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Remote career advice – how to build up your job

/ 10:41 AM January 07, 2022

If you’ve been working from home lately, you might be looking for remote career advice. Unfortunately, job growth is also a remote opportunity. The coronavirus pandemic brought the remote work trend, and it’s now becoming mainstream. You’ve probably stuck with it for years because of COVID.

You might have been working away at your home office, yet you feel like your career isn’t going anywhere. Opportunities for career development might be closer than you think. Everything has advantages, even this unusual work arrangement. If you can use those to your benefit, you could grow your career while you’re at home!

Fortunately, I’ll jump right into explaining my bits of remote career advice, starting with how to plan your promotion. Then, I’ll talk about the ways you can prove that you’re worthy of advancement. Next, I’ll show the benefits of remote work that you should use to your advantage. Later, you’ll see that you can still use methods that apply in a regular office!

Ways to move up in your remote career

This is a person using a laptop.

  1. Plan it carefully
  2. Make sure your skills are future-proof
  3. Be willing to do more
  4. Take advantage of the remote setting
  5. Build connections, even remotely

#1. Plan it carefully.

My first bit of remote career advice is to plan your promotion. This means starting with why you want to move up the ranks. For example, do you want higher pay?

Of course, you might want a new role to gain new skills. Perhaps you need it as a step towards higher ranks in your office. Whatever your goal might be, write it down on a piece of paper.

Otherwise, you might want to include it in your favorite note-taking app. That way, you can figure out the specific role you want in your company. Then, you have to record your progress.

Don’t assume that your employer knows your plans for moving up. You will have to be intentional by telling your boss about your plan to get a promotion.

You will have to prove you are worthy of that role too. This is why you should record all that you contribute to the company. That way, you can show reasons why you deserve that higher role.

#2. Make sure your skills are future-proof

This is a person holding a clipboard.

In my previous articles, I’ve said that remote jobs are the future of work. Don’t take my word for it, though. You can find many companies that admit this drastic shift is coming.

Globalization Partners surveyed 15 countries in 2021 and found that two-thirds of companies believe that remote work is here to stay.

That’s why my next piece of remote career advice is to make sure your skills keep up with the latest trends. Most of them are technological innovations, like blockchain and the Metaverse.

Don’t worry if your work isn’t a “techy” role. This means it would be a great idea to build a few tech skills. Some of them are versatile, such as coding with Python.

New skills will also help you earn a higher role in your company. They will enable you to contribute in new and unique ways, and they may even open roles you didn’t expect.

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#3. Be willing to do more

You will have to boost your performance, regardless of whether you have a remote job or an office role. This is another way to prove that you are worthy of a higher position.

This will work differently depending on your current remote role. If your work is task-based, you can follow “doing more” in the literal sense of increasing your output.

If it’s time-based, you’ll have to focus on enhancing the quality of your work. For example, if you’re a customer service representative, you should improve your key performance indicators.

Of course, you can improve in both ways regardless of your current remote job. Moreover, you might want to take on extra projects should they arise.

#4. Take advantage of the remote setting

This is a person with a remote career.

Most people look at the lack of social interaction and the other negatives when discussing remote jobs. Contrary to popular belief, working from home has its benefits too.

For example, you have other ways of proving your increased efforts. If you’re in the office, that means being present in the office. Now, you can do it while doing household chores.

More importantly, you don’t have to stay in one office 24/7. Depending on your remote position, you can do it any time that’s convenient for you.

Even better, you can take on more roles from other companies. You can have multiple part-time roles supplementing your full-time work. The side hustles can increase your earnings.

Additionally, part-time jobs could be sources of new skills to help your promotion goals. This is one piece of remote career advice you cannot do in a regular office!

#5. Build connections, even remotely

This is a person having an online meeting.

People often feel uneasy about the lack of human connection in remote jobs. After all, it usually involves only you and your computer. Still, this doesn’t mean you cannot network.

Establishing professional connections is still an important way of building a remote career. Though, it’s understandable if you don’t believe it due to the limitations.

Working remotely often means talking to colleagues via video conferencing or instant messaging. Since you don’t have a physical connection, you will have to do digital media.

Let’s say you’re about to start a Zoom meeting. Make sure to have an enthusiastic greeting for everyone in the online room. Also, make sure you look as best you can in front of the camera.

Fortunately, the Metaverse will soon improve collaboration for remote workers. The Meta company already started with its launch of Horizon Workrooms.

This type of technology will allow us to meet with co-workers in a virtual space in the future. Until then, maximize your use of the available apps and tools.

Final thoughts

Those are my bits of remote career advice that can help you earn a promotion. Keep in mind the ultimate goal of all these steps is to become adaptable.

The COVID-19 pandemic sparked major changes in many aspects of our lives. The remote work setting may seem unusual, but companies know that it will be the future of work.

Of course, make sure to give yourself time to rest. Mental health is much more important nowadays, as you will need it to continue your remote career journey.

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