7 Best Testosterone Booster Supplements For Men 2020

The Best Testosterone Booster Supplements

08:00 AM October 20, 2020

Whether you’re looking to combat the signs of aging, improve your performance in the gym, or supercharge your sex drive, you’ve probably heard about the best testosterone booster before.

Testosterone boosters are natural supplements designed to increase the production of free testosterone within the body. Taking testosterone boosters are much safer (and cheaper) than testosterone injections and provide an array of health benefits including increased muscle mass, fat loss, better libido, more energy, and unbreakable motivation.

Best Testosterone Booster

But with over 100 testosterone boosters on the market to choose from, how do you know which ones work the best? Some testosterone supplements provide AMAZING results, while others don’t have a strong enough dosage in order to be effective (especially the ones you can find over the counter).

To help you find the best testosterone booster for your needs, we’ve reviewed the top-selling products on the market and evaluated them on a variety of factors including ingredients, dosage, price, and customer reviews.

If you’re ready to reverse your low testosterone levels, revive your masculinity, and feel the best you’ve had in years, here are the top testosterone boosters for 2020.

Top 7 Best Testosterone Boosters of 2020

TestoGen – Strongest Test Booster


Testogen is one of the top testosterone boosters on the market, thanks to its strong formulation of powerful ingredients. Testogen works by increasing the amount of testosterone that your body naturally produces without any unwanted side effects.

Here are the benefits of taking this testosterone booster.

  • Increase Muscle Size, Strength, and Stamina
  • Boost Your Libido and Performance in the Bedroom
  • Reduce Body Fat For A Leaner Physique
  • Improve Your Focus, Confidence, and Motivation

All of the ingredients inside of Testogen are dosed at the optimal amounts, so you can experience the best results possible. Since the ingredients are all-natural, there are no reported side effects. Here are the ingredients inside of Testogen.

  • D-Aspartic Acid
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin D3
  • Nettle Leaf Extract
  • Korean Red Ginseng Extract
  • Fenugreek Extract
  • Vitamin K1
  • Vitamin B6
  • Zinc
  • Boron
  • Bioperine

For optimal results, you’re recommended to take 4 capsules of Testogen each morning. Within as little as a week, you’ll notice an improvement in your focus, mood, and vitality. By the end of the first month of taking Testogen, you’ll see improvements in strength and muscle, especially if you’re working out alongside Testogen.

If you’re still skeptical about Testogen, you’ll be happy to know that this product comes with a 100-day money-back guarantee, which is one of the longest guarantees in the industry. Should Testogen fail to provide you with amazing results, you can request a no-questions-asked refund within 100 days of your purchase.

If you’re looking for the strongest testosterone booster that money can buy, look no further than Testogen.

  • Strongest test booster on the market
  • Powerful, natural ingredients without side effects
  • Free worldwide shipping
  • Huge discounts for more than 1 bottle
  • 100-Day money-back guarantee

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TestRX – Best for Men over 50


TestRx is a testosterone booster manufactured by a company called Leading Edge Health. It works to increase muscle mass, improve energy, boost strength, crank up your libido, and help you lose fat. It’s a well-rounded product that has received amazing reviews from customers all over the world.

TestRx works by encouraging your body to increase the production of testosterone. The key testosterone boosting ingredient in the TestRx formula is ZMA, which is a combination of Magnesium, Vitamin B6, and Zinc. All 3 of these ingredients are crucial for protein synthesis, which results in increased muscle mass.

In a recent study at Western Washington University, athletes that received ZMA saw a 30% increase in testosterone production.

In addition to ZMA, TestRx also contains other testosterone boosting ingredients such as:

  • Fenugreek Seed Extract
  • Vitamin D3
  • Vitamin K2
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin B6
  • Zinc
  • D-Aspartic Acid

According to user reviews, most users notice an increase in energy, stamina, and libido within the first month. Your results should continue to improve as you take this testosterone booster supplement, with the biggest results seen between months 1 and 3.

TestRX is the best testosterone supplement for men over 50. If you’re ready to feel like you did in your 20s with better focus, more lean muscle, and an improved sex drive, TestRx can help you get there.

  • 67 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Save 15% At Checkout With Coupon: SAVE15
  • Manufactured at a cGMP compliant facility in the USA
  • Free Shipping on Select Packages
  • Massive Discounts For A 3-6 Month Supply

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Prime Male – Best for Increasing Sex Drive


Prime Male is one of the best testosterone boosters on the market for improving libido, building lean muscle, overcoming fatigue, and shedding belly fat. The manufacturer claims that Prime Male can boost testosterone levels to what they were 10, 20, or even 30 years ago in just weeks.

The Prime Male website says that it can boost your testosterone 42% in just 12 days, which is a pretty bold statement. However, thousands of guys of all ages rave about this testosterone booster and how well it works.

