7 Ways To Get Verified on Social Media I Business

7 Ways To Get Verified on Social Media

/ 09:04 AM March 20, 2023

One of the first steps in developing a successful social media marketing strategy is to get verified on social media.

The blue checkmark typically displayed on verified social media accounts has evolved into a symbol of online authority and credibility. Getting social media verification can be difficult and take time, but it is worthwhile.

In this guide, we’ll delve into how to get that sought-after blue badge. You’ll also learn a few tips to assist you with that critical step of qualifying.

Why Social Media Verification Is Important

Why Social Media Verification Is Important

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In various fields, gaining social media verification is a significant accomplishment that carries a lot of weight. It’s a common goal for many companies to get verified badges.

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A brand’s accomplishments through announcements they have made, which have been reported in reputable news sources, are evidence that the brand is genuine and qualified to get the checkmark in blue.

Having a business’s social media accounts verified requires time and solid public relations if the business doesn’t already have a large following.

An important part of this approach is distributing well-written press releases found online to increase brand awareness.


How to Get Verified on Social Media Platforms Using PR

For various reasons, public relations is an essential tool for organizations and people alike, especially with account verification.

A good public relations campaign may assist you when you request verification and in accomplishing your business goals, like advertising a new product or luring certain types of media coverage.

Modern companies and influencers want to boost their online presence, so public relations (PR) might appear outdated.


However, public relations may be just what you need to get your name and brand in front of the proper people in order to earn that coveted Instagram verification badge.

What role do public relations play in helping you get verified on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok? Public relations may be a key ally if you want that all-important blue checkmark to appear beside your profile photo.

So here’s how to get verified on social media and pass the verification criteria with PR:

Get featured by news organizations

Get featured by news organizations

During the verification procedure, social media staff will likely examine your brand’s presence outside their platform. The blue tick next to your brand’s name indicates a certain amount of prestige.

But verifying your brand ensures you are who you claim to be and not someone else.

There’s a high likelihood you’ll get verified on Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok if you’ve been featured on a major news outlet or multiple news sources.

Public relations may assist you in getting your name out there and show why it’s necessary to give you a seal of approval.

Increase your reputation by media coverage

Although the phrases “being authentic” and “credibility” don’t immediately spring to mind when thinking about verification. You’ll need to establish your presence before you can even consider getting verified.

When social media platforms determine whether to give you a blue tick beside your profile picture, one factor is how trustworthy you are.

Your brand’s authority and visibility may extend beyond a single platform or service with the help of effective public relations. Through public relations, your name will be exposed to a larger audience.

You’ll become more of a reputable and registered business rather than just another online influencer or brand. The more publicity you produce, the more trustworthy you seem, and the more likely you will get, for example, Instagram verification.

Attract followers and subscribers

Attract followers and subscribers

Your following on any social network is a factor that may be considered when deciding whether or not to pay attention to your content on social media platforms.

However, in many cases, size does not matter when platforms decide on who gets verified accounts.

It’s indeed possible to get an account verified regardless of size. In order to join the list of verified users, you must show your online presence is genuine and that you haven’t purchased likes or followers.

PR may be used to boost your exposure in a variety of media outlets, but it can also help you attract new fans. Increasing the number of people who are aware of your brand may lead to an increase in your following.

Grow your online presence

During the verification process, the social platform will consider the brand’s or person’s existence outside of social media as one of the primary factors.

Your identity will be confirmed as a real person and not a fictitious representative of another business or influencer.

As your media attention increases, more people will get to know that you are a legitimate and active brand that publishes continuous content. A content calendar is crucial to create different media, videos, and photos to engage with your audience.

Whether you mainly post on your Instagram account or concentrate your attention on Facebook, one of the great advantages of investing in PR is the chance for current followers and customers to check you out on other platforms.

There are so many ways to share links and fresh content on your Instagram account or Facebook page that your following may easily transfer over to other social media platforms.

You also need at least one post on the accounts you open, so they can start getting activity.

Increase your following online

It’s helpful (but always not necessary) to have a large following on other social media services in order to be verified. The more prominent you are, the better.

A well-placed press release may help you grow your Facebook fan base, get Twitter users to follow you, or just inform your current fan base of various locations they can find out more about your company.

Generate more video content

Generate more video content

Video is an effective medium for telling stories and growing your social media presence. Recent statistics indicate that reels receive 22% more engagement than traditional videos. In 2019, video content was expected to account for 80% of all consumer internet traffic.

Videos on social media are shared 120% more frequently than images and text combined. Video content is used by 87% of online marketers. Every year, the amount of mobile video watched rises by 100%.

You can create videos easier to find by taking some practical steps. Here are a few tips for video SEO:

The best way to get people’s attention is with titles. Keep it snappy and informative. On YouTube videos, the first 60 characters or less will be displayed.

Also, like any blog post, plan your keywords and add relevant keywords to your description/caption to help viewers understand what your video is about.

Make good use of tags with various keyword variations. Make sure to include everything your video viewers might be looking for. Think about all of the possible things they might be looking for.

Link-building is also crucial in this case. The number of links to your video is important for keyword rankings in search.

Your video’s thumbnails are the first thing viewers see. Create eye-catching, colorful, high-quality, branded, and engaging thumbnails.

