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NanoCraft CBD: The Nike of CBD

/ 12:44 PM September 23, 2022

If you cherish quality over quantity and want all the benefits of CBD, then today is your lucky day. NanoCraft CBD offers premium CBD products at affordable prices. Whether you are looking for the best CBD oil drops, soft gels, topicals, gummies, powders, and even CBD Honey Sticks, they offer something for everyone.

CBD has proven to be an effective remedy for life-threatening and non-emergency disorders like arthritis, epilepsy, seizure, body pain, anxiety, ADHD, and depression. In tests comparing CBD with conventional synthetic drugs, patients often preferred CBD essential oils because of their minimal side effects, non-intoxicating features, and clinical effectiveness.

If you are interested in CBD’s medicinal value but are unsure of the best CBD brand for you, NanoCraft CBD is one manufacturer that has excelled where other brands have failed. This article will introduce you to some of the best CBD products on the market and the company behind them.

Who is NanoCraft CBD?

Who is NanoCraft CBD?

NanoCraft CBD is an industry leader in CBD. They are committed to bringing their customers quality goods, with a no-nonsense approach to helping you get the most benefit from every dose of their CBD products. They are known for formulating their products to be bio-available to the body, so you receive the benefits of CBD in its most concentrated form.

History of the NanoCraft CBD Brand

History of the NanoCraft CBD Brand

Founded by two longtime friends – Todd Erwin and Stefan McKellar – in 2018, NanoCraft has curated a reputation for helping athletes overcome turbulent times with their affordable broad-spectrum CBD products.

The California-based company only uses high-quality organically grown hemp that is processed, extracted, distilled, refined, and packaged in the United States. With proprietary technology, NanoCraft removes unwanted compounds like THC, wax, plant pigments, and chlorophyll. This ensures that the final product is free of THC and other contaminants.

The state-of-the-art refining process, however, preserves a vast range of cannabinoids like CBC, CMB, CBDA, CBG, and CBD. You can rest assured that in every broad spectrum you give yourself or others, you will find all the beneficial cannabinoids plus organic terpenes and flavonoids.

NanoCraft Kids

NanoCraft Kids

NanoCraft CBD’s mission to better lives isn’t just limited to the products they sell. They have also created NanoCraft Kids, donating $1 for every product sold. They have partnered with global and localized grassroots operations to make the most significant impact possible. NanoCraft CBD aims to make a difference for kids worldwide by giving back to these organizations.

What products does NanoCraft CBD offer?

NanoCraft CBD has something for everyone. We’ve reviewed some of their top products so you can find the best product for you and your needs.

Night Time CBD Oil for Sleep

Night Time CBD Oil for Sleep

Can’t seem to get a good night’s sleep? You’re not alone if you’re struggling with stress, anxiety, and other insomnia symptoms. Fortunately, NanoCraft CBD has created their Night Time CBD Oil for tackling insomnia. 

NanoCraft CBD designed this tincture to have a double-calming effect on users. It contains both CBD and melatonin. Like CBD, Melatonin will make you fall asleep quickly and help restore your sleeping pattern to normalcy.

Wake up every morning feeling recharged with NanoCraft CBD’s Night Formula. Fortified with lavender, a blend of passionflower, melatonin, CBD, and CBN, it offers an instant relaxing effect.


  • Very affordable.
  • Helps you focus at work after a refreshing night.
  • THC-free.
  • Has no GMOs.
  • Broad-spectrum CBD oil.
  • Final product tested and approved by a third-party lab.
  • Comes with 25mg per serving (750mg overall in 30 CBD oil drops)

1000mg CBD Oil – Gold Series Tincture

1000mg CBD Oil - Gold Series Tincture

Looking for a broad spectrum CBD oil that will provide all the benefits that CBD has to offer? The 1000mg Gold Series CBD Oil is perfect for you. NanoCraft CBD has packed this tincture full of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other nutrients to create an “entourage effect” that is a true all-rounder. 

The 1000mg CBD Oil is one of the brand’s best CBD oils because it works both day and night to enhance your ability to think clearly and solve complicated problems. These benefits are due to the caffeine and vitamin B-12 in the tincture. Vitamin B-12 is known for enhancing brain cell development, and caffeine makes you stay alert while CBD boosts your mental capacity.


  • Flavored with cool mint
  • Cruelty-free
  • No THC
  • Fortified with a combination of cannabinoids, terpenes and vital nutrients
  • Non-GMO
  • Broad spectrum CBD oil
  • Comes with 33mg per serving

CBD Roll On Stick for Muscle & Joint Recovery – 500 MG

CBD Roll On Stick for Muscle & Joint Recovery - 500 MG

The Nanocraft Extra Strength Muscle & Joint Salve Stick is a top-of-the-line CBD product that offers a potent dose of broad-spectrum hemp-derived CBD oil. This product also contains an array of natural herbs and soothing essential oils, which makes it an ideal choice for those seeking a sense of calm and well-being.

The Extra Strength Muscle & Joint Salve Stick is perfect for athletes or anyone looking to amp up their game. It can be used before or after workouts to help with recovery, rest, and relaxation.

The 500 mg of CBD in this product is one of the highest doses available on the market, making it a powerful option for those seeking relief from pain, inflammation, and other symptoms. If you’re looking for a quality CBD product that can offer real results, the Nanocraft Extra Strength Muscle & Joint Salve Stick is a great option to consider.


