Whiteboard Paint: Uses and Reviews

Whiteboard Paint: Uses and Reviews

10:38 PM April 05, 2019

Whiteboard paint is taking brainstorming by, you guessed it, storm!

Brainstorming is a critical phase in every project that an individual or company decides to accomplish. Brainstorm requires freedom of thought in an environment where creativity and ideas can be generated and flourish. The perfect material for this widespread, limitless creativity is whiteboard paint.


Adam Grant, an American psychologist and author, comments,

“To generate creative ideas, you have to start from an unusual place.”

Whiteboard Paint – Productivity

Companies have started to provide creative working environments for their employees, which are intended to nurture productivity. This may include flexible work schedules, unorthodox office configurations, and other strategies that may seem atypical.

Fostering creativity is often overlooked in the workplace or the home environment. Take advantage of whiteboard paint as a great product to escape the bounds of habit, and increase your productivity by 500% or more.

Whiteboard Paint – Uses

Whiteboard paint creates a space where people can brainstorm openly, visually, and in a format that is easily communicated to others. Traditional whiteboards and chalkboards are useful, but the amount of space provided by the whiteboard paint is truly limitless.

One can draw illustrations, make notes, make to-do lists, leave personal reminders, plan endeavors, and accomplish a variety of other tasks to improve your time utilization during the day.

How often do you find yourself trying to remember what you were doing, or what you were planning on doing for the day? Whiteboard space is a constant organizational tool that won’t be forgotten like the various apps on your cell phone.

The paint is useful in a variety of work, home, or recreational environments. Get creative and think about how this tool may be used in your daily routine.

Whiteboard Paint – Products

When looking at whiteboard paint products online, you will come across many varieties that offer different benefits and features, such as “dry erase” surface, chalkboard paint varieties, and other types of whiteboard paint differences. Here are a few of the available surface-paint types.



whiteboard paint

IdeaPaint comes in 10 different colors, and is quite easy to apply. It comes in a box, and it takes only one coat to create a dry-erase painted surface. If you ever want to repaint the surface, the IdeaPaint serves as a base layer so you will not need to refinish the plane. IdeaPaint can be applied to a variety of different surfaces including wood, plastic, standard wall types, cement, and other materials. IdeaPaint is formaldehyde-free, and doesn’t release that toxic odor when being applied

Rust-Oleum Dry Erase Paint

whiteboard paint

Rust-Oleum Dry Erase paint can be used on drywall, masonite, wood, cement, metal, and other interior surfaces. A standard box size of Rust-Oleum can cover an area of 7′ x 7′. It contains a part ‘A’ and ‘B’ which are combined to create the prepared product. It should be allowed to dry for 2 days before being used as a dry-erase surface.

Smark Dry Erase Paint

smark dry erase paint

Smark Dry Erase paint is a clear dry erase paint that goes on quickly and adheres to most surfaces and materials, such as drywall, concrete, glass, tile and steel, creating a whiteboard surface. It’s easy to apply and low-odor. Smark also protects from the sun’s harmful UV rays, preventing coated surfaces from fading, chalking or yellowing. Get Smarking today!

Whiteboard Paint – Tips

Before you decide on any product, you need to weigh the pros and cons of each whiteboard paint variety. The best way to figure out which product meets your needs is by ordering a sample from the respective manufacturers.

Moreover, make sure to follow the instructions properly when you’re applying the whiteboard paint to a surface.

Be sure to give the whiteboard paint plenty of time to dry and solidify after the initial application. You don’t want to blemish the hard-earned creative surface.

Lastly, when using the surface coated with the product, make sure you use the correct type of whiteboard paint marker. Specific brands may require a specific writing utensil for proper composition and erasure.

Whiteboard Paint – Conclusion

Truly, whiteboard paint is a game changer when it comes to promoting imagination, whether you’re a team player in the brainstorming process, a home-based worker, or just someone who wants to nurture your inner artist.

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