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Boost your brand with the blockchain via crypto marketing

/ 09:03 AM June 06, 2022

Digitalization continues to spread in the business world due to advances in blockchain technology. Some companies launch crypto marketing to promote their products, while others use non-fungible tokens (NFTs). How would you adapt to these trends?

You may have been trying to keep up by launching a website or an app. In response, you will have to go even further by applying blockchain tech to your marketing. Let this article help you by discussing the various crypto marketing methods.

We will tackle the two most prominent strategies: making a cryptocurrency for your brand or adopting non-affiliate coins. Then, we will explore how you can promote your crypto marketing materials. Later, you will see the benefits and risks of this technology.

Create a proprietary cryptocurrency.

These are digital coins.

You could start crypto marketing by making a digital coin for your brand. It is not easy, but it can become an effective way to spark hype for your brand.

Picture this: your brand announces that it started an initial coin offering (ICO). The crypto community will hail your marketing move if it has exciting features.

Its people will eventually share news about your ICO. If you follow the trend, you will learn that crypto enthusiasts are a dedicated bunch who fervently support promising projects.

That earned media may soon spill to major news sites that will generate even more interest in your brand. That is the gist of what you can expect from crypto marketing.

You can start by finding blockchain experts. In other words, you need people who know how to create and maintain crypto networks. How can you find these folks?

You may choose the easy route by releasing job listings for blockchain devs. This method can be difficult depending on your country. Perhaps your area has adopted the technology.

If your company is in Western countries like the United States, you are in luck. You will have better chances of hiring blockchain developers in your area.

Speak with them about how you can integrate blockchain features into your brand. The goal is to have a cryptocurrency that adds value to your company.

For example, your new crypto coin could facilitate payments for your products and services. It may also provide bonuses for customers who join your blockchain network.

This approach serves two purposes for your crypto marketing campaign. Your proprietary crypto improves your brand’s services while sparking interest among the crypto crowds.

As mentioned, that niche audience will spread the word about your brand. In other words, your new cryptocurrency could spur organic traffic and promote earned media coverage.

What’s more, your crypto project could enhance your goods and services. As a result, your brand upgrades itself by incorporating digital tools and strategies.

Use existing cryptocurrencies.

These are digital coins.

Let us say you cannot create a cryptocurrency for your brand. In that case, you could use existing ones. Fortunately, the internet can show you several options.

The Basic Attention Token (BAT) is a prime example. It lets you reward people with cryptocurrency when they view your content, encouraging them to check your ads.

As a result, BAT is an optimal choice for crypto marketing. If you want to use it for your campaigns, head to its website for more information.

You may also implement crypto marketing by simply allowing cryptocurrency as a payment method. This strategy will show that your company is unique in its pursuit of innovation.

As a result, you could attract more customers, especially people from the crypto community. Which ones should you accept first out of the thousands of choices?

Your first choices should be Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) because they are the largest cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization.

They are also one of the earliest crypto projects, so you are more likely to find people who know how to use them. You can find free online resources about them too.

The crypto industry has come a long way since Bitcoin’s debut in 2009, so you can find more crypto projects that can help your marketing campaign.

For example, you can try using Chainlink (LINK), Ripple (XRP), and Litecoin (LTC). Their design facilitates crypto payments to be an excellent asset for your business.

Choose the first set for your crypto marketing campaign, then look for a cryptocurrency wallet. It can be a digital wallet app like MetaMask or a physical device like a Ledger Pro.

What’s more, you can incorporate services like Shopify to facilitate accepting cryptos as payment. Later, we will discuss how you can boost your campaign.

Hire crypto marketing agencies

This is a crypto marketing meeting.

You could just outsource your campaign if you want an even more expedient option, you could just outsource your campaign. As the technology became more prevalent, more crypto marketing agencies opened worldwide.

They have services that are similar to those of a digital marketing agency. Here are some examples of what a crypto marketing agency can do for your business:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Web design and development
  • Sponsored content
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising
  • Lead generation
  • Social media marketing

Aside from these, a crypto marketing agency has relevant connections in the crypto industry. The best ones can feature your brand in well-known crypto publications like CoinDesk and Cointelegraph.

