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07:26 AM June 28, 2019

 CBD or cannabidiol is having a feel of the moment. As you walk into a superstore, you are likely going to find various products enriched and labeled with the CBD tag. Even online stores aren’t left out as CBD  workout for muscle pain is now available in multiple forms. From skin care to health products, you can readily find this rich nutrient in several CBD products on popular sites like Amazon and several others.

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In recent years, CBD has taken a significant share in the health and wellness space as you can now find it in gummies, capsules, balms, tinctures, cocktails, and even cookies. With all indications, the market is at its early stages and will continue to grow. It has just broken into the Fitness industry, which most consider a smaller feat compared to its primary benefits of helping with chronic pain and useful to cancer patients.

All thanks to its inflammatory properties, CBD workout is now a common term among sports enthusiasts and anyone looking to keep fit through regular exercise. Many athletes who yearn for fast muscle recovery after a workout will find relief in CBD oil, but what helps with muscle recovery? Before you conclude hemp oil benefits inflammation, here is everything you need to know about CBD workout.

Is Muscle Pain After Workout Good or Bad?

Is muscle pain after workout good or bad

No matter how fit you are, you will feel tired, exhausted, and perhaps with some muscle strains after a workout. This is because the muscular fibers can be damaged during a workout session, leading to inflammation of the muscles which triggers the body to repair itself but not without you feeling stiffness and soreness for a long time. So what is CBD workout and how can it help?

Why Is CBD The Best Alternative For Muscle Soreness?

Why Is CBD The Best Alternative For Muscle Soreness

CBD is among the 104 chemical compounds found in the cannabis sativa plant, including industrial hemp (hemp oil) and marijuana plant. It is broadly described as a cousin to THC, which is the chemical substance that triggers the psycho effect in individuals as it can get you high quickly and not recommended for pain relief.

Even though CBD is just a step away from becoming full-blown and releasing the effect of THC, the difference between them is vast and cannot be swept under the carpet. This difference is the sole reason why THC is not the best thing for muscle recovery.

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Where Can I Buy CBD Legally?

Where Can I Buy CBD Legally

Yes, it was part of the new Farm Bill signed into law by President Donald Trump legalizing the sale and distribution of industrial hemp, which also permits its cultivation for various use. As for athletes, they can now freely use CBD workout to regain their muscular vibe and gain muscular strength again.

How CBD Will Help You With Post-workout Inflammation?

How CBD Will Help You With Post-workout inflammation

Many personal trainers are interested in the efficacy of CBD with regards to post-workout inflammation and recovery time. According to fitness experts who have applied CBD on their fitness regimen and pain management, they attested to its benefits in relieving post-workout inflammation. If you apply a CBD workout, you will no longer feel that aching feeling in your joints for a prolonged time after lifting any heavy equipment at the gym.

CBD Muscle Recovery Scientific Proof?

If you are still skeptical about the best CBD oil for back pain, maybe the scientific proofs will wipe away all your doubts about CBD workout recovery. According to the review published in Frontiers in Neurology, it was proven that CBD could provide relief from inflammation and help patients with multiple sclerosis. The CBD muscle rub works by reducing the inflammation of the joints when rubbed as an ointment on the muscles or taken as pills.

However, we can’t say without any exception that CBD oil for inflammation will reduce muscle soreness and inflammation irrespective of the circumstances involved.

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How To Start a CBD Workout Regimen?

How To Start a CBD Workout Regimen CBD Muscle Recovery Scientific Proof

How does hemp oil help pain? Since it has been established that cannabis oil for back pain is safe to use, so are you good to go? Indeed, it might interest you to know that there is no standard dose for if you want to take CBD for inflammation pain. Research has shown that cases of high dosage have been highly tolerated by humans. So the dosage may depend on your medical condition at the moment and your health needs. If you want to know how CBD oils feel, you could seek professional advice from your healthcare provider.

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How to Use CBD For Workout Recovery

Aside from the commonly seen CBD oil and tinctures, hemp oil for muscle pain is also available in a variety of products meant for different purposes such as salves, capsules, lotions, gummies, edibles, and a vape pen. So the onus lies on you to decide how you want to apply it either ingest it or rub it on yourself.

Also, for workout recovery, you will determine the right dosage that works best for your body system without triggering allergies. CBD is highly subjective and reacts differently to everybody. Hence, once you take an appropriate dose and feel the desired effect, it’s best to apply that same dosage for every use.

Best CBD Products for Recovery

Do you know differences between the terms “CBD oil,” “hemp oil extract,” “hemp extract,” and “hemp seed oil”? These phrases may seem interchangeable, but you need to know what makes each of them different to avoid misleading information and product advertising.

Although CBD oil is technically hemp extract, many companies don’t label their products as such to avoid legal complications. This is because CBD is still considered a Schedule Substance and is against Amazon policy.

Instead, companies label their CBD-infused products as “hemp oil extract” or “hemp extract.” It’s like giving CBD oil a pseudonym or an alias. However, you should still take a look at the ingredient list to ensure that it actually contains hemp extract. If the label is absent of it, better look for a different brand altogether.

Hemp seed oil, on the other hand, is not a wellness product. It’s a food product that can be used for cooking.

Interested to know more about CBD oil? Click here to learn more.

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BlosumCBD Oil Tincture

CBD Blossom - Orange Blossom

Brands like BlosumCBD provide a wide range of CBD products, including CBD oil. They come in amazing flavors of cinnamon, lavender, and orange blossom with a full-spectrum hemp oil extract formulation.

This means that Blosum’s oil tincture contains the complete plant profile of cannabinoids, including terpenes and a trace amount of THC. Consisting of Fractionated Coconut Oil (MCT), you can get all the benefits of CBD with Blosum.

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Hemp Oil Anti-Inflammatory

This hemp oil provides relief from inflammation from joint and back pain. Moreover, it also works for muscle stiffness or tightness. It’s fully loaded with vegan omegas, CBD oil, and vitamins. Apply it on the skin after a workout for fast and immediate results.

Hemp daily soothing serum  

This anti-inflammatory oil for pain is used to eliminate the joint ache and post workout pain completely. Use as often as desired and rub on your arms and legs to feel its soothing impact. It’s THC free and made from CBD oil extract. Best for athletes and personal trainers.

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JustCBD Gummy bears (3000mg)

JustCBD Gummy bears (3000mg)

If you love the option of gummy bears for a CBD workout recovery, then these gummy bears are for you. It’s made of bold colors and fun flavors that make pain relief real fun. Likewise, it provides soothing relief from workout stress and helps you regain your vitality.

Published June 28, 2019; Updated March 25, 2020.

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