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What are the best remote marketing jobs right now?

/ 09:54 AM October 01, 2021

Thanks to the work-from-home trend, we now have remote marketing jobs up for grabs. These flexible jobs open more career paths for people in the comfort of their homes. Meanwhile, more companies get to fill important digital marketing roles much easier.

We’ll open up with our recommendations for the best remote marketing jobs. We will explore the average salary and the usual tasks for each position. Then, we’ll add other tips and tricks for business owners and remote work hunters.

Modern marketing jobs aren’t tied to the office anymore. Nowadays, many of them have turned into remote marketing jobs, a win-win opportunity for business owners and workers. No matter which side you pick, it’s a good idea to learn more about these roles.


The top remote marketing jobs for 2021

  1. Content writer
  2. Digital graphic designer
  3. Social media specialist

#1. Content writer

This is a person using a laptop.

You could earn around $63,200.

Look around the internet, and you’ll find countless blogs and articles. Business websites also have written press releases about their recent developments.

You might think it’s a simple task and just type a few words and be done with it, right? Contrary to popular belief, they’re at the forefront of a company’s content marketing strategy.

Their blog posts help in demand generation. In simple terms, it involves making people care about products and services. It’s up to the content writer to make this happen via online articles.

They connect the peoples’ needs to a company’s offerings. Content writers write blogs on company websites, and they also use sponsored content to get more readers.

What’s more, they make sure search engines easily pick up the content. They study common search terms and other methods, so their content tops search results.


Of course, it’s at the top of the list because it gives the highest pay. Even better, more people can take this job compared to the others on this list.

Most people can write, and they just need to boost their skills. The internet has a lot of free online courses that can help. Other remote marketing jobs require skills that are harder to learn.

Content writers are one of the most in-demand remote work roles right now. They craft targeted messaging to deliver top-notch content, and they’re an important part of digital marketing strategies!

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#2. Digital graphic designer

This is an office desk.

You could earn around $49,065.

Marketing is almost entirely visual. Before digital marketing, billboards, posters, and all sorts of print ads lined the streets. Now, nearly all websites have banner and pop-up ads.

They’re often made to get your attention. The ads usually move around with bright colors. Some may take parts of your browser screen. Sadly, others block your view of the content.

Businesses know this too. That’s why marketing planning gives a lot of time and effort into making visual ads, and this is where a digital graphic designer shines.

They’re the ones who mix form and function into a great online ad. Designers make sure to sell the company’s products and their intended image. They don’t just work on ads, though.

For example, graphic designers are the ones who make the background and images in an online article. This work extends to email marketing and social marketing too.

It’s up there with content writing as one of the best remote marketing jobs. However, it has a steeper learning curve, and you need more skills and tools for this role.

A digital graphic designer must know how to use editing software. These include Adobe apps like Photoshop and InDesign, and they often need a graphic tablet too.

Of course, you’ll need to be good at drawing. Your ads don’t need to earn a spot at the next Sotheby’s auction, but it has to look good for your target audience.

#3. Social media specialist

This is a smartphone.

You could earn around $45,274.

Modern marketing jobs often require some knowledge of social media platforms, and that’s because it’s one of the most powerful tools of digital marketing nowadays.

Facebook and Twitter are great ways for companies to reach a wide audience. After all, billions of people use it every day, and you get to reach them all with your free account!

What’s more, social media allows you to speak directly to your customers, and you get to see their comments and also respond. In turn, these platforms facilitate marketing communications.

There’s more to it than just posting pics, though. You will have to know skills from the other at-home marketing jobs. Similar to writers, you need to know how to adapt to search engines.

You will also have to craft targeted messaging. As the social media manager, you’ll have to create text posts, and each message should spark interest in just a few words.

Some might think it’s easy because you work remotely with Facebook. Yet, you’ll serve as the voice of your company, and you will determine how people online will think about the brand.

Digital marketing benefits from flexible and remote jobs

This is a person using a laptop.

Companies hire for so many other at-home marketing jobs. It’s just that there’s a broad range of options. Here are just some of the roles that didn’t make it in the list:

  • Performance marketing manager
  • Business development manager
  • Digital marketing coordinator
  • Senior director
  • Product manager
  • Account manager

The pandemic caused a worldwide remote work experiment. Companies tried to use remote jobs to keep themselves running. For digital marketing firms, this was great because:

  • They can find more talent – Nowadays, more companies hire overseas because they can’t find the right people in their local area. A Gallup poll found that 55% of people who have flexible jobs are college graduates.
  • Remote workers are more productive – Around 91% of respondents in a survey said they were more productive in their flexible jobs. It gives them more time for other things. This boosts their happiness, encouraging them to work harder.
  • They save money – Another research found that 37% of millennials would be fine with reduced pay for more flexible jobs. After all, they won’t have to spend on commutes and other things office workers do.

How do I become the best at my remote marketing job?

This is a notebook.

Let’s say you succeeded in your job search. Now that you have that at-home marketing job, it’s time to work hard. The following tips can help you become successful in your new role:

  1. Have a to-do list – You won’t have a boss nearby, so no one else will remind you to focus but you. Jot down everything you need to do for the week. This also helps in remote work options, not just modern marketing jobs.
  2. Talk to the marketing team – You’re still working with others even though it’s just you in your room. Ask your teammates if you have problems, and answer them politely if they have questions too. This will make sure your work still fits the requirements.
  3. Get rid of distractions – Have a designated spot for your remote marketing job. It should only have stuff you need for work. Stop checking on your phone or looking at other browser tabs. This helps you finish tasks on time.
  4. Take breaks – Even if you’re working from home, you need rest. Give yourself breaks at specific times, and otherwise, you may harm your physical and mental health.

Final thoughts

If you’re a business owner, you’ll need to form a remote marketing team. This means finding people with the right skills for your campaign.

For example, you need writers who can craft targeted messaging. Some companies might not have time for hiring marketers, though. Fortunately, you can outsource to LeadAdvisors.

The digital marketing agency can manage your growth marketing, planning, and everything else your campaign needs. For more information, click here.

Learn more about the best remote marketing jobs

Can marketers work remotely?

Many companies are hiring marketers for their remote marketing campaigns. It lets them tap into talent that they may not find in their local area. Also, the roles usually just require a laptop and an internet connection. If you have those, you have all the tools often needed.

What are the best remote jobs to have?

The best work-from-home jobs are the ones related to remote marketing. One of the best examples is content writers, and they help in content marketing, a major part of most campaigns. Of course, there are alternatives such as call center agents or social media managers.

Is it hard to get a job in marketing?

Getting a job in marketing is the same for most roles right now. Many companies are hiring marketers as well as other non-marketing roles. It’s just that the job market has become more competitive because more people are going after the same job alerts. Just keep at it, and you’ll eventually land the job you want!

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