Crypto marketing agencies have teams that can help your brand get noticed by search engines. Besides writing press releases, it could incorporate the right keywords into your online content.

A crypto marketing agency can also perform NFT and ICO marketing. In other words, it can help NFT and crypto projects gain the attention they need for their launch.

Another great aspect of crypto marketing agencies is saving you time and money. Prepare to spend $1,000 to $2,000 a month for a blockchain marketing agency’s services.

On the other hand, hiring a new marketing executive for your crypto marketing campaign will set you back $141,490 every year. The actual cost exceeds that since you will have to pay other experts to form a team.

How to select the right crypto marketing agency

This is a company meeting.

Your business should prioritize quality, so you must find the right blockchain marketing agency for your brand. That is why you should look over its track record.

Begin by looking at the crypto marketing agency’s portfolio. Check at the blockchain firms that it helped. If it has worked with many clients, that is a good sign.

Afterward, read the online reviews. Nowadays, you can find comments on the internet about any company. Verify if previous clients had a good experience with the crypto marketing agency.

Crypto marketing agencies have case studies that potential clients should check. These documents explain the problems they have solved via blockchain technology.

Confirm those findings by looking at other sources that talk about those results. After that, look at the media coverage of that crypto marketing agency.

See if it appears in famous publications like CoinDesk and See what those outlets say about that crypto marketing agency if it does.

Look at the solutions they used and see the results. Crypto marketing agencies should gain new business partners and customers as they get more media attention.

As a result, a crypto marketing agency would have enough connections to feature your content in those popular publications. Moreover, it would build a superb reputation within the crypto industry.

That is the next thing you should consider when looking for a crypto marketing agency. Head to websites like Clutch to find out how other companies view it.

You should also check the crypto marketing agency’s social media page for more information. It should have a profile readable by anyone, so you are likely to find client reviews.

Important questions when searching for crypto marketing agencies

This is a crypto marketing team.

More importantly, you should contact crypto marketing agencies directly before working with them. Request to meet the staff via phone or email. After setting an appointment, here are the questions you must ask:

  • Do you work with crypto influencers? Nowadays, influencer marketing is an efficient part of a campaign. They help you resonate with consumers, and their payment is often smaller than conventional advertisers. This question will let you figure out if a crypto marketing agency can provide this strategy.
  • Which clients are you working with right now? Due to client confidentiality, the crypto marketing agency will not divulge details about their current projects. Still, they could identify those clients, so you can gauge if it is a reputable company or not. If it is working with well-known firms, it is likely a suitable choice for your company.
  • What are the three strategies you often use for clients? Make sure your methods are effective and up-to-date. A crypto marketing agency must employ influencer marketing because most people in the community keep up with them. Look out for other digital marketing tactics like SEO and press releases.
  • What is the most important achievement of your crypto marketing agency so far? Crypto marketing agencies can earn awards for their excellent services like regular companies. It is a good idea to pick ones that earned numerous accolades.
  • What are your key performance indicators or KPIs? You should select crypto marketing agencies with KPIs that match yours. Consequently, they would be more likely to provide your brand’s results.
  • How do you define success? Unlike confirming KPIs, this question focuses on the values of a marketing firm. Look for the crypto marketing agencies that align with your company’s principles. As a result, you find companies that match your brand’s image.

Content promotion for crypto marketing

These are parts of a crypto marketing campaign.

Marketing campaigns have a wide range of strategies. That way, they complement each other to boost the chances of earning excellent results.

Your crypto marketing campaign will not reach a lot of people by itself. You must employ several digital marketing tactics to expand your reach. Knowing about them is a must.

Even if you outsource to a marketing firm or launch a campaign yourself, such awareness is necessary. It would help you find the blockchain marketing agency that fits your brand.

Understanding content promotion is also crucial for launching a crypto marketing campaign with your team. Here are the methods that you must know:

Social media marketing

These are parts of social media marketing.

