12 ways to promote your business | Digital and traditional

12 ways to promote your business

/ 08:33 AM March 26, 2021

You now find more ways on how to promote your business because of the internet. It’s become much easier to advertise your products or services. You could find numerous websites that could help your small business reach a broad audience. Even better, many of them won’t cost you a penny!

We will discuss some of the free online marketing techniques. If you have extra money, we’ll show ways you can boost your online marketing further. With the recent digital marketing trend, you might think we’d skip the traditional methods. Contrary to popular belief, the old strategies could still help your business!

Startups now have so many tools and services to help their launch. No matter how many options you have, you still need to know how to use them. Understanding the online mechanisms can help you get more results with less money and effort. Don’t ignore traditional methods, too, as they could still help your business compete.

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Free digital marketing methods

Free digital marketing methods

It’s become so much easier to promote your business nowadays. The internet connects you to prospective customers across the globe.

It lets us share ideas and content for free. You could hop on to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to instantly connect with friends and family.


It’s no surprise that online marketing is being used more often. These free channels allow you to spread brand awareness like never before. Even your mom-and-pop could rise to the top!

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If you’re thinking of promoting your business online, you’re not alone. Larger companies have been digital marketing for years. That means you have a long way to go!

That’s why you should start learning now. If you’re serious about business, you’ll use all the tools available. Your competitors are already doing it, so why not do it too?


Check out some of the ways you could promote your business online at no cost. Note that technology keeps on changing, so there could be examples not on our list.

Email Marketing

Have you ever noticed junk mail out your door? If you check your email inbox, you’ll see a similar pile. Still, it’s a standard way of marketing that could help with brand promotion.

If your business just started, your reach might be limited to your local community. It probably has just one location, so you can only serve people around you.

Start sending emails to a small number of neighbors and customers. Take time to write a well-thought-out message. You can’t fight in quantity, but you can in quality.

Although a small start, this could help spread word-of-mouth and promote your business. As you grow your brand, you may hire pros to do it for you.

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You might be friends with a blogger. If you check their social media feed, you’ll see some of their works. They might have sent some your way too!

Blogs could help promote your business by providing helpful content. Instead of directly selling your product or service, it gives useful info.

Although, these online articles will cite your brand as a great example. You might ask, “Why can’t the blogs star my brand, though?”. Well, it’s because you’ll end up with branded content.

If readers see that your blog just promotes your business, they’ll often leave your content. Most online users don’t like their blogs selling products directly.

Instead, you should use sponsored content. These provide information that people want, so they like your articles in the long run. Note that this method takes some time.

You could check out free blogging sites to post your content. If you have a homepage, you could post your blogs there. Then, you could feature it on your Facebook business page.

As your business grows, you may take your blogs to the next level with LinkedIn. You could also partner with other companies for guest posting.

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization

When people need something nowadays, they turn to Google. Need an iPhone 12? Go online to find thousands of Google search results.

Google and other search engines look for specific keywords to show results. If your online content has these terms, they’ll include it.

This is a simple way to describe search engine optimization (SEO). More importantly, it can help promote your business. Know the terms your customers use, then have them in your content.

You can start keyword research by searching for your brand and your competitors. Scroll to the bottom, and you’ll see the common search words.

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Try to include them in your emails, blogs, and other content. This will help them get picked up by Google search results. Make sure your content links to one another too.

More people will notice your content. They’ll keep checking out your homepage and other stuff too. This means more guests for your content.

You can promote your business further with a free listing on Google My Business. If people look for your business, they’ll see its Google profile. You can improve this with SEO too!

Social media marketing

Everyone has a Facebook page nowadays, even brands. You can find nearly every company on social media now. Some like Wendy’s take it further by talking directly to Twitter customers!

It’s a no-brainer that you need to promote your business on social media platforms. After all, anyone can have a social media profile for free!

You should be serious about making your business profile, though. Make sure it clearly shows what your company is all about.

Don’t forget important information like your business name, phone number, and logo. Provide contact information so customers can easily reach you.

Don’t spread your brand too thin, though. Make sure your brand is on the sites where your target audience hangs out. If you have younger customers, you might want to promote on Clubhouse!

