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Doesn’t Smoking Hemp Stink? — How Does CBD Hemp Flower Taste?

10:55 PM September 14, 2023

The idea of smoking hemp flowers isn’t going to appeal to every CBD consumer. Often, when customers first hear about grinding and lighting hemp nugs, they have one of two reactions: “yuck” or “yes!” The primary reason people either feel repulsed or intrigued by smokable CBD hemp has to do with its flavor.

People who’ve never smoked CBD hemp have wild ideas about what it will taste like. While there’s no “standard” flavor profile for every hemp strain, there are a few features most hemp joints share.

We Know What You’re Wondering: Does Smokable Hemp Taste Like Weed?

Yes, the rumors are true: CBD hemp tastes similar to illegal marijuana. In fact, many hemp breeders now offer strains with identical terpene profiles to classic weed strains like Northern Lights, GSC, and Granddaddy Purps. CBD vape carts also use the same flavors in iconic cannabis hybrids.

However, just because weed has the similar grassy and gassy aromatics found in weed doesn’t mean it has the same effects. Please remember that legal CBD hemp flowers must have ≤ 0.3 percent delta-9 THC. With THC concentrations that low, you’re not going to feel a “high” sensation after a smoke. Instead, you’ll probably feel a clear-headed sense of calm from the high CBD percentages.

It’s worth mentioning that you can alter a hemp strain’s flavor by putting it in a dry herb vaporizer. Hemp in a smokable joint tends to taste harsher due to the carcinogenic properties produced via combustion. However, if you place CBD hemp in a dry herb vaporizer, you’ll probably experience a cleaner, smoother, and more flavor-forward experience.

Just remember that not all vaporizers accept dry herbs. You must double-check with your manufacturer to ensure your vape device is safe to use with hemp nugs.

Look To Terpenes For A Fire Flavor Preview

While most hemp strains taste grassy and earthy, many fascinating variations exist between hybrids. The best way to get a better sense of how your hemp strain will taste is to grab a copy of the third-party lab reports. Instead of looking at the cannabinoid concentrations, you need to inspect the average terpene counts in your hemp flower. This data will help you understand the most prominent aromatics in your hemp strain.

Although there are dozens of terpenes in the cannabis kingdom, here’s a quick “cheat sheet” on the most significant. Keep this list nearby when reviewing the flavors in a batch of CBD hemp flowers.

  • Myrcene: Fruity, skunky, and musky
  • Beta-caryophyllene: Spicy, warm, and peppery
  • Alpha-pinene: Earthy, pine, and woodsy
  • Limonene: Sharp, citric, and gassy
  • Linalool: Herby, lavender, and floral

It’s also a great idea to read through online reviews of different hemp CBD strains. Although tasting hemp flowers is a subjective experience, you could get a good sense of how most people experience various hybrids with online reviews.

Need Help Reading Hemp Flower Lab Results? Check Out Real Tested CBD!

Reading hemp CBD lab reports can be a struggle for new customers — especially when you turn your attention to terpenes. There are so many complex-sounding terpenes in hemp, so it can take some time for new customers to get familiar with these compounds.

To help you on your smokable hemp shopping journey, Real Tested CBD now reviews some of the hottest brands in the pre-roll and hemp flower spaces. We hope that our unbiased ratings of these brands will help you better understand how to properly screen CBD for safety. As you read through Real Tested CBD’s resources, you should have a great sense of how to tell which CBD flowers meet your expectations.

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