Review of Profit Singularity Ultra Edition: Affiliate Marketing Course

Review of Profit Singularity Ultra Edition: Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Course

/ 10:50 AM September 12, 2022

The creators of Profit Singularity course (Keegan Mueller, Chris Reader, Mark Ling, Gerry Cramer, and Rob Jones) had a vision of creating an affiliate marketing business that is easy to set up, fast to profit, and simple to scale.

Did they succeed?


Keegan Mueller’s Affiliate Marketing Success

Keegan Mueller’s Affiliate Marketing Success

While the Profit Singularity team has over 60 years of combined marketing experience, it was originally the brainchild of Keegan Mueller. A struggling affiliate marketer trying to figure out a better way to earn online.

Keegan Mueller, like many people in this industry, was lost in the endless cycle of offers, systems, and programs that promised online riches but failed to deliver. The problem was not Keegan, but the fact that most affiliate courses out there teach the same thing and use the same tools as everyone else for the last 10 years or so.

Here’s the basis for hundreds of affiliate courses out there.

  • Pick an offer
  • Create a bridge/squeeze page
  • Drive traffic to it (mostly with Facebook ads)

With slight variations, those are all marketing courses in a nutshell. However, Keegan Mueller realized that the above model is not the problem. In fact, it’s a solid model that has worked since affiliate marketing was conceived.

So, instead of focusing on reinventing the wheel of affiliate marketing (offer, page, traffic), he focused on making it easier, faster, and more profitable. That’s what Profit Singularity Ultra Edition is all about. 


Profit Singularity Ultra Edition – Easy Mode

Profit Singularity Ultra Edition - Easy Mode

The first thing Keegan knew was that the process must be simple to create and implement. That’s why Facebook ads are so popular, even now when they are over-saturated and problematic because they are simple to set up.

For an FB ad, you really need is an image, copy, and basic targeting. The problem is that this worked great in the 2010s, but now too many people are doing it and Facebook banning accounts left and right. As a result, the ads are overpriced, and you have a chance to get your account shut down every time you post.


That’s why Keegan skipped Facebook entirely and focused on the biggest untapped market for ads on the entire web: YouTube. However, there was a problem. Video ads are not simple.

Making YouTube Ads As Simple as FB

What Keegan did next transformed not only him, the entire team of the Profit Singularity system, but every student that got the course and now is earning affiliate commissions with it. In fact, Clickbank, a popular platform for affiliate products, sent a letter to Keegan that Profit Singularity students made $12 million in sales in just 1 year.

What’s even more interesting is that Clickbank is not the only affiliate marketplace that the students use. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of marketplaces like that.

So, what did Keegan do? Discovered a way to use A.I. to create simple, yet effective YouTube ads from a template and using a funnel. Imagine being able to use a fill-in-the-blank script, feed that to an automated video creation software, and have a converting video ad in minutes.

Of course, you can spend more time perfecting it, but when it comes to ads testing is everything. Think Facebook ads or even Google PPC (pay-per-click) ads. Everyone always says you need to test and optimize ads to achieve the best conversions. Even small things like tweaking the title or changing an image.

That’s not that simple with a video ad. After all, even if you just record yourself with a blank background, a small change would require a complete redo. Well, that’s not the case with Profit Singularity ads by Keegan Mueller

In my opinion, this part is even more genius than creating A.I. ads in the first place. With the software, you can change anything quickly and have another variation, or 10 of them, in a matter of minutes. Each of them perfectly synced without you having to rerecord a single word.

The power to change video ads on the fly is a total game changer. In fact, it’s even an advantage over big video marketing productions because, despite their budgets, no one can redo video ads that fast.

Profiting Quickly with Ultra Edition

Profiting Quickly with Ultra Edition

With the ability to create an ad, or 10 variations of the ad, in minutes, the speed potential of the Profit Singularity training program is second to none. Sure, maybe creating a text ad is a bit faster, but because of that low-entry point, every text or image-text ad platform is oversaturated.

Even people just starting out with ads will create a few variations to test, and bigger players can create hundreds, if not thousands. However, no one really does that with YouTube. At least, no one apart from Profit Singularity members.

The entry point into video ads is much higher than writing a 10-word copy and finding an image. This is a disadvantage of YouTube ads, but because of the A.I. method, it becomes an advantage. Even by creating just one of the ads, you’re still ahead of 99% of affiliate marketers out there.

Why? Because their text ad has to compete with not only every other person who is creating an ad targeting something similar but all the variations of each one combined. As a result, your 1 ad might compete with 1000 others or more.

With YouTube ads the way Keegan does it, you might compete with 5 or 10, maybe less. In fact, even beginners like Brian (his case study here) can make $1,000 profit a day in one of the most competitive markets, the health niche.

That’s why Profit Singularity members are able to start earning so quickly, in a matter of days. How about a life-changing income?

Is Scalability Important?

One of the most overlooked aspects of a business by beginners, especially an online business, is the ability to scale it. When you’re just starting out, you want to make that first sale, maybe that first $100, or $1000?

Arguably, the first commission is the hardest, because after that you can just scale it, right? That’s not necessarily the case for many struggling marketers. You see, many business models are difficult to scale or there is simply no room for scale.

One example is organic free traffic. While scaling organic traffic is a great way to increase your profits, it takes time. You can’t simply double your income overnight. On the other hand, many quick wins with low-hanging fruits, and niches that are very small, are hard to sustain, let alone scale.

There are simply not enough products and demand in tiny niches, and you max out quickly.

That’s not the case with Profit Singularity as many beginners like Brian or Cole, who worked in Walmart just a year ago, go after markets with billions or even trillions of dollars.

For example, the health niche, especially supplements, is a gigantic business. It will not dry out even if you do $50k per day with it. Try doing that in a knitting niche or something similar.

That’s why the Profit Singularity program is such a success.

Profit Singularity Combines It All

Did the team behind Profit Singularity accomplish all three requirements?

  • easy to set up – Yes, you can automate almost the entire process and earn a passive income
  • fast to profit – Yes, some members earn within days of the first module
  • simple to scale – Yes, some members hit 6-figures within half a year and even 7 figures in their first year

There is no doubt that Profit Singularity is one of the best affiliate marketing systems in 2022 and ways of making money online, if not in the last 10 years. It takes a simple method that has worked for years, but with its unique twist, it gets rid of competition and makes it easy to earn with it even if you never did online marketing before.

This is because, with this product, buyers get access to resources like templates, copies, and software, as well as assets like exact campaigns and pages that made millions in revenue for beta testers and current students, so it can work for anyone. All the tricks, secrets, and bonuses on top of the services and features that are already included. This makes the whole process for individual users much less effort needed.

One member said that it’s even better than going back to the golden days of Facebook ads in the mid-2010s or even Google ads at the start of the 2000s. Back then, earning with ads was like printing money, and today it’s the same case with YouTube if you know what you’re doing.

However, the Profit Singularity is limiting the number of members and will close soon. This might be your last chance at an opportunity of this profitability in years. Can you afford to miss it?

Get Profit Singularity Ultra Edition at the official website now

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