Promoting Your LinkedIn Account With These Social Media Tips

Promoting your LinkedIn account with these social media tips

/ 09:40 AM January 12, 2022

A LinkedIn account can do so much for your business, so make sure it’s doing just that. For the regular user, it opens up a wide range of job opportunities. Meanwhile, it lets you access new target audiences, find promising business projects, and of course, spread your online presence! The key to doing this is by taking advantage of what LinkedIn truly is: a social media app!

This means you must use methods that you can often find on Facebook, Twitter, and other casual platforms. On the other hand, it is for professionals, so you must apply them in ways that will secure and boost your brand’s image. Fortunately, I can show how you can improve your LinkedIn marketing with these social media tips!

I’ll improve your profile page, starting with its main picture. Then, I’ll show you how to give other users a reason to look at your LinkedIn page. After that, I’ll go through how you can improve your connections with other LinkedIn users. Finally, I’ll explain how to monitor results with the analytics feature.


Here is a quick rundown of all my tips:

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  1. Polish your LinkedIn profile
  2. Publish high-quality content regularly
  3. Expand your professional network
  4. Run an ad campaign

#1. Polish your LinkedIn profile

This is a person who has a LinkedIn account.

Start by improving your LinkedIn URL. It’s the address that other people will use to visit your page, so make sure it’s easy to remember! Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Head to your LinkedIn account’s profile page.
  2. Click your profile picture. If you haven’t placed one yet.
  3. Select Edit Public Profile.
  4. Look to the right of your profile. At the top, you’ll see the option to change your URL. Edit it by clicking the pencil icon.
  5. Write the URL you prefer.
  6. Once you’re done, click Save.

After that, make sure you have a profile image. If you still don’t have one, click the grey icon with a person’s outline then upload your photo. If you have one already, make sure it follows the following guidelines:

  1. Get a good photographer who can capture your face in the best way. Don’t just crop a stock photo, then pass it off as a profile pic!
  2. Make sure your profile pic still looks like you. Perhaps you took the time to lose weight or have a new look. Whatever the case might be, make sure you look as best you can on your profile to represent your company.
  3. Make sure your face fills the frame. It should show your shoulders, but don’t leave too much space above your head.
  4. Wear the right clothes that fit your industry.

#2. Publish high-quality content regularly

This represents a like from a LinkedIn follower.

Start with the information about your brand. Make sure it’s informative, memorable, and engaging. People will follow your page if you post stuff that interests them.

You may not know this, but you can write articles for your LinkedIn account. Those blogs can promote your brand’s products and services or show your expertise in the field.


For example, a stock screener software company could promote its benefits. If you trade cryptocurrencies, you might want to explain the pros and cons of automated bitcoin trading.

You might want to publish visual content as well. For example, you could post a photo of your products or a video of your services in action.

You might know this type of marketing as sponsored content. Your posts may look like regular ones, but they’re promo content for your company.

In 2020, LinkedIn added the Featured section, letting users highlight their posts. You might want to use it too, but make sure you select the right posts.

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#3. Expand your professional network

This represents LinkedIn followers.

After all that, it’s time to use LinkedIn’s main function: networking! This isn’t as simple as only inviting connections because you will have to perform other tactics.

You won’t get anywhere if you don’t go to where other people are, so you should join LinkedIn groups related to your job. Then, encourage others to follow your LinkedIn account.

You might want to start by sharing some of your articles. That’s a great way of introducing you and your brand. It’s also a good idea to mention other companies and influencers in the group.

This will help them have more LinkedIn followers too. More of the group members may recognize you, so they’re more likely to mention you as well.

Also, you might want to use hashtags, which are words and phrases that start with the number sign (#). They help users find content that is related to a certain topic.

Add hashtags relevant to your content so that people can see it as an option. As more users find your posts, you gain more potential followers.

Lastly, you may want to ask your employees to follow your page. That will keep them posted on your updates while expanding your reach on the platform.

#4. Run an ad campaign

This is a person using a laptop.

You could boost your online presence by running ads on LinkedIn, and it must be deliberate. Plan this promo method as if you were launching a new marketing campaign.

We’ve already established the first step to set a goal: gain more LinkedIn followers. Afterward, you must determine the kinds of people you want as followers.

Similar to other social networks, this one allows you to target your ads for people with certain traits. For example, you could set ads that will only show up to people in your industry.

LinkedIn selects the ads it will feature based on the quality of your ads and your bid amount. This means you don’t have to allocate a lot of money to beat competitors.

Let’s say your daily bid is $20.00, and the next highest bid is $10.00. You will only have to pay $0.01 higher than the second-place bid, so you will only pay $10.01 instead.

What’s more, LinkedIn accounts also have an analytics feature that lets you monitor the performance of your ads. It enables users to see the demographics that frequent their content.

Look over the results to see any points for improvement. Then, adjust your existing content accordingly, and apply what you’ve learned to the next ones.

Final Thoughts

Those were my tips for gaining more followers on LinkedIn. This should be a major part of your digital marketing campaign as it connects you to other professionals across the globe.

What’s more, your campaign must include other online channels, such as email and other social media sites. This can be a handful for many small businesses.

Fortunately, LeadAdvisors has the experts who can handle every aspect of your digital marketing campaign, from your landing pages to SEO. Click here to learn more.

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