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Why You Should Incorporate Memes Into Your Brand Strategy

/ 08:53 AM October 03, 2022

Memes can foster engagement and community by passing a message that everyone in your circle can understand. It creates a sense of belonging, and social media platforms have used this for many years.

A meme is an amusing item (image or video) that imitates or represents the thoughts and feelings of a specific audience. Memes carry information and are spread from person to person through social networks, direct emails, blogs, or news sources.

This is precisely why your brand marketing content should include memes. A well-timed meme can bring more engagement to your brand than any other marketing graphics, and digital marketers are jumping on the meme trend.


Creating and sharing engaging memes with your audience can help you develop a sense of community and loyalty among them and even increase your chances of going viral and spreading into new markets.

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Why Incorporate Memes into Your Branding Strategy?

Why Incorporate Memes into Your Branding Strategy?

For your company or product to be recognized and successful, you must create a distinct image among current and potential customers. Incorporating memes is a useful tool to achieve this in your brand strategy.

There are so many reasons you should incorporate memes into your brand strategy. Having an idea of brand strategy would give you a full understanding of why you should incorporate memes into your brand strategy.

Brand strategy is known as a long-term plan that focuses on the development of a successful brand. Brand strategies are well-formulated and executed at all business functions to achieve improved financial performance, competitive advantage, and customer experience.

One of the many excellent examples of brand strategy is vision. Brand vision refers to the ideas or concepts a company hopes to accomplish in the future. The main purpose of a brand’s vision is to ensure that the brand is planned in the right direction.

This vision is expressed by making a vision statement that describes the clear and inspirational strategies of what the company would become. Business exists beyond making money, and that is because brand strategy exists. Below are reasons you should incorporate Memes into your brand strategy.


Memes Boost Customer Engagement

According to the UK’s Daily Mail, memes are similar to the bubonic plague since they originate in a specific location and spread among people in a wave-like pattern. However, they can assist your customers in engaging with your company.

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Memes allow brands to stay on top of current events or trends, boom brand relevance, and attract their audience in a fun and relevant way.

Memes Entertain Your Audience

Why Incorporate Memes into Your Branding Strategy?

You will realize that most people engage in social media because they are entertained. Memes allow you to use entertainment to capture and attract attention and be rewarded with engagement, which can help amplify your brand messaging organically.

You don’t always need to create brand-associated memes. You can make memes that clearly entertain and relate somehow to your audience. Showing humor is equal to showing your human side, and the meme is up for that challenge. In a way, you humanize your brand, and you make your brand more approachable.

Memes Increase Brand Identity

Content marketing strategy is a part of brand strategy. When you market content and include memes, it speaks volumes to your consumers. Consumers have kept memes in mind for a long time. They become fond of a brand or acquire a passion for it that they can’t resist sharing.

It is also known as brand positioning, whereby consumers see your brand as different from other competitors, and it sits and resides well in their minds. When you create a meme style, your consumers can recognize you from afar simply by glancing at your meme.

Memes are Inexpensive and Easy to Create

Why Incorporate Memes into Your Branding Strategy?

You don’t require any fancy image editing software to create memes. All you need is an amazing idea, a famous meme, and an easy editing tool. You must be able to employ all of these factors to make your brand attractive and humorous. You can use meme templates on the internet and Canva, Adobe, Kapwing, Pinterest, and other websites to design memes.

The Impact of Memes

Why Incorporate Memes into Your Branding Strategy?

The overall plan of a business to reach prospective consumers and turn them into consumers of their product or services is known as a marketing strategy. The meme is a media branding strategy used to communicate to prospective consumers. It serves as a brand story that communicates effectively, convinces consumers about the brand, and makes them aware of your brand identity.

Memes promote your brand story and messages. A good brand story connects you with your consumers and distinguishes you from others. Relating popular memes to your product saves you a lot of effort. On another note, you can easily create the memes yourself without stress, but the amazing part is that it is high in reward – in the sense that it is super sharable, and people love to engage with them.

How to Incorporate Memes into Your Brand Strategy

Digital marketing agencies create memes that are changing digital marketing today as the most enjoyable content on the internet by the current generations. It helps in building a strong brand.

Memes are a useful tool and should be one of the key elements of your brand guidelines. That is why you must know how to incorporate memes into your brand strategy. Posting the right meme at the right time can surprise and delight your followers, broaden the brand identity and drive engagement, with the bonus of being an easy piece of content to create.

Post for Target Audience

Why Incorporate Memes into Your Branding Strategy?

You shouldn’t post memes randomly and should not be for everybody. You should identify your target audience and be able to deliver well. Generally, younger audiences find interest in memes. Though the goal is to grab your user’s attention, you must fully define your target audience.

So everything that concerns your brand identity or whatever is in your brand strategy, be it visual identity, marketing campaigns, or branding strategy of any kind, can all be targeting your main audience.

Competition is everywhere, and outranking your competitors might always be a new battle. You can go a little ahead by generating engaging ideas that your audience wants and that they would feel emotionally connected to.

Think Creatively

Creative thinking is essential in making great memes. You should be able to look at things differently and find new ways of solving problems. When you possess the skill, it aids advertisement and makes your brand identity go viral. Creative memes gain more engagement from people.

The format can come from a fresh perspective on a movie, media event, or news story. Use the best popular memes to cause a reaction in people following trends and recent happenings.

Use Your Sense of Humor

Why Incorporate Memes into Your Branding Strategy?

The easiest way to include humor in any article is through memes. They are free to use, readily available, and easy to generate. Using a sense of humor is also a skill and can be a person’s greatest asset. This skill can help you diffuse difficult situations, improve your health, and easily interact with others.

Memes are highly effective at adding humor to blogs or content. You can learn some jokes. You can also look for funny pictures, witty statements, and funny internet memes to share with others. Create jokes about people’s situations, where they live, or beliefs. Surround yourself with funny people and determine what you like about their humor.


Your memes must be relatable such that it is easy to understand. Your audience must understand and sympathize with the character’s actions. The best and most humorous memes are those that can be related to.

How you create or hijack your meme should have something to do with your brand, company, industry, etc. The most successful memes are those that cleverly include some brand principles. Its industry, messaging, slogan, brand voice, vision, mission, etc.

Realistic Expectations

Why Incorporate Memes into Your Branding Strategy?

You should know and understand that nothing will last forever. Something might be trending everywhere now, but something new will show up after some time, becoming old or in the past.

A meme stays popular until it no longer does. It has a finite lifespan which means memes are transient. But iconic memes are an exception. You must stay active in the memes forum and follow popular memes pages on social media to make the most of meme marketing. Stay trendy, and make sure you time your memes correctly.


We are social beings, and we constantly love to recognize the sources of our feelings and like to relate with others in our social circle. We all want appreciation, to stand out and gain attention in our society and culture. Memes allow us to do all of these.

A meme can impart a difficult idea, state of mind, or shared understanding far quicker than typing out or reading a written explanation of an idea. Including memes in your brand strategy can help to promote your brand and connect to your audience in an interesting and relevant way that is appealing to them. This can greatly impact your brand voice and visual identity to differentiate your company from others.

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