10 best desktop speakers of 2022 I Ratings & Reviews

10 best desktop speakers of 2022

/ 09:16 AM June 28, 2022
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Take your gaming and beat-making experience to a climax by gifting yourself with the best desktop computer speakers.

Here, we will equip you with checklists to tick before purchasing a desktop speaker and our list of today’s best deals.

Why you need a desktop speaker

Some of the questions I get from people who are not convinced about shelling a couple of dollars for a desktop speaker include;

  •       Why do I need a desktop speaker when I have headphones?
  •       Is there any need for a speaker when my desktop is loud enough?

Long exposure to headphones makes us sick, whether we are trying to hunt down zombies in Dying Light 2 or mastering a track for about 5 hours. Listening to a mastered track with a surround speaker gives producers a different perspective of their work and helps them detect errors.

How to choose the best desktop speakers for you

How to choose the best desktop speakers for you

To choose the best computer speakers, you need to be armed with the correct factors that distinguish a bad speaker from a good one.


Also, you ought to know how to test a speaker in case you’re presented with a fake one. Lucky for you, we’ve done the hard work and compiled the best PC speakers in 2020. However, this section will guide you if you want to get your hands dirty.

Below are the factors to check for before purchasing computer speakers.

Audio Quality

When it comes to audio quality, the rule of thumb is that the lower the price, the lower the audio quality. If you want original speakers with crisp low-end, and high range, you must budget more than 100 dollars.

Unlike bookshelf speakers, computer speakers may not cover long distances and may not require wall padding. However, do not misconstrue long-range for high sound quality.

If a speaker delivers distorted sounds at its peak volume, that’s a red flag. Most importantly, if its audio output is not detailed, avoid it.

Connectivity option

There are two major types of connection methods, namely Bluetooth and cords. With the introduction of streaming, getting wireless speakers has become a necessity.

In situations where physical audio inputs are in use, and your guests want to put you on that new underground artist that’s just popping in their city, Bluetooth connectivity saves the day.

You don’t want to put yourself through the trouble of removing cords and reinserting them now and then. Having wireless and wired connectivity provides flexibility when you need it the most.

It is important to note that cords are the first part of the speaker to get faulty, especially when they are being removed daily. When wireless connectivity is lacking, your cords would easily get spoiled.

As much as wireless connectivity is the rave of the moment, you should not neglect the wired part. Why? Using a cord eliminates the loss in sound quality and chances of an audio lag during gaming sessions.


The definition of sound quality might be subjective, depending on the person observing the audio delivery.

For an audiophile or professional musician, it’s all about the details and losslessness of sound. The audiophile would call the speaker trash if the bass is too much. If the speaker won’t deliver the low-end, their judgment remains the same.

For the gaming addict or hardcore hip-hop fan, it’s all about the bass and range. They will tag the speaker mid if the bass is not heavy enough.

The purpose of the speaker would help you choose better. If you are unsure what to look out for in a good speaker, join communities in your niche and seek guidance from professionals and colleagues.

How to test computer speakers

How to test computer speakers

These days, most people shop online. Hence, they don’t get to test the products before making the purchase physically.

While most companies offer warranties and moneyback guarantees, you don’t want to put yourself through the stress of contacting their support team (which might be non-existent if you use Alibaba or some random eCommerce site).

However, if you invest thousands of dollars in a desktop speaker, you are advised to test it before purchasing, even if the company is a tested and trusted entity. These steps are useful for current laptop speakers in the market and other future brands.

Below are the steps to follow when you want to test a desktop speaker., Note that these steps can also be used for other types of speakers.

Test for Speaker connectivity

Bluetooth sensitivity is one thing you want to watch out for. Don’t buy the speaker if the Bluetooth connection lags by moving around in a not-so-far range.

Be aware of the Bluetooth codecs it supports. Also, note the difference between its delivery when connected to Bluetooth and aux. If the difference is noticeable, that’s weird.

If you intend to stream music wirelessly on streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, or Deezer, test its audio performance over Wi-Fi.

