Rapaport reveals homophobic DMs from Kevin Durant

Rapaport reveals homophobic DMs from Kevin Durant

/ 09:55 AM March 31, 2021

Today, Michael Rapaport leaked out that he and Brooklyn Nets player Kevin Durant are in a nasty fight. Brooklyn Nets player Kevin Durant has been threatening Michael Rapaport on social media. These threats came to Rapaport as private direct messages in about three months.

Who is Michael Rapaport?

Who is Michael Rapaport?

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, let’s stop and find out who Michael Rapaport is. Rapaport is an actor in over sixty movies, for those of you who do not know.


Some of his well-known films include True Romance, Higher Learning, Zebrahead, Poetic Justice, and more.

Rapaport has starred in tv shows and video games. He has appeared in music videos for Jay-Z, Talib Kweli, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg, etc. He also produced a documentary about a Tribe Called Quest.

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When did all of this begin?

Rapaport discussed that the feud began in December and was in lieu of the actor’s tweet.

The tweet said that Kevin Duranty was “super sensitive about everything,” about Durant and Charles Barkley’s interview.

Kevin Durant began to send Rapaport messages and calling him horrible names. Of course, Rapaport did not quieten down after the messages.

Durant and Rapaport used to be good friends. In 2018, on Durant’s ESPN show, Michael Rapaport was Kevin’s guest. Rapaport posted a snippet of the show later that day.

The two were discussing seats for the NBA Finals.

Ever since this feud has started, Kevin Durant is catching a lot of blowback from the tweets and the language that these two have exchanged.

Durant has gotten himself into some hot water over these social media messages.
This is not the first time that Kevin Durant has gotten into trouble over social media. He has secret accounts on social media as well.

Kevin Durant and Michael Rapaport

Kevin Durant and Michael Rapaport

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Since the confrontation started, Kevin Durant has been calling Rapaport names online. He has been insulting Rapaport’s wife too.

This was when Rapaport blew a gasket. Durant has gone after Rapaport over a defamation suit that Rapaport filed against Barstool Sports.

This case was thrown out last week. The lawsuit was in response to a T-shirt to be asserting that Rapaport was a clown and that Rapaport has herpes.

U.S. Southern District Court Judge Naomi Reice Buchwald, in a 64-page opinion, wrote that a “reasonable audience” could tell that the image was embellished.

“While hardly flattering to Rapaport, this image standing alone is not actionable because a reasonable audience would not understand the shirt to be asserting as a fact that Rapaport has herpes,” Buchwald’s ruling read.

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What Kevin Durant Could Face

Kevin Durant could face discipline from the NBA for the comments.

Some of Kevin Durant’s tweets are hard to tell if they are genuine, but some of the messages are very vile and harsh.

Durant did issue an apology to Michael Rapaport today that some think was not very genuine. Some think he is doing this just to save face and avoid any trouble with the NBA.

After about 30 minutes of these two going on and on, Durant finally gave an apology statement that Rapaport was not happy with at all. All Durant said to apologize was, “ My bad.”

Michael Rapaport has a cruel way of saying things, but Durant went over the line this time.


We hope whatever beef that these two have gets settled for their friendship’s sake. This is no reason to go at one another and promote homophobic words being thrown out on social media. Kevin Durant and Michael Rapaport have a few things to work out, and we wish them the best.

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