with the CBD content your dog needs. If it has THC, make sure the CBD products only have a limit of 0.3%.

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How Much CBD Oil For Dogs?

cbd oil for dogs

You may want to know how many CBD dog treats you can safely give your dog.

Much like humans, CBD oil dosages for dogs will be based on various factors such as body weight and tolerance. There are also dosing charts available online, but those may not be suited to your dog’s specific needs.

To be safe, give him small doses of CBD and eventually increase the amount after a week. It’s important to monitor your dog after administering CBD oil to them, taking note of their reactions to it and their movements afterward.

Nonetheless, the best way to determine the amount of CBD your dog needs is to consult your veterinarian. Your trusted vet can help you get the kind of CBD product your dog needs at the right amount.

CBD Dog Chews

Disclaimer: Is CBD Legal?
Hemp-derived CBD products (with less than 0.3 percent THC) are legal on the federal level. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease and products have not been FDA approved. You must be at least 21 years old to purchase these products. Talk to your physician or medical doctor for additional information.

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