Test for Bass

Small speakers that feed off battery power usually don’t deliver great sound around the 20Hz to 60 Hz range.

When these low-budget speakers are tuned to their peak volumes, they start producing distorted sound because they can’t handle high frequencies. Using such built-in speakers at peak volumes over time would weaken their drivers.

The only way to test for bass is to use songs with heavy basses, like a drill or trap songs. A song like off the grid or silent shout will help you decide if the speaker’s bass level is great.

Test for movie and TV compatibility

Test for movie and TV compatibility

You will enjoy movies and games more with surround sound speakers. If you cannot connect with Netflix, you can test the desktop speaker with popular movie soundtracks, heavy dialogue, and detailed sound effects.

Test for compatibility across genres

While we cited hip-hop songs earlier, there are music fans that care less about the hip-hop genre. That’s fine. Whether a country music fan or pop music lover, you must test the desktop speaker using your favorite songs in the desired genre.

You need to watch out for the audio performance of the dominant instrument used and the consistent frequency ranges.

You can initiate your sound check with crisp and well-recorded tracks like ‘[Get Lucky’ (by Daft Punk), Steely Don (by Jack of Speed0 and Crooked Still (by Little Sadie). For someone who has experienced the richness of these songs, it would be easy to detect when something sounds off in the delivery of the PC speaker.

The next musical ritual is to test the speaker with songs with an extended dynamic range. Here, you want to focus on the spatial separation between various instruments and the singer’s vocals. Tracks you can use include Melody (by The Rolling Stones), Tin Pan Alley (by Stevie vRay Vaughan), and Weird Fished (by Radiohead).

What are the 10 best desktop speakers of 2022?

Every desktop speaker manufacturer creates specific products for a particular community, even if they offer general functionalities. Brands such as PreSonus Eris, Edifier, M-Audio, and Pioneer are popular among music producers, while Logitech, Creative Pebble Plus, and Razer Nommo Chroma are Gamers’ favorites. F

Any previously mentioned premium speakers would do for the average desktop user who only cares about the enhancing impact of having a desktop speaker.

General-purpose computer speakers are not as expensive as the specific-purpose ones.

Audioengine A2+

Audioengine A2+ Plus Wireless Speaker Bluetooth | Desktop Monitor Speakers | Home Music System aptX Bluetooth, 60W Powered Bookshelf Stereo Speakers | AUX Audio, USB, RCA Inputs,16-bit DAC (White)

Price: $308

We’ve all been victims of aesthetically pleasing products with lower-than-average functionalities. Hence, many of us have become skeptical of sweet-looking tech items. Fortunately for us, Audioengine A2+ goes against the grain by delivering beauty and the bass. The 60W powered bookshelf stereo speakers were made with audiophiles in mind.

It’s easy to lose your mind when trying to separate clogged speaker wires on your desk. Now is the time to dump the wired system in favor of a clean stress-free wireless desktop speaker.

The angelic white subwoofer complements the beauty of a well-polished desk setup and enhances a not-so-fancy one. It has a unique speaker system built to lat by the Audioengine USA.

Desist from judging the subwoofer by its size. A small but mighty desktop speaker


  • Feeling sleepy? Don’t stress. It switches to auto-sensing sleep mode when it’s not in use, saving power.
  • This subwoofer is your go-to option for clean stereo separation from the right and left stereo speakers.
  • Comes in various colors: glossy white, matte black, and glossy red.
  • Possesses a headphone jack for people interested in plugging their headsets directly into the speaker.
  • Connect multiple devices to a neutral sound system using Bluetooth and aux.
  • Easy to navigate between multiple connected devices.


  • Not for people who need a portable set.
  • The absence of an app limits the user’s control.
  • The lack of a digital signal processor means the pair of speakers give out well-balanced sound – a major disappointment.
  • This item is not the best desktop speaker if you love to feel the bass in heavy songs like Travis Scott’s catalog. Simply put, not for ragers.

