How Can CBD Help You Treat Depression? Find the Best CBD Products

How Can CBD Help You Treat Depression?

05:34 AM June 15, 2019

Cannabidiol is one of the many compounds found in cannabis. CBD has health benefits including aiding those struggling with depression and anxiety. CBD oil may help to reduce symptoms, and unlike its medication counterparts, it has few adverse effects. In the United States, it is becoming very popular due to its ability to stimulate serotonin receptors.

Research is still being conducted to learn more about the compound. To date, it is showing to be a natural relief for those who have struggled with their mental health. The future of CBD remains a mystery since studies are still in their early phases. As more long-term studies are completed, a clearer picture will develop and allow for more accuracy in evaluating benefits and risks.

Can You Take CBD For Depression?

When discussing marijuana and its potential health benefits, many people only think about THC.

THC has had proven effects in treating stomach conditions and restoring appetite to people undergoing chemotherapy.

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However, it is not the only beneficial molecule found in cannabis.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a chemical found in most strains of marijuana that does not produce the familiar psychoactive effects of THC.

Recent research also shows that you can use CBD for anxiety and depression. In this article, we will help you get your head around this marvelous compound and its effects on your body.


Hopefully, by the end, you will have a good grasp of how CBD will make you feel.

CBD Oil for Depression

person diagnosed with depression,

As stated in previous posts, CBD oil, hemp oil, and other CBD products contain extracts from cannabis plants that can have long term health benefits for users.

For those who suffer from depression or anxiety disorders, these products can help to regulate moods without unwanted effects.

But how does CBD oil work for depression? Let’s take a look.

In all of our brains, whether we use cannabis products or not, there is a system called the endocannabinoid system.

This system is in close communication with other parts of your brain and plays a large role in regulating your mental health and other biological processes.

When CBD’s are present in your bloodstream, they bind to neurological receptors in your very own endocannabinoid system and prevent the spread of biochemicals linked to depression.

CBD Oil for Anxiety

CBD has shown potential in treating different forms of anxiety from general anxiety disorder to social anxiety. Those with post-traumatic disorder (PTSD) are able to minimize panic attacks by taking cannabidiol.

Anxiety has many forms, including social anxiety, panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and generalized anxiety disorders.  A 2015 analysis came to the conclusion of CBD showing the potential for many anxiety disorders.

CBD oil can affect receptors in the brain that can regulate serotonin. Serotonin is a primary chemical in the body that can cause depression and anxiety when levels are low.  Typical drugs used to treat these issues can lead to addictive substance abuse. Human and animal studies have shown that CBD may reduce anxiety and depression.

While this all sounds hypothetical, CBD’s ability in calming anxiety was proven effective. People were given a dose of CBD right before going on stage for a public speaking engagement.

Public speaking is one of the most terrifying and nerve-wracking experiences for someone who is not used to it. However, these speakers reported that they felt calmer on stage because of the CBD in their system.

To date, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) hasn’t approved any over-the-counter CBD products. It’s important to do your research and make sure you’re buying a quality CBD oil.

CBD Dosage for Anxiety and Depression

cbd dosage for anxiety and depression

CBD dosing, it involves some trial and error regarding the amount of CBD you should take but always start with a low dosage if you are a marijuana user you might have to take higher doses.

Patients found that when taking CBD tincture, relief from anxiety and depression is experienced in as little as 20 minutes if taken on an empty stomach on a human body, on your pet it only takes 3 minutes factors to have in mind are body weight and dosage size.

Because Hemp oil is new to the medical field and still emerging in popularity, standard dosing practices have not been established. Dosing also depends on your age, weight, and the severity of whatever illness you may be dealing with.

Consult your doctor to receive a recommended dose. There are testimonies available online by various users to read about personal dosing experiences, but you should always speak with your doctor as your primary form of medical treatment. Even though the product has been FDA approved, the dosage on the product label is not necessarily correct for every patient.

One of the best things about Hemp oil, especially for those with anxiety, is that too much will not result in any significant negative effects. Since there are no psychoactive compounds in CBD oil, you will not feel any high or intoxication so you are free to use it many times a day as needed.