Prime Male is scientifically formulated to address the 3 biggest causes of low testosterone in men: Luteinizing Hormone (LH), Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG), and female hormones such as Estrogen and Prolactin. By suppressing some of these bad hormones, your body is able to produce more of its own testosterone as a result.

Here is the full list of ingredients inside of Prime Male:

  • D-Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate
  • Bioperine
  • Boron
  • Korean Red Ginseng Extract
  • Luteolin
  • Magnesium
  • Mucuna Pruriens
  • Nettle Root Extract
  • Vitamin B
  • Vitamin D3
  • Vitamin K2
  • Zinc

The serving size for Prime Male is 4 capsules and there are 30 servings per bottle. The recommended way to take Prime Male is one pill 4 times per day with a meal or snack.

Prime Male is best for men over the age of 30 who want to regain the same libido, energy, and vitality they had in their 20s. In addition to boosting testosterone, this product also helps with blood pressure, mood swings, bone density, and blood sugar.

  • 12 natural ingredients at optimal doses
  • Reverses symptoms associated with low testosterone
  • Boost testosterone 42% in just 12 days
  • Try Prime Male risk-free for 90 days
  • Amazing reviews from men all over the world

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TestoFuel – Best for Muscle Gain


TestoFuel is the most effective natural testosterone booster for accelerating muscle growth, giving your body the nutrients it needs to increase testosterone naturally. It offers an array of health benefits including muscle growth, increased strength, reduced body fat, and a better mood.

TestoFuel is manufactured in the USA at a cGMP certified facility. Unlike other testosterone boosters that use proprietary formulas that hide the real dosage of each ingredient, TestoFuel clearly states the dosage for every ingredient in their formula for full transparency.

Here are the ingredients inside of TestoFuel.

  • D-Aspartic Acid
  • Vitamin D
  • Oyster Extract
  • Ginseng
  • Fenugreek
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamins B and K2
  • Zinc

The serving size for TestoFuel is 4 pills, with 30 servings per bottle.

TestoFuel is perfect for anyone over the age of 18 that’s looking to build lean muscle mass. Whether you’re an athlete, bodybuilder, or just looking to get rid of the dad bod, TestoFuel is one of the best testosterone boosting supplements you can take to reach your goals faster than ever.

  • Increases testosterone naturally without side effects
  • Perfect for building bigger muscles
  • Help your body power through intense workouts
  • Excellent customer service

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Hunter Test – Best Value

hunter test

Manufactured by a company called Roar Ambition, Hunter Test is one of the best testosterone booster supplements. It’s designed to transform your life with enhanced strength, unstoppable motivation, improved mood, and unbreakable confidence.

Hunter Test uses only ingredients that are backed by the latest scientific research. Their formula does not include any artificial flavors, preservatives, or colors. It’s also non-GMO and free of gluten as well. Hunter Test is one of the cleanest testosterone boosters that you’ll find anywhere.

Each ingredient inside of Hunter Test was carefully selected and dosed appropriately for maximum results. With Hunter, you get twice the amount of testosterone boosting pills as you do with their competitors.

Here are the natural ingredients inside of Hunter Test:

  • D-Aspartic acid
  • Vitamin K2
  • Asian Ginseng
  • Vitamin D
  • Ashwagandha
  • Boron Chelate
  • Zinc
  • Indole-3-Carbinol
  • Magnesium

The dosage for Hunter Test is 6 capsules a day, which might be a drawback if you hate swallowing pills. However, this testosterone booster gives you more ingredients than other supplements, which is a positive if you want the greatest results possible.

This test booster is great for men of any age that want to improve their energy levels, build strength, and increase performance. With bigger dosages than other products on the market, Hunter Test offers excellent value.

  • 9 carefully selected ingredients backed by scientific research
  • Reverse the decline of testosterone and reignite your masculinity
  • Higher dosage than other brands, providing excellent value
  • 100% risk-free guarantee for 90 days

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Testo-Max – Natural Alternative to Sustanon


If you want to build muscle, you need testosterone. There’s arguably no better way to achieve your maximum testosterone levels than with Testo-Max. It’s why bodybuilders around the world trust their health and fitness to this natural hormone.

Testo-Max serves as a legal substitute for the anabolic steroid Sustanon. Its manufacturer, Crazy Bulk, promises that you’ll see increased strength, mass, and stamina in as little as two weeks. It can also improve libido and performance.

So how does Testo-Max do it? D-aspartic acid. The powerful compound can boost testosterone back to natural and healthy levels, so users feel refreshed and rejuvenated. It stimulates the release of luteinizing hormones that convince your body to start boosting testosterone levels.

Some of the other core ingredients in Testo-Max include:

  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin K1
  • Nettle root extract
  • Ginseng red powder
  • Black pepper extract

Crazy Bulk recommends taking four pills in the morning before breakfast when you don’t work out. Continue this regimen for two months before taking a six-week abstinence period. The downtime ensures that you will achieve top testosterone results.

