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How to Successfully Deal with Stress as an Entrepreneur

/ 10:31 AM September 26, 2022

As an entrepreneur, you understand and have come to realize that success doesn’t come overnight. It requires consistency and a whole lot of hard work.

Over the years, you might have generated a new perspective and cultivated the confidence, creativity, self-reliance, and resourcefulness needed for anyone to adapt and thrive in today’s rapidly changing world.

As this growth occurs, you deal with the real-life scenario of meeting up with deadlines, achieving realistic goals, thinking and planning, more hours of work, and more. In the long run, you can feel overwhelmed.

Small amounts of stress are healthy and can help you meet deadlines and get stuff done. But chronic stress can critically affect your physical and mental health, so you must find ways to manage stress.

What is stress?

In psychology, stress is referred to as a feeling of emotional strain and pressure. It is your body’s response to anything that requires action or attention. Though stress is normal, it affects mental health.

Stress causes changes in the body, ranging from mild to severe, and according to research, symptoms can be cognitive, physical, emotional, or behavioral. Living a healthy lifestyle is important and does not involve having good nutrition alone. You must set time aside to unwind, or your mental and physical health can suffer.

Why you need to relieve stress

Why You Need to Relieve Stress

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Dealing with stress would help relieve stress and would save you from future problems that might occur. Stress can negatively impact different areas in your life, including work, etc. And that is why it is essential to have the ability to manage stress.

Stress affects more than just your happiness. When you’re stressed, your appearance changes, your sleep becomes increasingly disordered, and you can be a bit nasty towards those around you.

Stress, especially chronic stress, can contribute to many health problems, such as high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. It can also result in restlessness, lack of motivation or focus at your place of work, feeling overwhelmed, irritability or anger, sadness or depression, etc. All of these aren’t positive and whatever is against your well-being needs to be dealt with.

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How can you manage stress?

Being an entrepreneur is stressful, and you must possess stress management skills so you can learn how to deal with stress. These skills will help you tackle or reduce stress (either acute or chronic) and relieve the stress levels in your workplace because it creates barriers to getting work done and reaching your business goals.

Effective stress management can help to release you from the hold that stress has on you, making you healthier, happier, and more productive. Learn how to deal with stress as an entrepreneur with the following steps.

Greet the morning with gratitude and goals

Greet the morning with gratitude and goals

It is an exciting feeling to start a morning with gratitude. It brings more happiness and inner peace into your life, and it’s exciting when you remember and write about all of the achievements and successes you have made so far.

Do not hesitate to get a pen and a jotter and write out whatever you are grateful for when you wake up in the morning; every positive thing that has happened to you in time past or previously should be written down.

Alongside, writing things you are grateful for are your goals for the day. If you plan on learning a new skill, write it out. Do you want to make calls to find investors or clients? Write it out. Would you like to create an online marketing campaign? Please write it down too.

Writing these down would keep you focused on the tasks and make you more productive. Though, it would help if you wrote down what you would be able to fulfill. Don’t bombard yourself with too many activities.

Delegate what you can

Delegate What You Can

It is alright when you feel you can do all of the tasks yourself. Being innovative, making decisions, setting goals, and meeting deadlines can all be perfectly done by you while you still have to deal with other minor tasks throughout the day, but this will start eating away at you.

You will start working long hours and may be unable to fulfill all tasks. Before you get to this point, you must delegate some of your work to someone else or employees. Although, there are instances where you can go all out to perform these tasks yourself if you want to claim overall ownership of your business.

You don’t have to wait for your stress level to get high before you delegate. Delegating some responsibilities can help free up your time to focus on the most critical aspects of the business. Delegating tasks helps your business grow and gives you time for leisure activities.

Learn to pace yourself

Pacing yourself can mean doing things on your own time and schedule, and it involves taking good care of yourself. You need to take a deep breath, plan your tasks, and prevent yourself from being a workaholic.

Stress is unavoidable as a reality of everyday life, but to handle stressful situations, you must consider your health and learn to pace yourself. It is necessary to get work done effectively and on time. So, it would help if you pay attention to your unique range of speed or pace that practically works for you in completing any given task.

Do not tackle all of the tasks at once. Follow step-by-step procedures to accomplish goals. You can do this by breaking larger goals into several short-term smaller ones and, in addition, unfolding the time for your finishing over numerous hours, days, weeks, or months.

Take a break, rest, take time out, and get enough sleep when necessary. In turn, it brings about efficiency, effectiveness, and convenience, among many others. Taking a short break makes you more productive; you tend to have more energy, better moods, and a higher concentration level, which results in less stress.

Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs

Connect with Like-Minded Entrepreneurs

There are so many things you stand to gain from connecting with like-minded entrepreneurs. Associating yourself with other successful entrepreneurs can go a long way to benefit your business.

Learning from others in your field can significantly impact your success and that of your business. Connecting with other entrepreneurs builds effective business relationships, and you can also learn how to deal with stress from them.

As time goes on, you can build trust with some of these individuals to establish a support network for sharing ideas or offer advice and guidance when things sometimes get a bit tough.

Being connected helps every aspect of your business and allows you to live healthily and avoid stress. Advice from experienced entrepreneurs keeps you motivated and tailors you towards doing the right thing.

Find a hobby that’s not work-related

Pressures of everyday working life can take their toll on you, and you can become a burnout, but spending time with hobbies that are not work-related is also an antidote to stress and burnout. It even renders a lot of business-related benefits.

Taking time away from work and doing hobbies you enjoy doing gives room for new ideas. It provides the inspiration to look at things from a new perspective. According to research, the most innovative ideas come from gathering various perspectives and knowledge beyond the four corners of your daily job functions.

The founder and director of Harvard Medical School’s Institute of Coaching, Carol Kaufman, explains, “When you’re engaged in a hobby you love, time becomes irrelevant, and you go into what’s called a flow state, which restores your mind and energy.”

Involving in hobbies makes you recover from the demands of your job. You will return changed with a renewed sense of motivation. Physical activities, such as exercise, sports, and dancing, can elevate your job performance too.

They are a great way to work out the body and promote good health. Most entrepreneurs get involved in physical exercise, which makes them physically active and improves their brain health and ability to do everyday activities.

Regular exercise keeps you sharp mentally and can make you operate with an unwavering focus daily. You can, in the process, listen to a guided meditation.

Medical science has documented the adverse effects of stress on our mental, physical and emotional health. And finding a hobby that is not work-related will not only provide stress relief, but can also boost creativity, inspiration, innovation, pleasure, and a sense of accomplishment. Hobbies keep your mind and body active.


Don’t wait until you experience the negative side effects before you start learning how to deal with stress. Implementing the above instructions can help you prevent stress and achieve much more than you can imagine.

Learn to relax and meditate, hone your time management skill, sleep properly, and don’t let stressful situations occur to the extent it festers. As you work towards success, don’t forget to eat properly. Eat well, Relax, make relationships, deal with stress and live healthily.

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