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Best fast food burgers – Ranked and reviewed

/ 09:39 AM February 28, 2022

Whether it be double patties, lettuce, special sauce, toasted bun, or additional cheese with potato crisps on the sides, burgers will always be on the top of your comfort food list. You can always decide later if you want it with extra pickles, cheese, or grilled onions. We know you’re getting hungry, but we just can’t help it!

Hamburgers are one of the USA’s staple foods. So it’s not surprising at all that in 2013, Americans had a record of eating 50 billion burgers a year. Even if each burger has different origins, people around the world think of it as 100% American. So it’s right to assume that the best fast food burgers come from the USA.

This blog post will reveal the top fast-food burgers in town. Or should we say the world’s greatest hamburgers? After reading this, we won’t be surprised if you’ll come running out for a fast-food drive-thru. But our mouth-watering list will have you craving the best fast food burgers.


Is Burger King better quality than McDonald’s?

Is Burger King better quality than McDonald’s?

Numerous fast-food chains serving burgers are all over the country. It’s been a tough time choosing as the choices seem unlimited. Any hamburger can be rated from being the best to worst depending on the quality of fresh beef patties. Similar to how Coke is compared to Pepsi, the same goes with these two.

These two fast-food giants have been each other’s nemesis regarding which burger is best. Here, we hope we can with a biased judgment by shredding the deets into tidbits. Let’s take a deep dive into which has the best burgers, Burger King or McDonald’s.

Burger King

  • The fast-food chain’s most popular burger is their iconic, flame-grilled Whopper.
  • Their best burger Whopper doesn’t automatically come with cheese. You have to order it additionally.
  • The Burger King Whopper is huge. It’s even heavier and wider than the rival’s best burger.
  • No extra sesame seed bun in the middle can halt your way into getting that big bite.
  • It has the normal stack of tomato, lettuce, white onions, and pickle on top of its burger patties.
  • The perfect combination of the crispy grilled onions and the blend of sour pickle makes this one of the greatest fast-food burgers.
  • Since the beef patties are flame-grilled, there’s a unique flavor of smoke and charcoal. Marking that distinct taste as their exclusive.
  • They nailed the grilled peppers too!
  • One Burger King Whopper is heavy enough to make you full with just one entire meal set. Including the fries and drinks.


  • They are popular for the Big Mac fast-food double cheeseburger.
  • This double cheeseburger has a structure with that additional sesame seed bun in the middle.
  • The burger fillings offer two beef patties that compliment the other ingredients.
  • The Big Mac double cheeseburger sauce gives this fast food burger its taste. It’s creamy and slightly sour, a fresh take on the normal burger dressing.
  • Since there’s an additional sesame seed bun in the middle, you’ll get two fresh beef patties on one Big Mac.
  • Compared to Whopper, this fast-food burger appears to be taking a hollow and soft bite. It lacks the crunchiness of the veggies, the flavorful onion, and the crunchy-leafy lettuce.
  • The sauce is everything.

Verdict: Based on the honest reviews for each above, we’re guessing that you already know the answer. Although we have distinct preferences, it’s not surprising that others might like the other over the other choice. But ingredients-wise, Burger King won with their Whopper burger.

Who has the best fast-food burger?

Who has the best fast-food burger?

The fast-food burger chain is one of the go-to whenever cravings hit. Chances are you’ll be indulging yourself with a decent burger meal with fries and drinks on the side. Set aside that diet if you’re in one. Cravings come often. So why not feast for some fast food better and make it your cheat day.

However, the one-quarter pound burger question is, who are the most popular fast food burgers? We got you. Below, we’ll reveal the best burger chain in town, with the most delicious and juicy burgers. Ranked from worst to best, here are where you can get the best burgers. We’ve also included their specialty burger on each list.


10. McDonald’s – Big Mac

The ever famous Big Mac. This double cheeseburger made McDonald’s a household name for great burger meals. The fast-food restaurant giant brought out the best in this burger. McDonald’s did a great job with its perfect stack of double sesame buns, double beef patties, pickles, lettuce, American cheese, and onions. Though this is not the best double cheeseburger, you can enjoy one decent meal with them.

