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Eargo: A Review of the Brand’s Innovative Hearing Aids

/ 09:49 AM July 03, 2023

In a world full of vibrant sounds, hearing loss can be a substantial obstacle, limiting engagements and experiences. Fortunately, technology has paved the way for innovative solutions. Hearing aids are now more effective, discreet, and user-friendly.

The demand for virtually invisible hearing aids continues to rise, and the quest for inventive solutions has become a top priority for many with hearing difficulties. The traditional bulky devices that were once stigmatized and uncomfortable have given way to sleeker ones that fit seamlessly.

One brand leading the charge in this transformative era is Eargo. Eargo is a renowned name in the hearing aid industry. They are at the forefront of this revolution, redefining how people perceive and experience sound.

This comprehensive review of Eargo’s comfortable-fit hearing aids examines the user experience from initial setup to daily usage. This review will provide valuable insight into the Eargo brand and its impact on the hearing aid industry.

The Advantages of Virtually Invisible Hearing Aids

The Advantages of Virtually Invisible Hearing Aids
In the past, hearing aids were often associated with a certain stigma. They were visible and drew unwanted attention. However, hearing aid technology has rapidly evolved, leading to the development of virtually invisible devices.

These devices are designed for mild to moderate hearing loss and individuals’ emotional well-being. Virtually invisible hearing aids offer various benefits that extend beyond their inconspicuous design. Here are other ways these devices overcome the visibility of traditional hearing aids to help individuals break free from the social stigmas attached to hearing loss:

Virtually Invisible

Eargo hearing aids allow individuals to manage their hearing loss without drawing unnecessary attention or feeling self-conscious. Virtually invisible hearing aids blend seamlessly into the ear canals and empower their wearers to interact easily and confidently.

Plush Comfort

Eargo hearing devices also prioritize user comfort. They are typically smaller and lighter than their bulkier traditional counterparts. The compact design ensures a comfortable fit, preventing irritation and discomfort even during extended periods of wear.

User Friendly

Virtually invisible hearing aids are easy to insert and remove, owing to their user-friendliness. Many models offer convenient features like wireless connectivity and rechargeable batteries, enhancing the user experience. Eargo has established a reputation as a leading provider of virtually invisible hearing aids.

Class-Leading Hearing Performance

Eargo’s user-friendly hearing aids deliver outstanding performance and guarantee user satisfaction. Their devices feature a sleek design ensuring a comfortable fit even during light to moderate activity.

User Testimonials

Eargo has received rave reviews from its loyal customers about its products. Here’s what they have to say:

“The devices have been in my ears for several hours, and I completely forgot – so comfortable. They came with a cleaning kit, which I know will be useful (you know why). I am pleased with how much better I can hear in detail.” —PNW Tech Reviewer

“I decided to try Eargo after seeing the clever commercials first on the Super Bowl. It took me seconds to register the product to get lifetime support (for $2500, I decided registering was important). After that, the instructions were simple—I put them in my ears, and immediately, I could hear better.” —Papa Steve

Eargo’s Innovative Technology

Eargo empowers individuals to enjoy improved hearing on their terms. This frees them from wearing cumbersome and uncomfortable hearing devices that constantly remind them of their condition.

Here’s how Eargo’s innovative technology is leading the way for the hearing aid industry:

Rechargeable Battery

Eargo presents well-designed, cutting-edge hearing devices that virtually vanish within your ear. With an innovative micro-battery, a single charge can power the Eargo for up to 16 hours. With a portable charger, it can last up to 2 days.

Eargo bluetooth in ear hearing aids with portable charger

Soft Medical-Grade Silicone Construction

Inspired by a fishing fly, Eargo incorporates patented soft medical-grade silicone fibers known as “Flexi Fibers” or Flexis. This hypoallergenic material is easy on the skin and is well-tolerated. This holds the device in place securely and creates a floating sensation within the ear canal. Additionally, a small transparent fiber aids in removing the hearing aid.

The Flexi Fibers are available in two sizes, catering to most ear sizes. Eargo emphasizes that its flexible design enables natural air circulation in the ear, ensuring optimal comfort. The devices are also water-resistant, protecting them from everyday moisture, such as sweat or light rain.

Intelligent Sound Amplification and Noise Reduction

Unlike conventional aids that generally amplify sound, Eargo’s advanced hearing aid technology uses an innovative sound amplification that allows low-frequency sounds to naturally reach the ear, requiring augmentation only for higher frequencies.