If you want to push your body to its furthest limits, buy Testo-Max. You can achieve more gains and strength than you ever thought possible. While the product is more expensive than some of its counterparts, men worldwide swear by its effectiveness.

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Natural Ingredients Found in Most Testosterone Boosting Supplements

D-aspartic acid is an amino acid that regulates libido and muscle growth in the body. It plays a crucial role in increasing testosterone levels in men, and its release in the testicles. A study in Italy found that 20 of the 23 men that took DAA for 12 days had a 42% increase in testosterone.

Tribulus Terrestris, also known as goat’s head and caltrop, is a leafy plant native to the Mediterranean. The annual plant has a long history of treating chest pain, kidney stones, and low sexual libido. Men and women that take Tribulus Terrestris supplements report increased levels of sexual arousal and satisfaction.

Zinc – The jury is out on if zinc can increase testosterone. One study from the Official Journal of the American Society of Exercise Physiologists found that men who took 30 milligrams of zinc per day had a rise in free testosterone levels. The human body cannot store zinc, so it should be taken every day.

Vitamin D is produced by the body when exposed to sunlight. A study from Clinical Endocrinology found a strong correlation between low sunlight exposure and lower testosterone levels. Consuming vitamin D supplements can stimulate healthy testosterone production.

Another study from Hormone and Metabolic Research had men take daily doses of vitamin D. The test group had a 20% increase in testosterone and a 50% increase in vitamin D levels. You can also find this fat-soluble vitamin in testosterone-boosting foods such as fish, dairy products, and cereals.

Other ingredients

Fenugreek Extract has an extensive history as a medicinal plant in India and North Africa. Its extract contains furostanolic saponins that may increase testosterone levels, sperm production, and libido. A study from the International Journal of Medical Sciences found that 90% of men who used fenugreek extract had a 46% boost in testosterone.

Vitamin K1 is a little-researched male hormone that has shown promise for increasing T-levels. One study suggests that there’s a correlation between Vitamin K1 and testosterone production in rats. While we do not have substantial research in humans, it may help people to reduce inflammation and maintain blood flow.

The K2 Vitamin suffers from a lack of research. Available studies have tested the supplement on animals and note that it shows promise for overall health. It may help men achieve higher T-levels while improving muscle growth, bone mineralization, and other health benefits.

Nettle leaf extract is one of the top supplements for overall health. People as far back as the ancient Egyptians used nettle extracts to reduce inflammation, regulate blood sugar, and lower blood pressure. A study from Andrologia found that nettle leaf extract can cure low levels of testosterone in rats.

Vitamin B6 – Researchers have found a correlation between low vitamin B6 levels and declining testosterone levels in men. While meaningful clinical trials are still in the works, vitamin B6 supposedly influences cell receptors that bind and deactivate testosterone. This hormone may help in synthetic testosterone production, too.

Signs of Low Testosterone in Men

Symptoms of low testosterone come in all shapes and sizes. You may experience weight loss and other body composition changes, while some men have depleted energy levels.

Lifestyle changes due to an injury, sleep restriction, cancer, or metabolic disorders may cause low T levels, too. Science News even determined that COVID-19 can lower testosterone in men.

Here are some of the most common signs of low testosterone in men.

Stubborn Belly Fat

Testosterone plays a critical role in regulating fat and muscle production. Men with low T-levels may find it easier to gain weight than to burn it. Researchers believe increased belly fat is an unwanted symptom of low muscle mass and excess calories from fat.

Decreased Sex Drive

While dopamine and estrogen levels influence sex steroid production, testosterone has the most influence over men’s libido and sexual performance. It’s why young men with high levels of testosterone tend to have high sex drives.

Over time, men lose the ability to produce testosterone naturally and therefore see their libido wane.

Low Energy Levels

It’s not a coincidence that older adults have less energy and lower testosterone levels. The hormone provides the vigor we need to get through the day without falling asleep or feeling fatigued.

If you’re getting enough sleep at night, eating well, and still feel tired, you may have an issue with your testosterone.

Mood Swings

Testosterone influences mental capacity. It can shape our moods and outlooks on life. Men with low T-levels often experience mood swings, in addition to increased irritability, depression, and inability to focus.

Erectile Dysfunction

Low testosterone levels typically aren’t enough to cause erectile dysfunction by themselves, but they can contribute to the problem.

The same goes for sperm count and sperm quality. Hormones other than testosterone, such as follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), have a more significant influence on sperm count.

Reduced Lean Muscle Mass

Low T-levels can reduce a man’s muscle size. While this condition doesn’t necessarily hinder strength or functionality, it can feel emasculating. Low testosterone can also cause bone thinning, especially in older men.

