Travel hacking guide for beginners | Tips and Tricks to Know

Travel hacking guide for beginners

/ 11:05 AM March 30, 2021

There is an outpour of information regarding the best travel hacking plans on the internet.

Hundreds and thousands of blogs discuss the same thing – travel hacking and how easy it is to travel cheap. So what sets this blog apart from everyone else?

In this blog, we don’t just share travel hacking tips; we ensure you understand them and can implement them when the time comes. Our guide will take you through the big and small hacks, which will make a world of difference in how you travel.


A pro-tip we’re going to give you here is, don’t rush, and don’t get too greedy too soon!

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Understanding Travel Hacking

Understanding Travel Hacking

Travel hacking is the art of reducing travel costs or finding ways to make your travel budget affordable without selling a kidney.
To understand the meaning of hacking your way through travel, you have to understand the rules put in place by airlines, hotels, and credit card companies. You use the rules set in place by the companies and earn advantages from them.

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For those worried about its legality, relax! It is entirely legal, and you’re not going to get in trouble for this. The flyer programs have been around for decades now, and many people have already had the best travel experience possible. If anything, you will be going on the best trip of your life by using our travel hacking guide.

While through hacking, you may think this is some adventure you’re going to; we are going to burst your bubble here, sorry. No, we are not doing anything dangerous or adventurous. We are just travel hacking our way to earning miles and points to pay less or even not pay for a ticket or hotel room at all.

Excited? Let’s turn you into a travel hacker!

How Do You Become A Travel Hacking Pro?

How Do You Become A Travel Hacking Pro?

You have to fill a 10-page form at the link we will be sharing after estimating your kidney’s worth and taking your eye for insurance.

No, we are not don’t that!

It’s much more straightforward, all you have to do is complete a blood ritual, and you’re in the club. Ok, serious now!

You just have to search and understand what the heck is all about. It could be as simple as using reward points to book a hotel room. You’re here, reading the guide; trust us, travel hacking is a hobby you will fall in love with once you get the hang of it.

Let’s start travel hacking Your next adventure! The wait is over. We are ready to plan a fabulous travel experience for you; read on till the end!

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Fly Away to a Great Hotel!

Fly Away to a Great Hotel!

You can easily find almost every airline offering loyalty programs in collaboration with a major hotel chain. The first thing you have to do is sign up for the frequent flier or hotel reward plans for the companies you use the most.

Yes, you have to spend before you start redeeming the fruits. The loyalty programs may be slow, but they pose less risk than travel hacking credit cards for those who have just begun. If you don’t know what travel hacking credit cards are, don’t worry, keep reading, and we will get to them.

The most brilliant travel hacking tip combines the credit card deals and the loyalty program, which increases the rewards. But first, let’s understand how you’re going to be redeeming the flier miles and hotel points.

  • The loyalty programs are free, and you can join either all the flier programs or the hotel point loyalty programs.

Our tip: But, it’s always better to start with the ones you’re sure of that you’ll be traveling with. The more points you have in a card when traveling, the more you will redeem them when the time comes.

  • Look for promotions or deals.

Our tip: Use the card along with the regular promotions they have to offer. Remembermber, the travel hacking tip, combine the standard deals with the loyalty pro, gram, and try to slide in your credit card as the cherry on top.

  • Never forget to bank your rewards while traveling.

Our tip: The points are going to waste at the end of the year, and better use them before they expire.

  • Frequent fliers, register those close to you!

Our tip: Your partner, spouse. And children registered on one of the reward accounts. Plus, you can also look for airlines allowing the family to pool their miles on airlines credit cards, such as Frontier, British Airways, and JetBlue.
You will be able to bag rewards such as elite status, free hotel nights, money back from gas stations, free bag check-ins, and priority boarding.

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Travel Hacking Credit Cards

Credit Cards

Buckle up! We are fastening up our reward earning process here.

If you know how to use a credit card without letting the debt pile up, you’ve already won in so many ways. Fair warning, if you have previous debt lying around, you’d want to stay away from this hack. Paying back debts isn’t fun.

Getting back to the point, using hotel cards for credit is one of the most popular travel hacking tips out there.
When talking about travel hacking credit cards, what we mean to say is you should sign up for a credit that offers a hefty sign-on bonus. You can then use that card to pay for your hotel rooms and airfare.

This travel hacking tip allows you to redeem several rewards, which include:

  • Checked Bags for Free
  • Priority Boarding
  • Airline Credits
  • Uber or Lyft credits
  • Zero Foreign Transaction Fees
  • Access to Airline Lounges
  • Global Entry
  • Travel Insurance

Like we said before, you do have to keep a clean credit score to enjoy the rewards.

If you’re not able to do so, there are chances you don’t get approved for the travel hacking credit cards. Don’t wreck your credit to earn a few extra points. A clean credit score and well-planned traveling will get you maximum points which you can redeem for rewards.

You see several deals online, such as getting 5x points when you spend $3,000 in the first 90 days of purchasing the card or the year. The value could be everything. Calculate the spending and points yourself before agreeing to the deal because typically, one-point equals around $0.01. So, the issues are worth money you can earn by using the travel hacking credit cards through the website.

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Things to keep in mind when travel hacking with a credit card

Things to keep in mind when travel hacking with a credit card

  1. Check to see if you will quickly pay off when you meet the minimum spend requirement for the sign-on bonus. Only apply if you think it is manageable for you without breaking the bank
  2. Do take a look at the annual fee and whether it will be waived in the first year or not
  3. Check just how many points you would be able to earn for every dollar you spend

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Which One of the Travel Hacking Credit Cards is the Best?

One of the most popular travel hacking credit cards you can use is the chase sapphire preferred cards. They will get you the most miles and points for your travels. You ask the card issuers and get a chase sapphire reserve for yourself. Among all airlines, credit business card like a Chase sapphire is preferred by many.

You earn frequent flyer miles and airline miles to redeem free flights. You can also save benefits from reward programs. The rewards credit card gets you, bonus points and due to this, the card offers you free VIP lounge access for economy travel.


Once you start understanding the world of hacking while traveling, you will not quit easily. You can use the top hacks to save up on most of your travel adventures and satisfy the traveler in you without over-spending!

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