Post quality and educational content

Post quality and educational content

Social networks are overcrowded with brands vying for the attention of their customers. Some brands hope that posting more on their feed will always lead to more exposure, a larger audience, and, in theory, more success.

What really counts is the level of quality of the information and content you provide, whether it is paid or promotional content.

Posting captivating content on your Twitter account, for example, can take it from being a personal brand to a global brand. As long as you respect community guidelines on each platform, you’re set to grow.

You should also focus on optimizing your brand all over the web, including optimizing your onsite SEO and blogs, depending on your products or services. If you’re a brand, you should have an optimized website.

If you’re an influencer and running your personal brand on social platforms, consider building an optimized website to help boost your traffic and have an online presence where you can refer to your media coverage and social media pages as a backlink to your page.

Publish evergreen content that drives traffic

Publish evergreen content that drives traffic

Every business’s continued success depends on review marketing. Those who want to make final decisions regarding their purchases based on previous customers’ experiences require valid social proof found in customer reviews.

Many reviews come with an overall rating, making it easy to tell if your brand is worth the money or if people should go to a competitor.

Pew Research found that 53% of consumers between the ages of 18 and 29 regularly read product or service reviews, while 50% of adults under the age of fifty regularly check online reviews before making a purchase.

Since a significant portion of your customers are already reading product reviews, why not get a head start and incorporate them into your strategy?

Here are a few examples of topics you should consider publishing:

  • Who is [Your brand], Everything You Need to Know
  • [Your Brand] Reviews & Ratings
  • [Your Brand] an In-depth Guide for Beginners
  • [Your brand]: 10 things You Should Know

Now these headlines can vary if you’re an influencer or a brand, but you may need to build a topic cluster with a plan and list of headlines and work with a reputable media company who can guide you through the process.

You can incorporate brand reviews into your social media strategy in four ways:

Share customer recommendations on social media.

You can make a graphic for Instagram or Twitter based on online reviews and amplify your customers’ voice as a brand.

This is a great way to get your community involved and use content users created to promote your brand on social media. Don’t forget to check your social media metrics to see if this strategy is working.

Incorporate reviews into your video content.

You can include a review in a promotional video or, even better, partner with a trustworthy publication that supports your vision.

Highlight reviews on your website.

Reviews can be just as effective when displayed on your website’s homepage, so they shouldn’t just be shared on social media. Why not just put them on the front page?

Because doing so will not only give you social proof but it will also show that you care about your customers and think their opinion is important enough to take up prime web space.

The verification process may be expedited by using well-placed press releases. No matter how new or inactive a business page may be, the right public relations campaign may help bring it back to life.

Remember: In order to avoid being flagged by platforms as spam, it’s best to build a fan following organically rather than through purchasing subscribers.

A Verified Badge Has Several Advantages

A Verified Badge Has Several Advantages

Initially, verification on the first social media platforms was a perk reserved for highly searched public figures with the high public interest.

However, it has already developed into a competitive advantage for businesses. If a customer decides between your brand and another, they will most likely go with the brand with a verified checkmark.

Verified brands are trusted and taken seriously by the public because they have a blue check. When you request verification and get verified, it may help you form more authentic relationships.

Doing so can raise brand knowledge and exposure so more people know and recognize your brand.

Increased trustworthiness

It’s easy for a business or organization to gain credibility among its social media followers by displaying verification badges on its social media profiles.

In addition, it provides methods for gaining more followers while advertising a business or service in the relevant areas. After a business has verified its accounts with a verified badge, they are much more likely to have high conversion rates.

Relieves the worry of identity theft

A verified account separates them from other accounts. It can also provide a means to alleviate their concerns over other people stealing their identity. This is a significant step toward mitigating the risk of phishing and other possible dangers.

A company’s online presence may be greatly enhanced by having a professional email address. An official account that has been verified can also help. It can curb fake accounts from impersonating them.

A verification badge on Instagram shows Instagram users that your business account is the only authentic account that they should follow.

A higher level of engagement is possible

A brand can generate a higher level of participation and engagement from verified users. Regarding the actions associated with the promotion, the blue badge can contribute significantly to improving your engagement rate and business in different marketplaces.

What You Need for Social Media Verification Process

What You Need for Social Media Verification Process

To get verified on any platform, including getting a gold LinkedIn logo, you will need to show:

  • An official business document.
  • You also need a photo ID issued by your government, like a driver’s license or national identification card.
  • Create a business email address and business logo. Doing so will increase your chances of getting verified and providing a genuine online presence for your customers.


The fastest approach to getting your brand recognition is to expand your internet and social media presence quickly. There is no miracle cure to assist your brand to get verified straight away.

Getting new followers might be challenging. However, those that post often and of excellent quality will eventually get the desired engagement.

Your information on social media is brought to more attention. Thanks to press releases that also assist people in getting interested in the business or the narrative.

In order to have a sound long-term plan in place, it is best to invest in public relations from the start.

Public relations (PR) is a powerful instrument in social media marketing. You shouldn’t overlook it, especially if you’re looking to get that blue check.

Your marketing strategy should emphasize public relations, whether you’re aiming for that all-important blue tick beside your profile picture or just want to enhance your profile in general.

If you want to learn more and get your brand verified and publicized, contact LeadAdvisors.

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