How Do Natural Testosterone Boosters Work?

If you have low testosterone, a medical professional may recommend testosterone-replacement therapy or natural testosterone booster supplements. Taking testosterone boosters helps your body restore normal levels.

It complements the existing production of testosterone so that you will look and feel like yourself.

Most testosterone boosters may increase your testosterone levels by 20% to 50%. The exact rate will depend on the testosterone boosting ingredients.

Let’s use D-aspartic acid as an example. The amino acid regulates the production and release of hormones in the body, including testosterone. When you consume a natural testosterone booster, natural ingredients send signals to the brain, telling it to make more free testosterone.

Contrast that with DHEA, also known as dehydroepiandrosterone. Your body naturally makes DHEA in your adrenal gland and serves as a precursor for testosterone and estrogen. That means your body converts DHEA into those essential sex hormones.

Like testosterone, natural DHEA production declines over time. Taking a testosterone booster allows you to counteract the aging process. Researchers have also found that it can lower your risk of heart disease and depression.

Health Benefits of Using Supplements to Increase Testosterone

Increased Strength and Muscle Mass

Testosterone and muscle mass go together like Batman and Robin. You can’t have one without the other. People with lean bodies and clear muscle definition tend to have higher levels of testosterone production in the body.

The hormone helps curb fat while building muscle strength and size. Many bodybuilders rely on it to improve their physique before competitions. If you want to get the most out of your testosterone boosters, make sure to combine it with strength training and other exercises.

Improved Sexual Desire

Testosterone levels correlate strongly with men’s libido and arousal. Research shows that men with high testosterone levels tend to be more sexually active. Older individuals or those with low testosterone often suffer from low libido and erectile dysfunction.

Testosterone boosters can improve a man’s sexual health and well-being. Note that more testosterone doesn’t necessarily mean better results. Research suggests that males will reach a maximum level of testosterone before their sexual performance plateaus.

Reduced Body Fat

Males with high T-levels keep off more body fat. The proper balance of testosterone and estrogen in the body helps them stay fit and slim. Males with low testosterone may experience unusually high body fat levels as well as gynecomastia, a condition that enlarges breast tissue.

Sharper Mental Focus

Believe it or not, testosterone boosters can help your mental acuity. Researchers have found that males with high testosterone levels tend to have lower rates of Alzheimer’s disease. They don’t know the mechanism behind this correlation, but trials continue to provide more evidence.

Testosterone boosters can also improve our mental processing speed and comprehension. It allows you to stay sharp even as you age. Studies show that testosterone boosting supplements can improve spatial memory, too.

Increased Confidence and Motivation

Normal testosterone levels help us feel good about ourselves. Conversely, we know that depleted testosterone levels go hand in hand with depression, fatigue, and low life satisfaction. Natural testosterone boosters provide the necessary spark enabling you to be confident and motivated again.

Do Testosterone Pills Have Any Side Effects?

Testosterone boosters are widely considered a safe supplement with minimal negative effects. It doesn’t mean that natural ingredients are better than synthetic ones or that all testosterone boosters are side-effect-free.

For the most part, you won’t have negative ramifications when using a testosterone booster.

Consider the consequences of taking actual testosterone. If you’re allergic to the hormone, it can cause a medical emergency. You’ll have hives, trouble breathing, swelling, and redness en route to a hospital visit.

While testosterone injections can deliver many of the benefits we listed above, it also comes with severe drawbacks. Users become more irritable and prone to unpredictable mood swings. They may experience chest pain and shrunken testicles.

Some of the other consequences of testosterone injections may include:

  • Swelling of the ankles or feet
  • Sudden coughing or wheezing
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Pain behind the jaw or shoulder
  • Changes in skin color
  • Infertility or problems with sexual performance
  • Trouble urinating

Testosterone boosters circumvent these problems because they do not actually contain testosterone. They include a wide range of natural ingredients that boost the production of testosterone.

This approach gives users a more controlled method to raise their free testosterone levels.

Can You Buy Test Boosters Over the Counter at GNC?

You can purchase a testosterone booster from your local GNC, but they likely won’t be the most effective option. Chains such as GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, and Vitamin World don’t offer the optimal dosage to achieve the best results.

It’s like going to the store for Oreos and getting the generic variety instead.

Final Thoughts – Are Testosterone Boosters Right for You?

Testosterone boosters provide a safe and effective way to increase testosterone production naturally. The best testosterone booster for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences.

For instance, Prime Male appeals to customers searching for a libido boost, while Hunter Test caters to individuals looking for the best value.

Whatever testosterone supplements you select, make sure they come with rigorous scientific backing. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration doesn’t regulate the claims that testosterone boosters make, so it’s your responsibility to be diligent.

The more trials and evidence you can find supporting a testosterone booster, the better.

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