Creative Pebble 2.0 USB-Powered Computer Speakers

Creative Pebble 2.0 USB-Powered Desktop Speakers with Far-Field Drivers and Passive Radiators for Pcs and Laptops (Black)

Price: $18.93

Cheap and quality are not the words we expect to find in the same sentence, but the Creative Pebble is a unicorn in this regard. The Creative Pebble is your best choice if you are on a budget but still desire high sound quality.

Creative Pebble may not be the best desktop speaker for audiophiles who care about stereo separation and detailed audio quality. However, if you are looking for a decent desktop speaker to enhance the sound coming from your PC, you would most likely enjoy this product.

Its performance is soothing to the ear at low volumes, but its sub-bass output distorts as you increase the speaker volumes. It is suitable for films and work hobbies. It’s not the best gaming and certainly not recommended for music production.

The product’s exterior design is modeled after the shape of a pebble, hence its name – Creative Pebble. The slanted design is brilliant as it gets the music into your ears without tilting it, unlike other speakers that deliver accurate sound horizontally.

Due to its 45-degrees-elevated design, which was motivated by the zen Japanese rock garden, you can enjoy its audio output on the floor or on your desk. Depending on your preference, you can choose between white and black versions.


  • Quite affordable.
  • It is designed with a circular rubber base to prevent it from falling off your home or office desk.
  • It does not require much desk space, unlike the Audioengine A2+. Its precise width is 4.4 inches.
  • Sound quality is enhanced with passive radiators and far-field drivers.
  • Its controls are easy to use.


  • The micro USB port is strictly for charging, not for transferring audio files.
  •  Few control buttons, namely the switch and volume knobs. Not a dealbreaker for many users.

Edifier R1280T

Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers - 2.0 Stereo Active Near Field Monitors - Studio Monitor Speaker - Wooden Enclosure - 42 Watts RMS

Price: 149.99

We love the brown wood finish used in designing the Edifier R1280T. This product is your best bet if you are interested in wood veneer speakers that look pretty on your wooden desk furniture.

However, the major setback with Edifier R1280T is the absence of wireless connectivity features, including Bluetooth. If you disdain wired setups and the clogginess that comes with them, you should stay away from this product.

Also, if you want to “drown yourself in the bass feel” of hip-hop music like Donda or Culture I, this is the wrong desktop speaker. At best, you can enjoy movies, orchestral music, and the acoustic genre.


  • Budget-friendly.
  • Goes well with retro furniture.
  • You can adjust the treble and bass via the bass and treble controls in the same way you tune your music player equalizer. H headphone jack.
  • Designed with
  • Compatible with desktop computers, phones, and all equipment with an RCA output.
  • Comes with a two-year warranty for buyers in the States and Canada.


  • Can’t pair with your devices using wireless systems like Bluetooth.
  • At its peak volume, the speaker’s sound starts distorting.
  • Lacks stereo separation and bass enhancement.
  • The low-mass Bluetooth speaker is not suitable for most hip-hop songs.

Logitech Z625

Logitech Z625 Powerful THX® Certified 2.1 Speaker System with Optical Input

Price: $199.99

Unlike the speakers mentioned above, the Logitech desktop speaker comes with a subwoofer and two satellite speakers. The outstanding trio of computer speakers is the best deal for $149.99.

The desktop speaker is the best choice for gamers and movie lovers. At low volume levels, you will still feel the bass. Hip Hop heads would find the Logitech Z623 interesting but can’t be sure about audiophiles.

While it has wireless connectivity, its setup requires the use of wires. This speaker is not your product if want for a completely wireless speaker like Audioengine A2+.


  • Best price for a speaker with crisp sound quality.
  • The audio performance is surprisingly great.
  • You can bank on its immense output as a gamer, music fan, or producer.
  • Its knob controls don’t just give you the freedom to determine the volume but also the power and bass levels.
  • Switch the speaker connection between devices without disconnecting. Seamless switching!
  • Comes with a headphone jack.
  • It is THX-certified, making it a perfect choice for movie lovers.


