How You Can Become a LinkedIn Power User | Step-by-Step Guide

How you can become a LinkedIn power user

/ 07:51 AM October 19, 2021

Have you ever thought about becoming a LinkedIn power user? If you’re looking for work, you probably rely on this website to find employment opportunities. Yet, you can’t just make a profile in a few minutes and expect a rush of job offers. Your LinkedIn profile carries your brand, and every business owner knows you must plan it carefully.

You must be deliberate in creating that profile and showing it to the world. It must exhibit your intentions and personality to make sure employers know you mean business. Promote yourself in every aspect, from your profile photo to your headlines and summary. What’s more, you must use SEO, so your name appears on top of search results.

Of course, we will go through more details about becoming a LinkedIn power user. Next, we will go through each step you must follow, from having an eye-catching profile pic to reaching more opportunities via networking. What’s more, we will throw in more tips and tricks on how you can rock as a LinkedIn power user!

What’s a LinkedIn power user?

This is a smartphone.

Lookup any big-name business owner, and you’re bound to find their LinkedIn profile. It’s a must for professional and job applicants nowadays since it allows them to connect.

Yet, LinkedIn is a tool that you must learn to use properly. Take the internet as an example. Most people just use it to browse social media and nothing else.

Those who use it to the fullest can learn new skills from it for free. It also allows them to invest in promising assets right from the comfort of their homes.


Similarly, you must use your LinkedIn profile to its utmost potential. In other words, you must become a LinkedIn power user, a person who uses the site to get the best results.

Believe it or not, reaching power user status isn’t that complicated! While there are many steps, each of them can be quite simple. Take a look at each one below:


Steps to becoming a LinkedIn power user

  1. Customize your profile’s URL.
  2. Use an excellent profile photo.
  3. Craft an effective headline and summary.
  4. Connect with more people.
  5. Optimize for search engines.
  6. Publish content.

#1. Customize your profile’s URL.

This is a smartphone showing the LinkedIn app.

If you watch YouTube videos, you may notice that they have unique and witty usernames. While some just pick those at random, others choose theirs carefully.

That name should remind people of your page. When you share with others in a conversation, you want to make sure the other person can remember it! Here’s how to change your URL:

  1. Go to your profile page by clicking your photo. If you haven’t placed an image there yet, it will have the standard grey icon.
  2. Click on Edit Public Profile.
  3. Look to the right of your profile page. You should see the option to change your URL at the top. Click on the pencil icon to edit it.
  4. Write the URL you want.
  5. Once you’ve decided, just click Save.

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#2. Use an excellent profile photo.

This is a person's photo.

Of course, you should show a great photo of yourself as a LinkedIn power user! The first step is to take that eye-catching photo. Here’s how you should do it:

  1. Get a professional photo – Find a good photographer that can capture your face in the best light. People will know if you just cropped it from a random picture.
  2. Make sure it looks like you – When someone puts your face and your profile pic side by side, they should match. People may doubt your confidence if you look drastically different from your current photo.
  3. Your face should fill the frame – The photo should show your shoulders no higher than above your head. Don’t leave too much space above the head, but don’t make it stick to the photo’s borders.
  4. Pick the right mood – Do you want to find a new job, or are you trying to prove your credibility to potential clients? Your photo should match your profile’s intentions, and this is when a professional photographer truly helps.
  5. Wear the right clothes – Match your attire with your industry. For example, wear suits if you’re in the financial sector. Also, make sure to use the right background.

Once you have the right photo, it’s as simple as clicking your current photo, then replacing it with a better one. This is simple so far, right?

#3. Craft an effective headline and summary.

Don’t stick with the boring “X position at Y company” as your headline! Make sure employers will find it engaging, informative, and memorable. Here’s an example:

“Emergency health coordinator with 17 years of field experience. Have been commended for my composure under pressure and clear direction.”

Next, you should write an effective summary that showcases your unique talents and abilities. Break up the text into about three to five paragraphs.

Also, highlight your key qualifications and skills using a bullet list. It’s even better if you use examples of your work and tell folks something that sets you apart from others.

You must also place at least five relevant skills to become a LinkedIn power user. Those who do that are 33 times more likely to receive messages than those who don’t.

#4. Connect with more people.

These are pegs illustrating social networks.

You’ll become a LinkedIn power user if you make the most out of networking. First, you should join communities that are connected to your current work. Here’s how to find them:

  1. Click the Work menu that has nine squares for its icon.
  2. Then, click the Groups option.
  3. Click the Discover button.

Once you do, try to ask people in that group for recommendations. Make sure those folks know about you and your brand. Don’t just give out requests to random people.

While in that group, you may receive connection requests. Again, make sure you check them before accepting. They should have something to contribute to your career goals.

#5. Optimize for search engines.

A real LinkedIn power user doesn’t limit his profile to the site alone, and it should attract potential employers even outside LinkedIn. But how do you pull this off?

You can do it by applying SEO methods to your profile. Start by looking for the keywords that describe your role. Then, list them on a spreadsheet.

Make sure those keywords appear numerous times in your profile. Yet, people should still read it naturally, and the keywords shouldn’t look out of place in your profile!

#6. Publish content.

These are webpages.

Another way to become a LinkedIn power user is by posting content all over the internet, and this means creating blogs and publishing them on your website.

Moreover, you may want to place sponsored content on other websites. Ask famous publications how you may include your articles on their site.

Blogging makes it easier for people to find your content. If the term they’re looking for matches your content, search engines will recommend your name to them too.

Final thoughts

Becoming a LinkedIn power user helps you become a preferred candidate. Employers are more likely to hire you if your LinkedIn profile matches what they want in their employees.

Of course, these methods are just a few examples. You may find other options that we weren’t able to include in the list. Even better, you don’t have to do everything yourself!

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