How to Fall Asleep Fast | 15 Unique Ways and Methods to Try

How to fall asleep fast – unique ways and methods to try

/ 09:00 AM August 15, 2021

Do you have restless nights, and you can’t stop thinking about how to fall asleep fast? We’re in this together.

Learning how to fall asleep fast can be a real struggle for some. Some nights are better, but some nights seem like depriving you of sleeping easily. If you have tried the conventional way of reading a book and turning off all screens and gadgets, but sleeping feels impossible, give these tricks a try.

How do you fall asleep in 5 minutes?

How do you fall asleep in 5 minutes?

Lying in bed as you struggle to nap faster can add stress and prevent you from sleeping better. It can turn your mind into anxious mode producing nerve-stimulating energy, making it hard to fall asleep and affecting your sleep quality. Here are some tips to help you arrive in dreamland in 5 minutes or even less.

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Make a Bedtime Routine

Having a consistent bedtime routine that you religiously follow every night can help set your internal body clock. You should set your bedtime routine based on your preferences.

Bedtime routines vary depending on your self-care preferences. It could be as simple as playing a calming podcast or taking a warm bath. What matters is that if you stick to your nightly ritual, you’ll notice your sleep improving.

Try to keep yourself awake

Try to keep yourself awake.

Contrary to thinking that you should fall asleep, this paradoxical intention of telling yourself to stay awake can help you sleep faster. This method can help lessen the anxiety of falling asleep, taking your mind off that task. Stop counting sheep but instead, tell yourself to stay awake.

Turn off all gadgets, even your TV

Its basic knowledge is that the blue light-emitting mobile phones contribute negatively to producing deep sleep. It’s a hobby for many of us to surf the net and check our social media accounts before sleeping. This is a big NO.

Try to check your phone an hour before bedtime and make sure to turn off everything, including your TVs. You can opt to try listening to an audiobook or a calming podcast.


Have a nice warm bath or shower

Have a nice warm bath or shower

Dipping in warm water was known to help you relax and have a good sleep. Studies show that it can help you sleep 36% faster. This works even in a warm season. Dip into the tub for a nice and relaxing soak 20 minutes before sleeping.

Try Progressive Muscle Relaxation

This method focuses on tensing different areas of your body to put yourself in a relaxed state eventually. Deep muscle relaxation can help you unwind, thus aiding in faster sleeping.

You need to tense your muscles (not strain)and relax as you release the tension. This trick helps your body stay tranquil and can aid in sleeping disorders like Insomnia. We advise you to combine this with the 4-7-8 method.

Try wearing socks

Try wearing socks

As cliche as it can get, but if you can’t sleep at night for no reason at all, you might be getting cold feet. Speaking, blood vessels constrict when your feet are cold, reducing blood flow and sending signals to your brain to stay awake. Put on your socks before bed to help blood vessels dilate so your brain will be signaled to go to sleeping mode.

Envision a calm place

A study conducted at the University of Oxford shows that those who practice “imagery distraction” fall asleep faster than those who have other types of distractions. Imagery is a type of mental exercise that can calm your mind and your senses.

Before going to bed, practice imagery by thinking of a peaceful and happy image from your past. Try to paint that picture in your mind. This will engage your brain that can promote relaxation, and can lull you to sleep faster.

Don’t consume caffeine before going to bed.

We all know that coffee is the ultimate wake-me-up beverage in the morning. Even if it’s coffee alternatives, caffeine is still present. Caffeine can prevent you from sleeping on time.

Research shows that it can affect your sleep quality if you’ve had your cup of Joe six hours before bedtime. To fall asleep faster, opt to take decaffeinated drinks like lavender or chamomile tea.

Use dim lights to set your sleeping mode on

Use dim lights to set your sleeping mode on

The type of light you use before and during bedtime is vital to help you in sleeping faster. It’s an important signal that tells your body what mode to be in. Light also affects your circadian rhythm as your body clock normally follows the patterns of the sun.

