What Is CBD Oil and What Are the Benefits of Cannabidiol?

/ 05:36 AM April 12, 2019

What is CBD oil?

You may have heard of CBD from many of its users discussing how effective it may be in the treatment of various health issues and ailments.

It is important to understand the fundamentals regarding CBD before you look into its uses and potential products. CBD has been illegal for a long time and is finally emerging in the international market after many clinical trials for chronic pain overseen by the Food and Drug Administration made it 50 states legal in the United States. Hemp products are being used for their wide range of health benefits found in Cannabidiol CBD has to offer, including the treatment for chronic pain, like hemp oil cures diabetes and improving mental health due to the fact that it doesn’t possess negative side effects or psychoactive effects as THC does.


What Does it Stand for?

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CBD is short for “Cannabidiol.” is one of the 113 cannabinoids which are able to be found inside the plant Cannabis sativa, or what’s typically known as hemp or cannabis.

Cannabidiol benefits and other cannabinoids inside the cannabis plant are natural chemical compounds produced by the herb. Among the high number of cannabinoids discovered in hemp include tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, cannabinol or CBN, and cannabichromene or CBC; however, the most well-known cannabinoids are THC and CBD.

Generally, while canna oil and other cannabinoids may have a positive impact on the body and brain when ingested, not all cannabinoids have equal functions in the body. THC is used to treat medical patients for depression and other diseases but is also commonly used as a recreational compound as is mainly used for medical applications.

While it’s possible to smoke cannabis to obtain the benefits and effects, the most sought-after product would be the oil because it’s more concentrated and will not make you “high.”

Marijuana Oil vs. CBD Oil

CBD Effects on Anxiety

For the majority of folks who do not know the difference, they oftentimes use marijuana oil and CBD oil interchangeably, yet the two have distinct differences from one another.

Firstly, you must know that marijuana and hemp are both Cannabis. Plus, while they’re the same by botanical standards, they’re informally categorized as two different things. Usually, marijuana is the word utilized for cannabis strains containing THC. Cannabis strains that do not have THC, on the other hand, are categorized as hemp.

The hemp oil, in this case, is derived from hemp oil side effects are pretty much nonexistent, what is oftentimes referred to as industrial hemp, which is the reason why Hemp oil also is typically referred to as CBD hemp oil. Therefore, this oil does not contain THC the cannabis compound which will give you that “high” effect.


In addition, since it’s a compound discovered in cannabis, oil that comes from marijuana also has CBD, yet with the inclusion of tetrahydrocannabinol(THC).

CBD Oil Benefits and Side Effects

You know all about what CBD oil is and that it will not make you “high,” now it is time to know why many people are consuming it and why you should, as well.

Pain Relief

cbd pain relief

One common CBD oil uses is for its property of pain relief. The majority of the research done on the impact of using is that it may be an effective pain reliever and WITHOUT ANY SIDE EFFECTS or risks, as compared with conventional pharmaceutical alternatives.

Individuals have been consuming this magical oil to alleviate pain caused by trauma, migraine headaches, migraine headaches, and physical injuries. It also has been utilized for patients who have chronic conditions like fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis as well as for the ones who’ve recently undergone an operation.

Relief of Anxiety

CBD for Anxiety

In recent years, consuming CBD oil to treat symptoms concerning anxiety disorders also has gained popularity. From several anecdotal reports on its impact in those who have anxiety, it’s discovered that it has a specific positive impact on the paralimbic and limbic activities inside the brain, which is a substantial part in the regulation of moods. There also is other paperwork on the anxiety-decreasing.

From numerous clinical studies made, CBD also is found to decrease the symptoms of conditions like obsessive-compulsive disorder or OCD, post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD, panic disorder, and others.

Irritable Bowel Syndrom(IBS)


Other well-known CBD benefits include reducing inflammation, and as such, it became one of the natural remedies for IBS or Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome. CBD assists people by interacting with the proliferator-activated receptor-gamma or PPARG, which can cause inflammation inside the digestive system if it is functioning improperly. 

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Decrease Blood Sugar

Decrease Blood Sugar

There also is more and more optimism in treating diabetes with the use of CBD oil from a variety of studies. The probable impact in decreasing blood sugar is mostly because of its anti-inflammatory impact throughout your body. Plus, as one of the reasons for developing diabetes involves insulin resistance– often caused by chronic inflammation, CBD oil will change how diabetes is presently treated.

Better Resting Pattern

Better Resting Pattern

There’s a number of reasons for experiencing insomnia or disrupted sleep. It may be caused by medication, stress, or already can be a symptom of a chronic condition. Whatever’s causing it, CBD oil is discovered to be an efficient fix for insomnia particularly the ones caused by emotional stress.

Here’s the good thing about consuming CBD oil in the evening to help with an improved sleeping pattern: it does not have any known side effects.

Is Using it Legal?

There still might be confused about the legality of cannabis inside the United States and additional countries. However, there are states which already have legalized the usage of cannabis-derived products, yet the majority of them have stringent regulations on its use.

Hemp oil is legal pretty much everywhere, yet it’s important to understand why. While cannabis is underneath the Schedule 1 controlled substances list of the United States Drug Enforcement Administration, industrial or non-psychoactive hemp which does not contain THC isn’t included within the Schedule 1 list. So, the DEA does not have the authority to regulate CBD that comes from industrial hemp.

Be mindful of the quality of the product you’re purchasing or where you’re purchasing it from. If you order it outside the United States, there may be delivery problems as the package gets to the border. If you locate a supplier, you must ensure that the CBD oil does not have any THC traces.


CBD oil offers a range of benefits for individuals and can be consumed in a variety of different forms. Popular methods of ingesting include through edibles, vaporization, or inhalation of high cannabis. Be sure to consult with a medical professional prior to changing any lifestyle of medical habits, and check out how is it being utilized in markets all around the world.

Published April 12, 2019; UPDATED May 22, 2019.

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