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How to sell Pokemon cards

Do you want to know how to sell Pokémon cards? Pokémon cards have been traded for years. The video game craze has turned into a top dollar industry for trading cards. You may have a Pokémon card collection in your closet or hidden away in the attic like many sports cards. In your group, there may be some gems.

Pokémon cards can be worth a lot of money. There may be some rare cards in your collection. There are a few cards from the Pokémon world championships that are worth up to $1 million.


Many collectors are online and searching for ultra-rare cards and are worth a lot of money, like a Mickey Mantle baseball card. Others have a collection of cards, and they want to add to their hobby. Some Pokémon cards are prized pieces to collectors.

If you have a collection that you think maybe worth some money, you can find out quickly what they are worth. There are many online sites to use to get prices. You never know. You could have a fortune and not even know it.

Selling Single Cards

Selling Single Cards

To check and see if you have any rare Pokémon cards in your collection, you should begin sorting your collection. The Pokémon Company has made millions of cards, and going through your cards will help you see what you have. Once you know what cards you have, sort them by each set.

The cards’ set will have a small symbol on the old one’s bottom right corner with a Pokémon drawing. If you do not know what the symbols mean, eBay has a list of them and what they mean.

Once you have each set sorted, you will want to put them in numeric order. Some base set cards were released in the U.S. that will not have a selected symbol on them.


After you have sorted through your collection, you want to protect your cards. There are protective soft sleeves that you can use. These sleeves protect the cards from UV light and from getting damaged.

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Next, you should make a list of all of the cards you have. You can see certain symbols on the cards. You may have stars, diamonds, or circles on the cards.

If you have any secret rare cards, you will have Pokémon with stars at each set’s end.


The stars mean that the card is rare. The diamonds represent that the card is Uncommon. The circle indicates that the card is standard. The rare cards are always what you look for. They are worth more money than the others.

Once your collection is sorted and listed, you should go online and price each card. The card prices are constantly changing. Therefore, using a buyer’s guide may not be accurate for these cards.

We suggest eBay has the most accurate prices per card. The actual buyers of the cards are the best way to know what your collection is worth.

What Makes Pokémon Cards Valuable?

What Makes Pokémon Cards Valuable?

Several factors determine valuable cards. These include the card’s condition, including the rarity of the card—the edition of each card and the overall demand of the cards. Several factors can have a significant effect on how much a card is worth.

The condition of your cards is the top factor for the price. The card’s state includes scratches, creases, any wear and tear, and any other damage.

You want to find a rare or first edition card in your collection. These are worth more money and should be a goal to have. However, you want to get your card graded by a professional sports authenticator if possible.

You may think a card is in mint condition, but a professional can give you an accurate grade. Once you have gotten your collection graded, you can list the cards to sell online.

Where Can I Sell Pokémon Cards for Money?

Where Can I Sell Pokémon Cards for Money?

Many online sites have Pokémon cards listed for sale. The number one site for how to sell Pokémon cards is eBay. eBay is the preferred site by collectors and sellers.

How to sell Pokémon cards is easier on eBay. eBay has a vast marketplace where cards are auctioned and sold.

Pokémon Prices is another website to go to. They have the price guides of all the cards on this site as well. This site is a good resource for pricing. Pokémon Pricing has a place to sell your cards.

Trends in pricing are listed on this site, which can be very helpful when selling your cards. You can list cards individually on here to sell or as a collection.

Troll and Toad is another site that has a huge fan base for buying and how to sell Pokémon cards. You can sell booster packs, packs, and training boxes on this site. Card Market is another place to sell your cards. It is very easy to sell on this site. You set your price and also grade the cards here.

TCG Player is a vast marketplace for selling game cards. You can sell your cards to the site if you need to get rid of your cards. There is no charge to list your cards.

Comic book stores in your area may be helpful if you need money today. These stores have to make a profit too, so always keep that in mind. Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist are sites to put your cards on too. You can sell cards to people who are in your area this way.

How Much Can You Sell Pokémon Cards For?

How Much For?

Once you have decided where to sell your Pokémon cards and have sorted every set-out, the next question is, how much can you sell your cards for? Some of the error cards are worth a lot of money. The prices range anywhere from $3.00 to $11,000 on eBay.

Some base card sets can be worth up to $200,000. If they are the first edition, you may have found a top seller because it is limited.

The Pikachu trainer trophy cards are worth up to $100,000. These are hard to find. The Holographic Shadowless First Edition Charizard is one of the top-selling cards worth up to $11,999.

If you think you have a top dollar card, do some research and have it graded.

Are selling Pokémon cards profitable?

How to sell Pokémon cards can be profitable if you have cards that are worth money. Common cards do not sell for much, but you can always check online to see how much your total collection is worth.

Selling Pokémon cards can be profitable in the long run. You may not make money as quickly as you want, but in the long run, you can see some cash.


Being patient and putting in the effort to get your cards graded may be a great way to make some money. Your collection may have some rare cards in it. So pull out your collection and take advantage of the time you have, and get started. You could end up making a lot of money.

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