Exposure to artificial light during bedtime can disrupt your sleep drive. Use a glow-light or a dimming light with yellow tones to help your body relax into a sleeping state.

Maintain a low temperature during bedtime

If you think a warm temperature is the best for your sleeping environment, you’re wrong. It’s faster to sleep in a cold room. Your body temperature drops at night as an internal sign that it’s time to sleep. Keep your room cool to sleep faster and for better quality sleep.

Practice yoga before bed

Yoga is a calming exercise that can relax down your body before sleeping. Research shows that people with insomnia have improved their sleep and fell asleep faster and longer by doing yoga.

The deep breathing and muscle relaxation techniques used can help unwind your body and mind. To catch some zzz’s faster, do a child’s pose or happy baby first for a few minutes before your bedtime.

Include CBD oil in your sleeping routine

Include CBD oil in your sleeping routine

CBD was well-known for its numerous benefits. One of which is for sleeping disorders. According to sleep experts, people with insomnia use CBD to reduce anxiety, thus getting better sleep. CBD oils are organic and normally contain Hemp oil extract, MCT oil, Terpenes, and other natural flavors.

As CBD helps maintain your body’s state of balance, it can help you get a good night’s sleep. Natural hemp oils by Blosum are made with natural and premium quality ingredients that will give you a restful sleep that you deserve after a hard day at work.

Methods to Try to Fall Asleep Fast

Methods to Try to Fall Asleep Fast

Knowing how to fall asleep fast can sometimes take time and practice. Everybody’s bodies are different. Try these methods listed below to see which one works for you.

Breath using 4-7-8 method

Following slow breathing patterns positively affects our nervous system. It regulates muscle tension, heart rate, motivation, and relaxation. Avoid shallow rapid breaths as they can trigger anxiety and hinder you from sleeping faster.

This 4-7-8 method is a traditional yoga technique. Here’s how sleeping can be easy peasy with the 4-7-8 method.

  1. While lying in bed, let your tongue relax behind the front teeth as it rests on the roof of your mouth
  2. Exhale all your breath slowly through your mouth.
  3. For 4 seconds, breathe in through your nose, hold your breath for 7 seconds and exhale for 8 seconds.
  4. Repeat four times.

Do the Military Method

This method Comes from Sharon Ackerman’s book “Relax and Win: Championship Performance.” The US Navy Pre-Flight School tried this method.

Sleeping can be a fast process, and here’s how. The Military Method focuses on breathing, muscle relaxation, and mental visualization. It worked after six weeks of practice, even after consuming coffee with gunfire noises around.

  1. Relax your whole face and the muscles inside your mouth.
  2. Let your shoulders drop as you release tension with your hands dropped to the side of your body.
  3. Exhale and relax your chest.
  4. Let go and relax your legs, thighs, and calves.
  5. Free your mind from any thoughts and think of a relaxing place or scene.
  6. If you’re having trouble focusing, repeat the words “don’t think” over and over for 10 seconds.

Meditation before bed

If you meditate before bed, you can clear your mind from your stresses by focusing only on the present moment. Follow these steps to meditate before sleeping.

  1. Lie down or sit comfortably.
  2. Close your eyes, breathe slowly, and solely focus on your inhaling and exhaling.
  3. Don’t think of anything and clear your mind of thoughts. If you can’t, push these thoughts away by focusing on your breathing.
  4. Start with just five minutes of meditation, adding up more minutes as you fully get the hang of it.

Key Takeaway

Whether you have sleep problems or it’s a burden for you to stay asleep, finding the right method that will work for you can help improve your sleeping patterns. Trying some of the tricks mentioned above might create a good impact to help you sleep faster.

If you’ve tried everything and nothing still works, seeking medical advice from a health professional is your next step to achieve that easy trip to catching some zzz’s.

Disclaimer: This article is not the official guide to falling asleep but is based on the author’s research or own personal experience.

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