Benefits of Testosterone Pills: Bigger, Stronger, Faster

Benefits of Testosterone Pills: Bigger, Stronger, Faster

04:08 AM March 30, 2019

Are you wondering if testosterone pills have what it takes to get bigger, stronger, or faster? If so, you have come to the right place. We have checked out the latest facts and information surrounding testosterone pills and testosterone supplements, looking to boost testosterone levels and sex drive, you can simply get your Testosterone level by simply doing a blood test.

Many individuals with low testosterone levels use testosterone supplementation to increase muscle mass, improve athletic performance, or to raise energy levels, among other additional uses. This is natural in older men as part of aging and some of the symptoms of low testosterone are but not limited to not having the same body image as when you were younger and a decreased desire for sex.


Other types of steroids are available on the market, but testosterone has been a supplement used by individuals for generations.

This article will guide you through the benefits of testosterone pills, and their biological effects on the body. Enjoy as we look at what this supplement has been known to offer individuals struggling with low testosterone. Testosterone affects your mood and muscle mass. remember when you were in your early 20’s and had high levels of testosterone and never felt tired, that was a health benefit from a high testosterone level. In the United States, the American Urology has approved a testosterone treatment as they see a direct correlation to prostate cancer.

Effects of Testosterone Pills

Testosterone pills are made up of a combination of natural and herbal components that improve the testosterone levels in men. Micronutrients that have been proven to be beneficial on testosterone production include zinc, D-aspartic acid, vitamin D supplement, and Tribulus Terrestris. These compounds are oftentimes used in testosterone supplements to naturally increase the body’s testosterone production.

What Are the Benefits of Testosterone High Testosterone Levels?

Less fat, more muscle

Less fats, more muscle

  • The hormone responsible for increased muscle mass is testosterone. It helps achieve a leaner body mass by providing increased energy levels, resulting in additional fat burning.
  • According to research, men who possess low levels of testosterone are prone to increased body fat, reduced muscle mass, and reduced strength. The high presence of testosterone reverses the adverse situation in patients with hypogonadism.

Healthy heart and cardiovascular system

Healthy heart and cardiovascular system

  • The rest of the body depends on the heart for in-flow and outflow of blood, nutrients, and oxygen. Testosterone increases the synthesis of erythrocytes via the bone marrow.
  • In addition to the bone disorders that come with low testosterone, low testosterone levels have also been linked to poor cardiovascular function.
  • While scientists are not certain about the results that should be expected when testosterone replacement therapy is used for men with heart disease, there has been some research conducted to realize how testosterone may be a potential benefit to these individuals. Those who were subjected to the therapy improved their walking distance by 33%. Some of the improvements recorded were said to be due to the widening of arteries, which had no further impact on angina pain in the chest.

Healthier bones

Healthier bones

  • Bone mineral density greatly depends on the level of testosterone in a man’s body. With age, testosterone levels drop, and the bones begin to weaken.
  • This is the reason for osteoporosis being common in old men. The higher the testosterone level, the healthier your bones are able to stay.
  • Weak bones can be treated with testosterone replacement therapy. When osteoporosis patients were subjected to a high dosage of testosterone, the results were positive. There was an increase in bone density in the spinal and hip region. The only unknown factor is the effect of testosterone on fracture risk.

Improved verbal memory and spatial abilities

Greater verbal memory and spatial abilities

  • According to medical studies, male patients with higher levels of testosterone have a decreased probability of developing Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Testosterone levels and thinking abilities have a lot in common. Verbal memory, mental processing speed, and spatial memory increase in men (aged 34-40), when treated with testosterone.

Increase sex drive

increase sex drive

  • Two of the major roles that testosterone plays in the body are sexual arousal and sexual performance. Testosterone levels are directly proportional to sexual performance in men: the higher the testosterone level, the greater the amount of sexual activity.
  • In senior individuals, testosterone supplementation may increase the motivation to engage in sexual activities. But make no mistakes; most cases of erectile dysfunction aren’t due to low testosterone. Two out of three cases are caused by other conditions unrelated to testosterone levels.
  • Note: There is a point where increased levels of testosterone stop providing additional benefits; there is a peak point of benefit from testosterone supplementation.

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Enhanced mood

Enhanced mood

  • Testosterone has also been shown to play a significant role in an individual’s mood and general energy. Though prevalent in hypogonadism patients, symptoms such as irritability, depression, and fatigue are commonly observed in individuals with low testosterone levels.
  • The effects of TRP (testosterone replacement therapy) on mood differ from person to person. According to research, hypogonadism patients responded positively to TRP, and their mood improved as well. Based on the results, TRP is recommended as a treatment for depression.

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Final Thoughts

The benefits of testosterone pills are tempting, but the drug is only recommended for men. Ladies should research other alternatives for hormone improvement or supplementation.

Do you think testosterone is worth the hype?  Or should men increase testosterone levels more naturally, through methods like fitness and nutrition?

Published March 30, 2019; Updated May 16, 2019.

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