Business owners should familiarize themselves with Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. That is why you should include them in your crypto marketing campaign.

Start by having a profile on the most popular ones like Facebook and Twitter. Make sure that it has accurate information and represents your brand properly.

That means posting the latest updates about your brand, especially its crypto projects. Ensure that the posts encourage people to try your new services.

As a business owner, you should not be the one handling your brand’s social media accounts. Your company has many other aspects that need your attention, not just social media marketing.

It is best if you hire a social media assistant. Find the one who has relevant experience with social media management. More importantly, choose people who have the personality that matches your brand’s image.

Remember that this person will be in charge of your social media marketing community management 24/7. They must communicate with potential customers professionally.

Influencer marketing

This is an influencer.

We have talked about influencer marketing earlier, but we should delve deeper into this strategy. An online influencer is a regular person with millions of social media followers.

They usually become well-known on the internet through their TikTok content. If not, they probably share their talents on various social media networks.

Nowadays, more people listen to these regular people. They have become so prominent that some former celebrities choose to rebuild a following by becoming online influencers.

Businesses saw this trend, so they eventually used influencer marketing for their campaigns. Nowadays, every leading marketing agency employs this method.

You can do it too by looking for influencers in the industry. Many are experienced crypto marketers, so they may even provide pointers for your campaign.

Affiliate marketing

This represents an affiliate marketer.

Aside from influencer marketing, there are other ways that regular people can boost your marketing campaign. Affiliate marketing is one of those strategies.

It involves rewarding people to promote your brand online. You could set requirements to allow only those with millions of social media followers.

Unlike influencer marketing, affiliates do not have to maintain a prior online following. That is why crypto companies usually let everyone join, especially if they are recent startups.

How will crypto companies confirm that they receive results from the affiliates? The strategy typically involves sharing a unique code designated for each participant.

The code provides remarkable benefits for consumers, such as freebies or discounts. Once activated, the code will notify the company so that it can reward affiliates according to their performance.

Other sectors use affiliate marketing, not just crypto companies. Still, crypto influencers are an essential part of any crypto marketing campaign.

Sponsored content

This is a person writing content for crypto marketing.

Crypto companies are also fond of using online articles. Despite the growing cryptocurrency trend, many folks still do not understand how it works.

It is a must to explain the concept, or crypto marketing is unlikely to yield results. That is why crypto companies introduce digital currencies via blogs or online articles.

The first thing to do is to publish them on your homepage. You will need to post those blogs on other websites to expand your reach. Unfortunately, readers typically avoid branded content.

That is why third-party articles usually look similar to their host websites’ content. This type of blog is called sponsored content. It can be cost-effective to promote your content marketing strategy like influencer marketing.

Video marketing

This is a person recording a video.

Have you ever noticed how popular TikTok is nowadays? It has become the most visited website globally, taking over Google’s former spot.

As a result, video content is now a powerful marketing tool. Crypto influencers often use short-form clips, but you can find examples of longer videos on YouTube.

Consumers prefer videos that last less than a minute, so it is best to use them for your campaign. That is also good news since brief videos do not require much time, effort, or money to create.

You should still strive to provide quality since those clips represent your brand. You might want an assistant to handle your video channels since they will require community management.

Email marketing

This is a person writing an email.

Believe it or not, email is still a great marketing tool. Most people recall deleting piles of junk mail when using this type of online message, but marketers continue to use them.

That is because emails can fit the specific needs of a customer. Also, you can find online services that can send them automatically. You do not have to write one for each consumer!

They can submit each message to a specific target audience. Either you provide each person’s email address or set marketing data that will prompt the app to do so.

This feature enables you to limit the number of messages you must compose. You can just write one for each intended demographic. How can you provide the proper instructions for your email tool?

The other crypto marketing strategies let you generate lead info. For example, sponsored content from blockchain marketing agencies often ask readers to sign up for a newsletter.

All they have to do is to provide their email address. Once you have that contact detail, you can start email marketing for the participants.

