Top 8 Smart Plug Uses for Your Home

Top 8 Smart Plug Uses for Your Home

12:48 AM March 09, 2019

If you own a smart plug, you know that smart plug uses are almost endless, as they come in all shapes and sizes with different price options. When turning your place into a smart home, they’re the primary set of items to have in order to transform the way you interact with the devices and appliances in your home.

What is a Smart Plug?

Don’t have prior knowledge about smart plugs and want to know about them? Or are you planning on having a smart home but don’t know where to begin? Well, smart plugs are a great start, so here’s a brief explanation before delving further in order to make you understand clearly the diverse smart plug uses.

A smart plug, as the name suggests, is plugged into your regular old wall outlet in order for you to have the ability to remotely control whatever you plug into it using a corresponding application. A smart plug connects to a central control hub using your home’s Wi-Fi network, which is then used to send data directly to your phone of preferred device.

They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and specifications that enable you to control whatever device you plugged in, even when you’re not in the room or even the house! Some smart plugs even go one step further and gather data about how much energy the connected device is consuming.

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Awesome smart plug Uses for your Smart Home

There are many smart plug uses that will make your ‘dumb’ home into a smart one. We’ve got ten smart plug uses for you to consider when considering this modern gadget.

Hassle Free Mornings with smart plugs

There’s no better way than to wake up smelling a tasty breakfast and good coffee. If you live alone, or have your hands full with your family, smart plugs can make it easier for you to wake up every morning.

smart plugs can turn on your toaster and start brewing coffee with the press of a button. The smart plug can even activate your audio system, so you can get jamming to your favourite tunes before even getting out of bed!


Speaking of getting ready in the morning, smart plugs can also pre-heat your hair iron so it will be ready when you are. This is done either with a manual timer on the device, or with a time-based phone application that can remotely switch on the plug and allow the hair irons to heat up.

Trick Burglars Into Thinking Someone’s Home

Remember the scene in Home Alone where Kevin fooled burglars into thinking his family was home for the holidays? Well, you can recreate that ingenious idea with smart plugs!

All you have to do is connect your lamp to the smart plug, then you can set timers for your lights to come on at night to create the illusion of activity and ward off intruders. Alternatively, you can put a timer on your TV to turn on and off while you’re away to further this illusion, eliminating stress while you are away from your house.


Start Cooking While at Work

If you’re someone who likes to multitask at work to save time and money, you’d probably want to buy a smart plug to use because with it, you can start cooking dinner while you’re still at work!

Another one of the smart plugs uses is having the ability to set a reminder in your phone to turn on or off your slow cooker at exactly the right time. In this way, your meal will be effortlessly cooked when you come home starving after a busy day at the office.

Limit Your Children’s Screen Time

Kids nowadays have their own phone, tablet, or TV in their bedroom or playroom. Sure you can add in special features on the smartphones and tablets, but what about their TVs and consoles?

One of the smart plug uses is here to the rescue! smart plugs can help you manage your children’s screen time to create healthy habits. Just plug in their TV or console through the smart plug and schedule your child’s screen time.

Have the Perfect Temperature Anytime

With a smart plug, you can time your appliances to turn on or off at the perfect times. This means that whether it’s hot or cold outside, you can set a schedule for your air conditioner, fan, or heater to turn on. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the future of smart homes brought to you by smart plugs uses that enable you to enjoy your home at the perfect temperature when you come home from a hard day at work, when you get up in the morning, or just any time really!

Remotely Recharge Batteries

Enjoy being outside without any worries with smart plugs connected to your appliances that have rechargeable batteries. Be it a garden trimmer or a vacuum cleaner, charge it remotely so you can use them by the time you are home! Just plug your device through your smart plug, and let it charge until it is ready to use. No time wasted!

Manage Your Electrical Consumption

With smart plugs setup in your home, you can tell what devices are in use and how often they’re active, as they have the ability to connect to smart meters that collect information regarding electrical usage.

You can use the gathered data to measure how much money you spend in recharging a phone, tablet, or laptop, and utilize this awareness to choose a less expensive device in the future.

Reduce Your Chance of Electrical Fires

Finally, every electrical appliance has the potential to start fires, and this brings with it its own perils, ranging from alarming to life threatening hazards. Guaranteeing that these appliances are turned off with the use of a smart plug whenever you’re not using them will minimize the likelihood that one of these incidences will occur. How’s that for a smart home? Make the smart plug purchase today to raise the IQ of your dwelling, and enjoy these automated features that will save you many steps during your daily routine.

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