  • Lacks a remote control making it difficult to control the speaker when you are not at your desk.
  • Comes with non-removable cables, which puts the user at a disadvantage once the cables get spoiled. From experience, the cables are always the first parts to get faulty.

Logitech S120 2.0 Stereo Speakers

Logitech S120 2.0 Stereo Speakers, Black

Price: $41

Unable to afford the Logitech Z625 speakers? Don’t fret! The Logitech S120 is a quality speaker. These speakers are way more affordable than the Logitech desktop speaker mentioned prior.

Not as small as the creative pebble, but it’s a great option for people who don’t like Jam packing their desks. The excellent sound from Logitech S120 is undoubtedly clear, but its suitability for movies and gaming is quite debatable.

If you are “all about the bass,” you may have to opt for Logitech Z625″. Audiophiles would not enjoy using this product as it lacks stereo separation and its very good sound delivery lacks details.

For $41, Logitech S120 is worth every dime. Its setup is quite simple and easy to use. It offers a clear, loud, and balanced sound output.


  • Maintains audio stability at high volumes.
  •  Designed to prevent radio frequency interference.
  •  The material used in designing the Logitech S120 computer speakers is dependable and durable.
  • Affordable.


  • Not for users who detest wired connections littering their desks.
  • Not recommended for hip-hop heads who don’t want to miss any musical detail.

Dell Stereo SoundBar

Dell Stereo SoundBar- AC511M

Price: $47.38

If your desktop space is filled up and there’s no space for any of the computer mentioned above speakers, the Dell Stereo SoundBar is the perfect alternative. Unlike other laptop speakers on our list, the Dell Stereo SoundBar is installed below a desktop computer.

Its design blends with the computer and people would barely notice its presence unless you play music through it.

When listening to songs like Escape plan by Travis Scott, the deeper bass from the AmazonBasics desktop speaker does not bring out the beauty of the bass.

For general listening, this product is great, considering its low price. You can’t possibly expect more. However, we do not recommend these for music production or gaming. At best, you can enjoy your movies with AmazonBasics pc speakers.


  •  Its minimalistic design frees up space on your desk.
  • Possesses a USB connection port.
  • Offers a rich stereo sound.


  • Not entirely wireless.

AmazonBasics USB Plug-n-Play Computer Speakers

Amazon Basics USB Plug-n-Play Computer Speakers for PC or Laptop - 1 Pair (2 Speakers), Silver with Blue LED Light

Price: $35.86

One major criterion every desktop speaker must-have is a space-saving design that makes room for other tools. AmazonBasics USB-Powered computer speaker models fulfill this criterion, and that’s not all.

Its bright blue LED lights under the radiator give it a sleek and modern look. You can either choose the silver or black model.

With a crossover frequency of 2.8 Hz, you can get the most pristine sound regardless of the room you’re producing. Using its switch controls,


  •  Affordable.
  • Does not distort at high volumes.
  • Enhances your desktop speaker audio output.
  • Available in black and silver.
  • Makes room for other items.
  • Comes with acoustic tuning capabilities.


  • No standalone switch system. Only comes on when connected to the desktop computer.
  • Turning off the accent lights without disconnecting them totally from their energy source is impossible.

PreSonus Eris E3.5 review

PreSonus Eris E3.5-3.5" Near Field Studio Monitor (Pair)

Price: $99.50

If you are a music producer or gamer and cannot afford to break the bank for a high-end desktop speaker, we highly recommend the PreSonus Eris E2.5 desktop speaker.

The PreSonus Eris E3.5 is the best speaker you can get for $99.95. It brings out every detail in its sound output, making your job easier as a musician or producer.

At 2.8 kHz, you can get the most pristine sound even in poorly padded rooms. It is designed with a technology that enables acoustic tuning, unlike other pc speakers of comparable prices.