  • Easy on-the-go application with roll on applicator
  • Vegan and Cruelty-Free
  • Supports muscle and joint recovery
  • Chemical and solvent free
  • No THC
  • Non-GMO

CBD Honey Sticks

CBD Honey Sticks

NanoCraft CBD’s CBD Honey Sticks cater to people who would love to benefit from the vast health potentials of CBD but dislike traditional hemp seed oil and CBD tinctures. These honey sticks are a sweet alternative for those seeking relief from their symptoms.

With these honey sticks, you not only receive the benefits of CBD but also enjoy the health benefits of honey. These include boosting your immune system, physical healing, easy digestion, and relieving sore throat. Honey also has antifungal properties!

These CBD sticks are also great for when you’re on the move and need a pick-me-up. Let’s say you are traveling or working and don’t have the time to take your CBD tincture or hemp seed oil. CBD Honey Sticks are a fantastic alternative that you can toss in your bag as you go out the door.

The CBD-infused honey sticks provide various healthy nutrients, including B-complex vitamins, vitamin A, terpenes, flavonoids, vitamin C, trace minerals, and vitamin E. 


  • Natural flavors make this delicious.
  • No preservatives.
  • Non-GMO
  • THC-free and non-psychoactive.
  • One stick contains 10mg of CBD.
  • Made from organic hemp grown in the USA.

Who can use NanoCraft CBD products?

Who can use NanoCraft CBD products?

Regardless of who you are, NanoCraft CBD products are perfect for you. The broad spectrum CBD oil allows it to work almost instantly, meaning you don’t have to wait for endless hours before experiencing the positive effects of NanoCraft CBD products. 

The no-THC policy of NanoCraft CBD makes it safe for users. You don’t have to be wary of drug tests at work. Broad Spectrum CBD oils do not have the intoxicating effect that has plagued THC. NanoCraft broad spectrum oil is completely legal in most parts of the States. 

Broad spectrum CBD oil improves the health conditions of people suffering from a number of symptoms and conditions. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Insomnia
  • Arthritis
  • Body pain
  • Seizures
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Epilepsy
  • Addiction
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure

However, we advise that you seek the advice of a healthcare professional when making decisions regarding your health.

NanoCraft CBD Reviews: What do customers think?

NikeCraft CBD is miles ahead of other CBD drops. Here’s what customers had to say: 

Night Time CBD Oil for Sleep

Skyler M – 5 Stars

Amazing product! I fall asleep quickly, I STAY asleep, and I wake up with zero grogginess. Incredible and safe product. I don’t even use the full dose – my body responds well to .75 mL instead of the full 1. Highly, HIGHLY recommended!

Kyle D – 5 Stars

I don’t usually have difficulty falling asleep, but after a hard physical week at work (5am-7pm) and I know I need a good rest, Nano night time is my go to! I wake up feeling awesome and ready to work another week straight.

Tyler P – 5 Stars

CBD helps to soothe my aching body throughout the day. I am a pretty active person and have had issues sleeping the past couples years and I wish I would have tried this sooner!

1000mg CBD Oil – Gold Series Tincture

Alicja P – 5 Stars
My daughter who is a subscriber of the Gold Series CBD sent me one bottle and I experienced a great change in my life! Anxiety, sleeping, and worries all improved so much that I subscribed to it myself. I am calmer, happier and more grounded than before. Excellent, true quality product!

Craig G – 5 Stars
I bought the 1000mg cbd oil drops in hopes of relieving joint pain in my hands and feet. I also get a VERY stiff back and very painful when I sit for a period of time then try and get up to walk, and feel like I’m 80 hrs old.( Im 52 years old)

After taking the cbd oil twice a day, it slightly started working after just a day or 2 on my back. I bought the 1000mg cbd I’ve now been taking for about 2 weeks/ twice daily, and it almost completely eliminated my back pain AND stiffness. For me, it just slightly took the edge off my hand and foot joint pain.

I strongly recommend trying the 1000mg CBD oil. I will likely keep taking it because of the relief it has given me on my back.

Erin S – 5 Stars
I have used many different CBD products from different brands and NanocraftCBD is hands down the best! The Gold Series 1000mg CBD Tinctures are my go-to for every day. A must have in any bodies medicine arsenal. (5/5 in taste, functionality, shipping, customer service)

CBD Roll On Stick for Muscle & Joint Recovery – 500 MG

JULIA W – 5 Stars

I’ve been using this CBD roll on stick for the past few years. I suffer from spine & bilateral hip pain and this product gives me immediate relief. I highly recommend trying the Extra Strength CBD Roll on Stick for minor aches & pains.

Katherine K – 5 Stars

I used this roll on to treat an arthritic knee which had been a source of chronic pain and discomfort and affected my mobility. Daily treatment has resulted in the elimination of much of the pain and discomfort and walking is much improved. I recommend this product.

Nelda L – 5 Stars

I used this roll on to treat an arthritic knee which had been a source of chronic pain and discomfort and affected my mobility. Daily treatment has resulted in the elimination of much of the pain and discomfort and walking is much improved. I recommend this product.

Final Thoughts

Feel the difference NanoCraft CBD makes

NanoCraft CBD is quickly becoming the industry leader for CBD oils and tinctures. Their focus on user experience and affordability has made them a favorite among consumers, and it’s easy to see why.

If you’re looking for the best CBD company that prioritizes your experience and health, NanoCraft CBD is the perfect choice. Their focus on delivering life-changing and effective CBD oils and tinctures makes them one of the top companies in the industry.

So if you haven’t tried NanoCraft CBD yet, what are you waiting for? Buy their products today and feel the difference NanoCraft CBD makes.

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