CBD Treatments

CBD treatments can come in many forms. In the US, it is still illegal to purchase CBD or any other cannabis product outside of a medical marijuana program or heavily regulated dispensary.

However, CBD products can still be found for sale online

These products can come in the form of oil, or candies, or capsules. They come in all shapes and sizes and dosages.

How Will CBD Make You Feel?

cannabis leaf

Because CBD is not a psychoactive chemical, like THC, it will not leave its users feeling high or loopy or euphoric.

It will not inhibit a person’s ability to operate heavy machinery or perform well at their jobs.

In short, CBD works to neutralize some of the chemicals in your brain that, when unbalanced, affect the functions of your hippocampus.

This is why it is so great to ingest CBD for depression treatment.

By not making you high, it causes none of the paranoia or anxiety that some have experienced when using THC.

CBD For Depression: CBD Products

cbd oil for depression

Many people use CBD oils or CBD gummies to treat depression. Below, we will provide a quick list of products available online

Based in California, Blosum offers the best hemp oil products in the wellness market today. They have a wide range of hemp oil that’s perfect for every consumer.

Whether you are looking for broad-spectrum THC-free products or want full-spectrum CBD, Blosum has it for you.

The brand’s classic CBD oil tinctures come with a refreshing twist, coming in alluring flavors like cinnamon, lavender, and orange. Consumers won’t have to suffer through the naturally earthy taste of cannabidiol thanks to Blosum.

Now you can take your CBD oil and reap the benefits quickly. You can also add a few drops to your food and beverages to give it some extra flavor.

If you’re more of a sweet tooth, you can avail of Blosum’s CBD gummies. Users can take their daily dose of CBD discreetly and add a sugary treat in the mix because these sweet gummies come with all the health benefits of cannabidiol as well as other nutrient-rich ingredients.

Blosum offers broad-spectrum vegan gummies and full-spectrum multivitamin gummies.

No matter which product you choose or which ailment you have, there is a CBD product for you. You can rest assured that CBD is a great choice for treating your depression and anxiety.

More recent research has found that CBD is a useful remedy for a whole host of other biological conditions. 

Other Health Benefits of CBD

cbd products display

It is a commonly held notion, with much historical precedence, that CBD and marijuana, in general, can ease your aches.

In recent animal studies conducted on rats, scientists found that CBD can effectively treat aches by reducing inflammation. These anti-inflammatory properties are well documented and play a large role in the use of CBD against aches associated with muscular dystrophy.

It is also believed that CBD can be used for treatment against acne, which we all know is fairly common, and have probably dealt with ourselves at some point in life.

What most probably don’t know is that acne is caused by the presence of bacteria in conjunction with our bodies producing an oil called sebum.

It has been observed that CBD can limit the glandular production of this chemical, as well as other chemicals, that give rise to acne.

Though the list of treatment paths and conditions that can be helped by CBD use is almost as long as the list of ailments that affect the human body, we would like to take a moment to remind our readers of CBD’s clinically tested role in battling opioid addiction.

Many of us may know or have known someone battling against addiction to pharmaceutical medicines. This could have created dependencies, poor neurological functioning, and long term corporeal damage.

All of which would have been done so in the name of “treatment.” The symptoms of treating the ailment could exceed the symptoms of the original need for the ailment, to begin with.

It is hard to watch, and terrifying for both those addicted and their families.


With the use of CBD moving forward in the future, we can look forward to a time when those suffering from age-old illnesses will not have to rely on addictive chemicals produced in a lab.

Instead, a natural and holistic health plan will exist for them, free of dependencies. Because of CBD both aids addicts in their quest to quit, and serves as a means to prevent people from being hooked in the first place, we find that this is possibly one of the most important health benefits of CBD.

Whatever your ailment may be, there may be a CBD product out there for you.

Even if you just need aid to relaxation, CBD products are available for you and you can enjoy their benefits. We hope you waste no time in jumping on the CBD train before it pulls out of the station!

Is CBD Legal? Hemp-derived CBD products (with less than 0.3 percent THC) are legal on the federal level but are still illegal under some state laws. Check your state’s laws and those of anywhere you travel. Keep in mind that nonprescription CBD products are not FDA-approved.

Published June 15, 2019; Updated February 23, 2020.

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