9. Five Guys – Cheeseburger

9. Five Guys Cheeseburger

Never mind the oil sweaty paper bag these guys hand out. Five Guys know what they’re doing with their cheeseburgers. The Five Guys cheeseburger is one of the classics. The goodness of the Five Guys burger patties and the oozing melted cheese make them one of the tops on this list.

Also, the Five Guys toasted bun adds up to the flavor of the whole meal. Five Guys bacon cheeseburger is also one for the books! In short, you must try any of the Five Guys burgers.

8. Burger King – The Whopper

When talking about flame-broiled burgers, there’s no one else but Burger King on top. Although this isn’t a double cheeseburger like the others, the crunchiness of the veggies in the stack makes for the single patty.

Complete with iceberg lettuce, tomato, white onion, American cheese, crinkle cut pickles, and flame-grilled patty, the bun with mayo and ketchup spread to make the burger combination perfect. However, the Impossible Burger is a must-try! It’s the Whooper but only more perfect.

7. Shake Shack – Shack Burger

The fluffy buns combined with 100% Angus burger patties will have you coming back for more. His normally is best paired with Martin’s potato roll, which Shake Shack usually serves. Although this is not the best burger, you can choose a healthier bun option. Shake Shack considers you health-buffs out there. You can order your burger on lettuce wraps or gluten-free buns.

6. Culver’s – Double ButterBurger with Cheese

Whether you want a whole new flavor on toasted buns or you just want to try something new, you’re in for a treat with this burger. This ButterBurger is the Culver family’s secret recipe. A double cheeseburger with a distinct taste of the lightly toasted and buttered bun that you can only find at Culver’s. You’re sure to get a taste of just the premium ingredients. As they never had their burger patties frozen, And the veggies? It tasted like it came out from their back garden. Super fresh!

5. White Castle – Cheese Slider

5. White Castle Cheese Slider

White Castle wants to make sure you’ll get the best out of their burgers. Their sliders are all about quantity. As their unique burgers are small enough, you can take down six of them in just one seating. Although these are also available in the frozen section of supermarkets, the quality wasn’t sacrificed. Not many food chains opt for a healthier version. So White Castle offers a plant-based version of their famous cheese slider. Only that, it’s called the Impossible Sliders.

4. Wendy’s – Baconator

This bacon cheeseburger has been a hit since 2007 until now. If you’re game for a meaty combination, this burger is for you. The fast-food chain has sold 68 million burgers less than a year after its launch. This double cheeseburger is perfect, especially for all the bacon lovers out there. Wendy’s made this double cheeseburger unique with its square patty.

A bacon cheeseburger that everyone will drool for. The pile of double burger patties filled with bacon and melted cheese in between is just heaven. One of the best double cheeseburgers in town.

3. Steak ’n Shake – Double ’n Cheese Steakburger

Whenever you’re eating at Steak ‘n Shake, this classic Double Cheeseburger is a delectable option. If you’re in for meatier burger patties, this double cheeseburger will give you just that. This original also comes with bacon, creating a meatier taste. While Steak ‘n Shake boasts of their other popular bacon cheeseburger, nothing can do this O.G. on our list.

2. Carl’s jr – Famous star with Cheese

Though you might be confused if this is Carl’s Jr or Hardee’s, they might have similarities on the side. It might look like a normal burger with cheddar cheese. But its veggies are fresh and crunchy on all sides. Plus, the patty is juicy, and you’ll savor your every bite.

1. In-N-Out – Double-Double

In-N-Out hits the jackpot with this Double Double cheeseburger. It’s one of the most popular burgers you can buy even on a budget. Another great thing about this In n Out burger is you can customize it to your liking. Stack this Double Double cheeseburger however you like. This fast-food chain’s secret lies in its fresh patties.

The In n Out meat is freshly grounded on their plants. Then delivered fresh and was never frozen. This explains the remarkable juicy goodness in every bite of this In N Out Double Double burger. With its In n Out bun, double patties topped with American cheese, there’s also tomato, lettuce, onion slices, and the rich Animal sauce. In n Out sure knows how to make their way to your palates.

Key Takeaway

Whether it’s a quarter pounder with cheese or just a plain solid burger you’re hunting for, we hope the list above will suffice. There are tons of options now with diced onions, shredded lettuce, and the fast-food restaurants’ signature sauce. You can even have swiss cheese. All you have to do is try what’s on the list first. Then you can decide for yourself which is the best for you as we all have different preferences.

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