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Learn how to sell on Amazon the most fulfilling way!

/ 12:21 PM June 15, 2021
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Understanding how to sell on Amazon involves several aspects. Don’t worry, though, as this article will guide you through every step of the way. So start your Amazon journey today and fulfill your business goals!

First, you must learn how to create an Amazon seller account. Then, we’ll go through the ins and outs of listing and promoting goods. Finally, to make sure you boost sales, we’ll discuss how to market beyond the Amazon platform.

Amazon connects millions of buyers and sellers across the world. If you want your goods to reach a global audience, the mega platform can help. You’ll be competing with numerous others, so you need all the best methods to prevail.


How do I become a seller on Amazon?

How do I become a seller on Amazon?

First, you need to create an Amazon seller account. More importantly, you’ll have to pick a selling plan. There are two choices: Individual and Professional.

Individual costs $0.99 per sale. Meanwhile, the Professional plan costs $39.99 per month. Based on the math, the former option is good if you sell less than 40 items monthly.

You may also want to be an Individual seller if you’re not sure what to sell. If you don’t need extra tools and programs, the Individual plan is ideal.

On the other hand, the Professional plan lets you do more as a seller. It lets you advertise on the platform. Also, your goods get the top placement on product detail pages.

What’s more, you receive access to next-level selling tools. You may also list your products in restricted categories. However, it’s better if you sell more than 40 units every month.

Moreover, you’ll need some documents to complete registration. Make sure you have these handy:

  • Bank account details
  • Chargeable credit card
  • National ID
  • Tax info
  • Phone number

How do I start selling on Amazon?

Once you become a third-party seller, it’s time to create product listings. If you’re the only one selling your product, make a new listing. Otherwise, you’ll need to make an existing one.

As we said, Pro sellers have a leg up on the platform. They could list their goods in large quantities. Meanwhile, those with Individual plans only list products one at a time.

What’s more, you should be wary of the fees involved. Aside from the subscription fees we mentioned, here are the other costs:

  • Selling fees – You pay these each time you sell an item. It includes referral fees and variable closing fees.
  • Shipping fees – This involves shipping rates based on the product category and your chosen shipping service.
  • FBA fees – If you rely on Amazon fulfillment, you’ll get these charges too.

How do I list products properly?

How do I list products properly?

You’ll need to get Global Trade Item Numbers (GTIN) for your products. Check this link for more information about the requirements.

You may not know this, but you need to list your goods seriously. The success of your products depends on it. So make sure to fill in each part of the listing properly:

  1. Title – You may place up to 200 characters. Make sure every word starts with a capital letter.
  2. Images – Place a photo of your product. Use one with a resolution of 500×500 or 1000×1000 for a better listing.
  3. Variations – Your product may come in different colors or flavors. See if your customers would want the options in separate pages or just one.
  4. Bullet points – Short sentences that tell important product information.
  5. Description – Place keywords, so you have a good chance that people find your product pages.

How can Amazon fulfillment help me?

Sellers on Amazon have two ways of delivering their goods. First, they could do it themselves. That means keeping an inventory and shipping products on their own.

In Amazon-speak, this is called Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM). If you’re just starting, this may not be for you. Doing all this by yourself requires lots of manpower and budget.

That’s we have the second option: Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). This means Amazon will handle the packaging, labeling, and shipping for you! Here’s how it handles order fulfillment:

  1. Send your inventory to Amazon. The company will scan and prepare them for sale. Then, Amazon will store them in its fulfillment centers.
  2. With each order on individual products, Amazon packs and delivers goods to customers.
  3. Amazon collects payments, and then you get paid every two weeks.
  4. Its customer service staff deals with queries, refunds, and returns.

As we mentioned, you’ll pay FBA fees when you register. Yet, Amazon fulfills your orders for you. So it first, see seems like a win-win for Amazon and you!

What is Seller Fulfilled Prime?

What is Seller Fulfilled Prime?

Ever wondered if you can get the best of FBM and FBA? What if you can keep your inventory while Amazon delivers your goods?