The Eargo hearing aids also effortlessly and rapidly adjust the auditory environment automatically, eliminating the need for constant manual adjustments. One of the notable benefits is the absence of any audible feedback, echo, or delay, making the experience truly exceptional.

The device incorporates a noise reduction technology that enhances its performance. Custom profiles are available on the Eargo app. This allows you to personalize your preferences for various situations such as phone usage, TV watching, outdoor activities, or group interactions.

Switching between settings is as simple as tapping your ear twice, and the hearing aid will audibly indicate the current setting. Various models also provide control through a smartphone app, providing even more convenience and flexibility in managing your hearing experience.

User Experience and Comfort

From insertion to long-term wearability, Eargo’s devices are designed to provide wearers with exceptional comfort, sound quality, and ease of use. Inserting and removing Eargo’s hearing aids is a breeze. The unique Flexi Fibers technology provides completely-in-the-canal (CIC) hearing aids that allow easy insertion into the ear canal.

The following features below are what’s in store with each Eargo hearing device:

Secure and Comfortable

The soft and flexible silicone fibers conform to the shape of the ear, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit. Wearers can place and remove the devices without complicated procedures or discomfort. This makes them incredibly user-friendly, even for those new to hearing aids.

Advanced Sound Processing

Once inserted, users often report experiencing remarkable sound quality and clarity. Eargo utilizes advanced sound processing algorithms and a feedback cancellation feature to enhance speech understanding and reduce background noise. This allows wearers to enjoy clear and natural sound reproduction.

Long-Term Wearability

Comfort and long-term wearability are also key factors in the user experience of Eargo’s hearing aids. The devices are small and lightweight, ensuring a comfortable fit for extended wearing without causing irritation or discomfort. The Flexi Fibers provide a gentle, secure fit while allowing airflow.

This helps prevent the occlusion effect (a sensation of the ear being plugged) that can occur with some hearing aids. Wearers can go about their daily activities, such as talking on the phone, wearing headphones, or engaging in physical exercise, without worrying about their hearing aids interfering or causing discomfort.

Pricing and Affordability

Eargo strives to make accessible and affordable hearing aids to many individuals. Their products are designed to provide value for money while ensuring a positive customer experience.

When comparing Eargo’s discreet hearing aids to other brands, they stand out for their combination of technology and competitive pricing. Eargo offers multiple hearing aid models to cater to different hearing needs and budgets.

Eargo presents a range of four hearing aid models: Eargo 5, Eargo 6, and Eargo 7. The Eargo Neo HiFi has a one-year warranty, lifetime support, and rapid charging in under 30 minutes. The retail price starts at $1,650.

Progressing beyond the Neo HiFi, the Eargo 5 takes a step forward. It enhances previous models by introducing Sound Match technology and incorporating the convenience of inductive charging. The Eargo 5 currently costs $1,650 for a pair.

The Eargo 6 refines the formula in two significant aspects. Firstly, it introduces the Sound Adjust feature, enabling automatic sound adjustments as you transition between different environments. The Eargo 6 is also rated IPX7 for water resistance and comes with a one-year warranty. The current price for the Eargo 6 hearing aids is $2,250.

The Eargo 7, its latest flagship device, costs $2,950 for a pair and comes with a two-year warranty. It has all the Eargo 6 features and more. The Eargo 7 is water and sweat-resistant, ensuring durability even during active and moisture-prone situations.

While prices may vary based on the specific model and any additional features, Eargo’s pricing is generally considered competitive. To further enhance accessibility, Eargo offers financing and payment plans to accommodate different budgetary requirements.

Eargo also provides comprehensive customer support services. Their customer support is always available to address customers’ concerns throughout their journey with their hearing aids.


Eargo’s ongoing commitment to innovation and its role in redefining how people hear is a breath of fresh air. It inspires confidence that those with hearing loss will continue to improve for the better. Testimonies and user experiences have showcased the quality of Eargo’s devices.

Eargo stands out for its commitment, offering exceptional value for money compared to other brands. Their pricing structure and flexible financing options make hearing aids accessible to many individuals.

Eargo’s customizable hearing aids have proven to be a game-changer for those seeking discreet, high-performance solutions. Visit Eargo.com to explore the full range of products and find the perfect solution to meet your unique hearing needs.

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