What are soap brows? The latest beauty trend | Tips and Tricks

What are soap brows? The latest beauty trend

/ 11:20 AM April 11, 2021

If you are on any social media platforms, you may have noticed a new trend. This trend is called soap brows. It started about three years ago.

The term soap brow means fluffing out your eyebrows when they are growing back to their natural shapes. It is a straightforward principle. This is an intentional fluffing of the brow hairs. Beauty trends come and go very quickly.


This new trend may do the same. However, for those of you who over-plucked their brows back in the day, you may want to try it. It is the fluffing of eyebrows back and following the soap brow trend.

On YouTube, there are many videos with makeup tutorials and Instagram posts showing users how to use brow products to get soap brows. Some videos say that soap brows refer to eyebrow grooming.

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How Do I Get Soap Brows?

How Do I Get Soap Brows?

Soap brows are made with a straightforward method. Using a bar of soap instead of eyebrow gel is one way to make soap brows. There is a trendy soap brow tutorial about making it by Swedish makeup artist Linda Hallberg. You can find it here.

She is known for her brows and the arches that she has. The soap brow trend uses soap to hold your brows in place. Many makeup artists use this technique all the time. All you need is gentle soap, an eyebrow brush, or a cleaning wand.

Once you get the soap brow look, fill in your brows, so they do not look messy. Social media platforms have seen this trend recently, and now it is one of the biggest beauty trends right now.

How Do You Get Soap Brows to Stay On?

How Do You Get Soap Brows to Stay On?

If you are trying to achieve this look, we have step-by-step techniques to guide you in getting the soap brows you want. First, you will dampen a clean spoolie brush and a setting mist, like you hold your makeup on your face.

You can also spray it water or run it under the faucet. Please apply to your brows by brushing up and combing backward until your brows are where you want them to be. Use a small amount of soap and brush up and back if you are not satisfied after the first try.


Do not put a lot of soap on your brows. You want to apply soap in thin layers. From what makeup artists say, anyone can fix it.

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It is a very natural way to make your eyebrows look fluffy and full. You should not use just any soap, however. You want to make sure that the soap you use is glycerin. Once the soap is dry, the brows will be locked in place. The soap is added to help the brows look fuller.

This technique does marvelous things for the overall shape of your eyebrows. The brows increase their thickness from top to bottom.

They can make a better frame for how the brows should be filled in. Filling in the brows is optional and up to you. Some people love this look, and others hate it. We think everyone should give it a shot! This type of soap has a low pH and is less likely to get irritated. These soaps are also transparent too.

Can I Use Eyebrow Gel?

Most of the brow gels do not have the same impact on your brows, and the hold they provide is not long-term.

The reasoning behind bar soaps is that they are thicker than pomades and gels. The bar soap will hold for longer than eyebrow gel. Bar soap is much stronger and can hold a lot. When thinking about females and males, who would have them use these would be on the go.

Is Soap Bad for Your Eyebrows?

Is Soap Bad for Your Eyebrows?

Soap brows are great. However, there is a chance that the soap could run down to your face and cause skin irritations.

Where are the stand-alone spoolies located? You can get disposable ones at Sephora. Many of the sample stations have them. Wash and clean the spoolie every few days.

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To Sum it all up

Beauty trends come and go so quickly these days. The newest trend is taking the world by storm. It is a new thing now, and everyone is getting into it.

The technique is straightforward, quick, and accessible. Many makeup artists use this technique daily ad some characters from the shows has this.

The next time you are watching a series or a movie, check out which characters have soap brows. Note how they looked with those eyebrows, and note what you think.

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