Why is Facebook Analytics going away? | Everything You Need to Know

Why is Facebook Analytics going away?

/ 09:26 AM April 29, 2021

Marketing and likes are significant aspects of the Facebook community. These are the factors that drive money for Facebook.
Since business on Facebook is crucial for the company, Facebook pixel offers direct advertisement to brands and agencies to generate enormous profit on the social media platform and enable significant user engagement.

With many changes happening in life and consumer behavior, Facebook has also been making changes to its website now and then. These changes include how you can view your advertisement’s progress, video views, how to create a funnel, and how you can improve your target audience.

Previously, when you put up an advertisement on Facebook, the only way to know how it is doing and how many viewers it is reaching was to view Facebook Analytics.


With Facebook changing its policies and methods, this won’t be an option in the future. Facebook has decided to pull the plug on Facebook analytics reports from June 30, 2021. They will instead be providing other alternatives for gaining data regarding your advertisements.

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What is Facebook Analytics?

What is Facebook Analytics?

Facebook Analytics is an option that Facebook has provided to sellers and brands to know the audience’s interactions with their page, website, or any event source.


You can learn about the reach of your advertisement through accessing Facebook analytics from your browser or the Facebook analytics application.

Facebook Analytics helps you to know:

  • How the audience uses your Facebook page, website, or event sources and their movement across different channels.
  • The type of people that interact with your page or website. This provides you with information regarding who your target audience is and what more marketing efforts you should make to engage the right audience.

Facebook analytics may provide you with information like the gender and age groups of your audience.

  • The option also allows you to sort and funnel different groups of people and receive filtered analytics on each.

The data is provided to the individuals using Facebook login and all the users using your event sources.

Why use Facebook analytics?

If you are someone looking for ways to promote your products or business on Facebook, it is vital to make sure that your efforts on social media are such that they help you attain your business goals. Facebook Analytics provides you with all the relevant information and data needed for this.

Facebook Analytics helps you to understand why each metric is important to you. It lets you know how and when people are interacting with your post types and advertisements.

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Facebook Page Insights vs. Facebook Audience Insights

Facebook Page Insights vs. Facebook Audience Insights

Two of the Facebook analytics tools are Facebook Page Insights and Facebook Audience Insights. They both have different purposes, as depicted by their names.

The Facebook Page Insights is responsible for providing information about your Facebook page, while Audience Insights gives you information regarding your target audience so you can post relevant content.

How to access Facebook Analytics?

Facebook Analytics can be accessed from your browser as well as your mobile. There may be some differences in features on both the web analytics and that on the app.

You should note that, for accessing Facebook Analytics, it is required that you are an admin of an event source or that you play a role in another person’s event source. You can ask an admin to assign you a role in their event source to gain access to the analytics.

Now, when you are done with this, you will need to follow the steps below:

  1. If you are on a desktop, you should open the Facebook analytics from your browser by visiting the link
  2. If on mobile, you can download the app from the App Store or Google Play. There are two versions available:
  • Facebook Analytics for iOS
  • Facebook Analytics for Android

Data is only received from Facebook Analytics once you visit the analytics for the first time. That means you’ll see a blank page on the first day of your visit, and then on your later visits, you’ll find all the data extracted relating to your event source.

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What are some Facebook Analytics Tools?

What are some Facebook Analytics Tools?

Although Facebook Insights are an excellent source of analytics and help improve your results, third parties offer many other tools that serve the same function and provide exceptional features. Some of them have been discussed below:

Agorapulse: Along with providing detailed analytics for your content, this tool serves as a complete social media management tool for managing Facebook and apps.

Komfo: It helps you categorize Facebook posts into trending, spam, or appealing. The free version of Komfo allows you to generate monthly reports for 100 top posts and total posts if you‘re subscribed. It also provides comparisons with competitors notifying you of your weak areas.

Quintly: This tool supports the tracking and analyzing of social media marketing like Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Instagram Accounts.

You can use Quintly for optimizing your strategy through the benchmarking of your pages against opponents. It further enables you to monitor key metrics and generate automatic reports.

Google Analytics: You can use Google Analytics for optimizing your plan through the benchmarking of your pages against opponents. It also allows you to keep track of critical metrics and produce automated reports.

Why is Facebook Analytics going away?

Why is Facebook Analytics going away?

Reports of Ad exchanger and Insights suggested that Facebook Analytics was not helpful, and many businesses were using different alternatives for collecting data, such as Amplitude. This, however, has not been ultimately confirmed.

What Now?

The businesses that are using Facebook analytics will now need to switch to a different alternative. Many alternatives are available for providing similar data relating to your page or advertisement.

Some of these are mention below:

Facebook Business Suit: This links the Facebook and Instagram business accounts to provide comprehensive data about audience engagement and content.

Events Manager: This tool helps you in managing activities on your website.

Ads Manager: You can use this tool to make changes to your Facebook ads and see the outcomes.

To make the app more user-friendly and easy to understand, Facebook has made many changes in the past few years.
Since Facebook has given a late notice to this change, Businesses will need to adapt to these new tools quickly. It might be difficult but not impossible. Facebook is providing an opportunity for advertisers and businesses to explore the world of digital Facebook marketing.

There are also speculations that this change is the controversial debate of Facebook selling data to marketers.

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Facebook is trying to push its business suite, ad manager, and events manager as alternatives for analytics, and this has received a somewhat mixed response from users.

Many users claim that this will make it unnecessarily difficult for them to gain valuable information about their ads. Some suggest that this may respond to Apple potentially turning off detailed data tracking for its users by default.

The social network platform is dealing with many changes, and while this might not be the best route for Facebook to take, it is now certain that things will be different for advertisers on the platform.

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