Top 10 LeBron shoes | Each pair ranked according to price

Top 10 LeBron shoes

/ 10:57 AM March 10, 2021

Certain people collect LeBron James’ shoes for various reasons. Many are avid fans of the basketball star who want every memorabilia available. Others see every pair as a means to flaunt their extravagant social status. Nevertheless, folks are often curious about expensive items like these.

We’ll start by showing the most expensive pairs of Nike Lebrons. Then, we’ll drive past all of them by offering a far pricier custom-made pair. You’ll soon discover that basketball shoe design transcends aesthetics. We’ll breakdown the costs underlying an essential pair and why some are willing to pay far more.

If you like watching videos listing expensive stuff, you may enjoy reading this. Contrary to popular belief, you’ll learn that basketball shoes could enhance court performance. We’ll even disclose the costs of creating the footwear. More importantly, you’ll see why people pay a fortune for them.

The most expensive pairs of LeBron James’ shoes

The most expensive pairs of LeBron James’ shoes

Most people know LeBron James as an iconic basketball legend. In response, many people want to collect every item related to the basketball star.

You may find folks online exhibiting their collection of NBA jerseys. However, people are often more interested in the rare and expensive pairs of basketball shoes.

These could be discontinued models owned by a lucky few. Others are the latest iteration of LeBron James’ shoes or pairs from other basketball stars.


Here’s the list of the most expensive Nike LeBrons according to SuccessStory. Please note that newer versions of Nike LeBron could emerge in the future to change this information.

10. Nike LeBron 9 Elite: $5,178
9. Nike LeBron 10: $6,000
8. Air Max LeBron 7: $6,000
7. LeBron Celebration Pack: $6,000
6. LeBron 9: $6,000
5. Zoom LeBron IV: $7,000
4. Nike Shox VC II: $7,000
3. Nike Air Zoom Generation: $7,999.99
2. Nike LeBron 9: $12,500
1. Air Zoom Generation Prototype: $19,999.99

Gold-plated pair fit for King James

Gold-plated pair fit for King James

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Spending 20 grand on a pair of shoes may seem outrageous for most people. What if we tell you that a unique pair of LeBron James’ shoes are worth much more?


Dominic Chambrone, otherwise known as “The Shoe Surgeon,” created one to celebrate King James’ 30,000-point milestone. It’s known online as the Diamond and Gold LeBron 15.

It’s a pair of Nike LeBron 15s that’s worth around $100,000. The tailor-made sneakers are composed of crocodile skin. Like its namesake, it is then coated in 24-karat gold.

The medial sides have added zippers at the ankle, each with an 18-karat pull tab. The special LeBron James’ shoes have gold-plated lace tips and heel counters.

Significantly, the lace tips have diamonds and read “World” and “Champions” on opposite sides. Unfortunately, only one pair was made, and it was given to King James.

While you can’t buy this special pair of LeBron James shoes, you could still purchase gold footwear. The 24-karat Gold Toe Air Jordan 1 is available for $3,500 online.

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Do basketball shoes help a player’s performance?

A player’s shoes must be capable of withstanding more abuse than regular pairs. Players typically zoom past the opposing team, quickly step for a steal, drive back, then leap for a shot.

This means their sneakers will have to bear constant and instant movement and friction. Similar to car tires, they must sustain traction throughout the game.

For this reason, major brands like Nike and Under Armour spend millions on research and development. Those LeBron James shoes aren’t just for show!

Basketball shoes can be so beneficial that some could give an unfair advantage in the court. The Maryland Athletic Association bans Propulsion Lab’s Concept 1 shoes for this reason.

Moreover, half of NBA players use custom insoles instead of store-bought shoes. These are custom fit to their feet using computer scans.

For recreational use, pairs of LeBron James’ shoes from retail stores are adequate. Step up your game, and you may just afford tailor-made sneakers!

The actual cost of crafting basketball shoes

The actual cost of crafting basketball shoes

After seeing these astounding prices, you might be wondering about the actual cost of these shoes. To give you an idea, let’s use a hypothetical pair of LeBron James shoes worth $70.

The retail store procures it from a shoe brand in bulk and takes 50% of the price. So this $70 pair of shoe costs around $35. However, its real cost is approximately $15.

Here’s the breakdown of the price for each shoe part:

Shoe Upper 34%: These include upper parts such as foam, hardware, logo printings, etc.
Leather 16%: This refers to the outer layer of the shoe
LOP 27%: Labor, Overhead, and Profit
Outsole 14%: The shoe bottom unit
Packing 6%: Case box, shoebox, and hangtags
Mold Amortization 3%: If new tooling is needed, it could be paid to the factory per pair instead of purchasing new molds.

These shoes are made in China then shipped to California. Note that these costs may have changed due to the difficulties caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Why people pay top dollar for collectibles

LeBron James has legions of fans who are more than happy to purchase his latest shoes. Others may see them as exorbitantly priced items, but fans value them beyond a mere trinket.

Collectors usually have a fondness for LeBron James’ shoes or other collectibles. You’ll find similar behavior in people collecting baseball cards of Mickey Mantle.

On the other hand, people may view them as a means to flex their wealth. Affluent people could simply wear the latest pairs, and onlookers may start raving about how rich they are.

Unfortunately, collecting stuff may take a sinister turn. Some people hoard items due to mental health conditions. Of course, most folks simply have fun collecting stuff without harm.

Final thoughts

LeBron James has a lot of adoring fans, and some collect every iteration of his shoes. From the LeBron Soldier to the ones we’ve mentioned, they simply want them all.

People can easily purchase any version of LeBron James shoes on the internet. Nowadays, you could order virtually any shoe online. We’re not sure about LeBron’s mansions, though!

In contrast, the rarer varieties could be found on social media sites. There are also online auctions where people bid for these extravagantly priced items.

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