You have the creative freedom to adjust the volume, frequency range, power, and headphone using the front control panels. This desktop speaker is an audiophile dream come true. It is a great buy for gamers, producers, and movie lovers.


  • Bluetooth-enabled for wireless connection or digital connection.
  • Offers studio-quality sound at the best price.
  •  Recommended for hip-hop heads, gamers, and music producers.
  • No sound distortion at peak volumes.
  •  Radiates audio output using a significantly wide dispersion pattern.
  •  Has a headphone jack.
  • Connects to multiple devices using TRS and RCA audio input.
  •  Quite accessible controls for total artistic freedom.


  • Unable to tilt it to a suitable angle like the Creative Pebble.

Edifier R1280DB Desktop Speaker

Edifier R1280DB Powered Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers - Optical Input - Wireless Studio Monitors - 4 Inch Near Field Speaker - 42w RMS - Wood Grain

Price: $149.99

The entry-level studio monitor is an ideal gear for mixing and mastering records in the studio. Its lows are outstanding considering its price, but it starts distorting at its peak volume. It doesn’t have the best bass output compared to high-end studio speakers.

Although it has a retro aesthetic, its basic building material is not real wood. Its external structure is made of an MDF board wrapped with vinyl.

It has a remote control, but you can also control the volume and frequency via the control knobs beside the desktop speaker. However, the on and off switch is at the back with the input and output spots.


  •  Compatible with retro room settings.
  • Comes with RCA connection options alongside coaxial and optical connection options.
  •  Suitable for music production, gaming, and watching movies.
  •  Impressive high-end plus expansive sweet spot.
  • Never miss a detail while listening to your mix or favorite song.
  • You don’t need to be a skilled sound engineer to operate


  •   Its remote control does not have the best quality, and you cannot replace it if it gets spoiled.
  • Unable to tilt to certain angles like the Creative Pebble.
  • This is not the best option if you want a space-saving pair of speakers.

Edifier S2000 Pro Powered Bookshelf Speakers

Edifier S2000pro Powered Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers - Near-Field Active Studio Monitor Speaker with Wireless and Optical Input

Price: $449.99

The inability to detect the details of a record is the audiophile’s nightmare. Edifier S2000 Pro is a must-have for music lovers who desire a detailed and surreal listening experience. These computer speakers offer cool high-end, mid-range, and clean vocals when tested.

Streaming music gets easier with the Edifier S2000 Pro speaker as you can connect using Bluetooth 4.0 wireless connectivity, RCA, XLR, COAX, and audio inputs. You can find the physical input spots at the back of the right speaker.


  • Conveniently play music from your favorite music player, turntable, computer, CD, or TV player.
  • Great audio delivery.
  •  Matches modern or retro aesthetics.
  • Comes with a remote control alongside control knobs attached to the computer speakers


  • Heavy and takes space.

Final Thoughts

Most of the speakers recommended in this guide are great for watching movies, listening to breaking news, playing games, and listening to music.

They come in pairs, but some brands offer one speaker instead of two. Depending on how much space you have left on your desk, you may opt for a pair of speaker sets for rich bass or more bass.

We hope you enjoyed our list of the best desktop speakers.



Do Extra Features Matter?

As long as the desktop speaker has great audio delivery and offers various connectivity options, the extra stuff may not matter. Things such as equalizer controls used to regulate the treble, bass, and audio frequency usually come with the big boys (high-end computer speakers.)

You can’t blame a speaker manufacturer for not providing an app for the speaker. However, an app can provide more ways to control the speaker. The same goes for remote control.

Stereo 2.1 vs. Surround Sound: What’s the Difference?

2.1 is a channel system that requires a left speaker, a right speaker, and a complimentary subwoofer. On the other hand, the surround sound channel system has five speakers alongside a subwoofer.

The subwoofer output consists of deep bass frequencies under 100 Hz. The part of the desktop speaker makes explosion effects and depth of bass guitars, synths, and kick drums very noticeable. Get a surround sound desktop speaker if you want that thunderous feel when the bass starts.

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