You can with the Seller Fulfilled Prime program! It lets you deliver to domestic Prime customers from your storehouse. What’s more, you get to enjoy these features:

  • Reach loyal Amazon customers – Products on Amazon prime appear as Prime listings. This means Prime customers will have an easy time finding your products too.
  • Better chances of winning the Buy Box – When customers click “Add to Basket,” their default option is to buy from you.
  • Guaranteed Delivery Date messaging – Amazon Prime orders will show FREE Two-Day Delivery messaging. This encourages customers to buy multiple times.

Unfortunately, you can’t register yet. However, you may join the waitlist. This will allow you to get notified in case enrolment reopens.

What is Amazon Business?

If you have a professional seller account, this will take your sales to the next level. Amazon Business is the B2B marketplace that provides you with even more features!

  • Business Pricing & Quantity Discounts – Let Amazon Business customers see your business pricing. Also, create different types of discounts for those who want to buy in bulk.
  • Visual Dashboards – You gain access to Sales Snapshot, Business Action Center, and B2B performance by industry.
  • Profile Editor – Share information about your businesses to B2B customers.
  • Enhanced Product Content – Add more details to your products. This lets you inform customers about your goods much better.
  • Accept Requests for Quotes – B2B customers can tell you how many products they would like to buy. If you’re selling it, you may answer these with a discounted offer.

If you’re interested, becoming a seller on Amazon Business is just a few steps away. Read the following for more details:

  1. Register for a Professional account. If you already have one, go to Seller Central to get Amazon Business features.
  2. Create your Business profile.
  3. List your products, then add details.
  4. Start selling!

How can a seller on Amazon promote products?

How can a seller on Amazon promote products?

You can’t just leave your listings and wait for the sales. Advertising is important when selling on Amazon. Thankfully, the platform has ad services too! It offers three “Sponsored” solutions:

  1. Products – These are ads listed on individual product listings. They show up on shopping results pages and product detail pages.
  2. Brands – These show your brand logo, headline, and an assortment of your products. You’ll see them on the shopping results pages.
  3. Display – This is a new feature that helps reach audiences across the shopper’s journey.

What’s more, you may access Stores. It lets you make a page just for your brand. You don’t need to know how to make a website, and it’s free!

You’ll need a pro account if you want Amazon ads. Also, you’ll pay each time your ads get a click. Check the website for more information.

Why stop at a domestic market? You can show ads in other countries too. See the available countries and click on them. Then, find out how you can start promoting your goods there.

Selling beyond Amazon

You might be a seller on Amazon, but you have other customers online. So you should promote your goods outside the platform. That means marketing on other websites.

Social media lets you expand your customer base for little to no cost. Aside from Stores, you could create an account for your brand. Social media sites have ad services too.

Boost your online presence by hiring online influencers. These are regular people who have millions of social media followers. They could help you turn them into your customers.

Catch the attention of search engines by using SEO. Place the right keywords, so they have a good chance of showing in search results. You may do this for your Amazon listings as well.

Final thoughts

Amazon is a great way to reach a wide customer base. What’s more, it helps you serve your customers much easier. As a result, Amazon could support your startup in its first steps.

You may start as an Individual seller on Amazon. Then, as you earn more, you may level up with a Pro account. From there, you could grow your business throughout the globe!

Eventually, you may need help in boosting sales. That’s when a digital marketing agency may come in handy. They could assist your marketing campaign from beginning to end!

Learn more about how to sell on Amazon

How much does it cost to sell on Amazon?

This depends on several factors, including product category and shipping service. Please check Amazon’s website for more information.

How do beginners sell on Amazon?

First-time sellers on Amazon may start with an Individual account. They only pay $0.99 for every sale they make. This is a good place to start if they have less than 40 products.

Is selling on Amazon worth it?

Yes, you may earn a lot of money selling on Amazon. However, competition is fierce as there are numerous other sellers. That’s why you need to list and promote your goods effectively.

Disclaimer: This article is the author’s personal opinion, which may differ from the “official” statements or facts.

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