Search engine optimization

This is a person using a search engine.

SEO is the last entry on this list because the other examples need it. Most online activities start with a search engine, so you want to make sure that they direct people to your brand.

You can do that by working with how a search engine works. Type a query on such a website, and it will look for sources with words that match the search terms.

You will likely appear on top of search results if you meet its requirements. People often do not bother with the second page, so appearing on the first one is essential.

You can perform search engine optimization by placing the keywords that people usually associate with your brand. You must make sure that they appear natural on the content.

At first, this approach seems limited to online articles since it involves text. However, you should implement it in your other strategies. For example, you could place keywords on pages for your social media campaigns.

SEO can also work for influencer marketing. You could place the keywords on the titles and the descriptions of your influencer content.

Benefits of marketing via cryptocurrencies

These are cryptocurrencies.

This type of marketing can help your brand in many ways. For example, it could improve your products and services by making payments more manageable. Here are the other benefits:

  • Higher conversion rate: People ignore online ads because they interrupt their online experience. Meanwhile, cryptocurrencies could reward them for viewing ads. As a result, these have a better chance of converting a sale than conventional advertising.
  • Easier lead info collection: You have a higher chance of getting contact details for marketing if you provide cryptocurrencies in return.
  • Better data protection: Blockchain networks are decentralized, meaning they do not have a central server. Taking out a part of that web of computers does not shut down the entire system. What’s more, crypto networks make it more difficult for hackers to steal sensitive data.
  • Lower advertising costs: You still have to allocate funds to make crypto marketing possible. However, it requires less money than the fees charged by private firms like Google.
  • Faster analytics: You need up-to-date information for crypto marketing. What is great about blockchains is that they record every action on a public ledger. As a result, you can quickly adjust your campaign when necessary to overtake competitors immediately.

The most significant advantage of crypto marketing is that you can bring real people to promote your brand. They could become your most ardent supporters with the right community management.

Those folks would promote your brand and crypto marketing based on their experience. As a result, other people would see that your brand is genuine, so it will likely attract more customers.

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Should you use crypto marketing?

These are digital coins for crypto marketing.

Crypto marketing can help your brand if you already have a digital marketing campaign. Cryptocurrencies alone cannot boost your online presence or bring new customers.

If you do not have a digital marketing campaign yet, start one soon. Nowadays, it is a must for businesses. Fortunately, the methods we discussed earlier work for digital marketing.

You just have to leave out cryptocurrencies for the strategy. Yet, implementing this strategy will still require much time, money, and effort. Fortunately, you can outsource to digital marketing agencies.

LeadAdvisors is one of the best choices for your online marketing needs. Visit its website to learn more about how it could manage your campaign.


Crypto marketing is an excellent way towards digitalization for your brand. It could improve your goods and services while drawing more people to your company.

Check your local laws on digital currencies first before using this strategy. If your country allows cryptocurrencies, you may need to register your use of crypto coins for business purposes.

You will also need to check how to pay the crypto taxes. Moreover, note that this article does not provide investment advice. Speak with a financial advisor to plan how to include this asset into your portfolio.

Frequently asked questions

How does crypto marketing work?

You can use cryptocurrencies for marketing by using at as a reward for viewing advertisements. On the other hand, you could accept it as a payment method to show that your brand innovates.

What are the benefits of crypto marketing?

The fantastic benefit of crypto marketing is that it could improve other aspects of your company. What’s more, you could hire cryptocurrency marketing agencies to help you.

Does my brand need a crypto marketing agency?

You may launch a crypto marketing campaign yourself if you have the right skills and equipment. If not, you may require the services of a cryptocurrency marketing agency.

What are the services of crypto marketing agencies?

Blockchain marketing agencies provide nearly all the services of a digital marketing agency. However, it sets itself apart by using crypto technologies and having connections in the crypto industry.

What are the disadvantages of crypto marketing?

Cryptocurrency marketing might not work if you have a target audience unfamiliar with modern technology. Some regions may not allow the use of blockchain tech.

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