Paid digital marketing methods

Paid digital marketing methods

Small business owners may have spare cash for other digital marketing techniques. Once your startup grows enough, you may shell out funds to promote your business further.

You could pay for services that help you reach potential customers much easier. Some let you promote much better for a targeted audience.

The paid methods don’t mean the free options are less effective. Instead, they help improve the free chances. You need both to promote your business as best you can.

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Influencer marketing

If you watched the Super Bowl this year, you might have tuned in to the commercials. You’ve seen big-name sponsors promote another car or soda.

Thanks to social media, you could similarly promote your business. Regular folks may become famous for their charm and talent on various sites.

Eventually, they gain millions of followers online and become influencers. They could promote your business to their followers, letting you reach a vast customer base.

What’s more, their services cost lower than celebrity endorsers. This doesn’t mean they’re less effective, though. Some celebrities are turning into online influencers too!

Website ads

Before the pandemic, you might have noticed there’s an ad on every street corner. Now that most folks are indoors, digital advertising is growing more significant than ever.

You don’t have to put your brand on every website, though. Many online services can help promote your business to specific target audiences.

Google Ads could show your business on top of search results. It could promote your business globally or locally, depending on your budget.

You could post ads on social media sites too. For example, Facebook Ads could include your advertisements in your target audience’s feed.

Post YouTube content

Post YouTube content

People have been sharing videos on Youtube for years. Some have made careers on the site, such as PewDiePie, with a net worth of around $8 million.

You don’t just record on your phone’s front camera and be done with it. You need high-quality videos that will wow your audiences. You don’t promote your business with a grainy clip!

You’ll need an expert team to make your videos. You might need to provide an expensive kit as well, such as cameras and lighting equipment.

You could hire online freelancers to make your content for you. You can check them out on Fiverr and numerous other sites.

Automate everything!

We’ve connected nearly everything to the internet. Technology is now a part of daily life. You can now get a Tesla that can drive itself to your office!

Current technology could make promoting your business much more accessible. You can improve the free methods we’ve listed earlier with paid services,

For example, you can subscribe to MailChimp for convenient email marketing. It could send emails to much more customers than you can.

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Traditional marketing strategies

Traditional marketing strategies

These online strategies could be the easiest ways to promote your business. Still, traditional marketing is here to stay. It provides the human connection not found in an online process.

According to the US Small Business Administration, some customers distrust online advertising. They think internet ads are annoying, so they often ignore them.

If you want to rise above local businesses, you need both methods. Your marketing campaign should make use of their benefits and lessen their risks.

Direct mail

You can get more clients by sending a bunch of emails. If you want loyal customers, you should create messages just for them.

A personalized email makes your customers feel special. They end up liking your brand more, so they keep on using your products and services.

Even better, there’s a big chance they’ll tell folks about your brand. This helps promote your business for free!


Before the internet, people listened to the radio. They listened to the box for news and product promotions. Nowadays, we have podcasts.

There are lots of people hosting podcast shows, from celebrities to regular folks. They talk about specific issues and mention their sponsors in between.

Your brand could be in those internet radio shows. Find out the podcasts your target audience likes. Then, ask them if they could promote your business during their performance.

Flyers and brochures

Back when malls were open, you may have noticed people handing out flyers. At the entrance, you’ll see brochures stacked neatly on a shelf.

These won’t help promote your business around the world. However, it could help you advertise within your neighborhood.

TThese pamphlets could inform others about your latest promos and discounts. What’s more, you could mix in online methods by mentioning your business pages on the sheets.


When we were able to meet usually, your neighborhood may have hosted lots of local events. These could be trade shows or farmer’s markets where people promoted products personally.

They relied on their social skills to successfully land sales. You could also find them promoting brands online.

Whether you own a small or big company, you need salespeople to promote your business. Most people still prefer talking to a natural person representing your products.

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Final Thoughts

There are many other ways to promote your business we haven’t discussed. For example, you could join forums on Quora and Reddit to answer questions about your brand.

We get new social media and tech at a faster pace. These could serve as more ways to promote your business. Make sure to keep up-to-date about the latest internet trends.

Once your business grows, you’ll need to focus on aspects besides marketing. Fortunately, you could outsource your digital marketing to LeadAdvisors and let them take care of it!

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