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Amazing Brands That Are Inspiring In 2022 [Updated]

/ 10:15 AM November 16, 2021

It is rare to see companies with higher aspirations than raising their bottom line. Yet, you can find many of them if you look hard enough. Some brands continue to inspire and motivate their employees and customers despite these trying times. 

Most folks would find these companies to be a source of positive vibes, but they are more important for aspiring entrepreneurs. These companies can be your guide to building a brand that radiates positivity. Fortunately, we will go through several examples in this article!

Digital transformation is the prevalent trend for companies worldwide, so most of the five brands we will discuss are in the tech industry. Still, you will see a few companies outside that sector, such as Blosum and GoSkills. Later, we will explain how your brand can become a source of inspiration.

Here are some of the 5 inspiring brands of 2022:

  1. Canva
  2. Wise (formerly TransferWise)
  3. Blosum
  4. Gravy
  5. NerdWallet

How do brands inspire?

This is someone thinking about the characteristics of inspiring brands.

These brands exhibit special characteristics that allow them to empower customers. For example, they exude a unique personality to transcend stereotypical faceless corporations.

They do it by proudly showing their support for specific causes, from environmental problems to societal issues. However, they go above and beyond by providing solutions.

They do their best to provide content that helps others, such as blogs and online courses. Also, these inspiring brands communicated candidly with their customers.

In other words, they speak with clients casually and respectfully. As a result, they sustain their brand image while resonating with customers. 

1. Canva

Photo Credit: www.canva.com

The top inspiring brand on this list is an online design and publishing tool. Canva came out in 2013, and according to its homepage, its mission is to “empower everyone in the world to design anything and publish anywhere.” 

It stays true to its word because you can create a free account right now and start creating designs. It has several templates and stock photos you need to start a project.

You also have to admire the simplicity of its mission statement. Canva shares its values in a few sentences and flashcards, but they adequately explain it all!

  • Make complex things simple.
  • Set crazy big goals and make them happen.
  • Be a force for good. 
  • Empower others.
  • Pursue excellence.
  • Be a good human. 

Another great thing about this inspiring brand is that it provides free online resources. The Canva blogs cover web design, typography, and video production.

In other words, Canva offers multiple resources that can turn any newbie into an online content pro. Speaking of pros, you can gain extra features by subscribing to Canva Pro.

The subscription starts at $119.99, offering more templates and functions like the background remover. You can find its offices in Australia, China, and the Philippines.

2. Wise (formerly TransferWise)

We will now turn to one of the eCommerce companies on this list. Wise provides the business solutions your company needs for online transactions.

It lets you pay minimal fees when sending and receiving money from other countries. The company’s services seem cold and bland, right? Yet, Wise exudes warmth on social media.

Check its Twitter page, and you will see that it communicates in plain English. In other words, it posts messages that seem like a real person would share.

As mentioned earlier, speaking to clients in this manner lets you closely relate to clients. You may refer to the tweet above to check an example.

3. Blosum

This is the BlosumCBD logo.

Photo Credit: www.yourstoragefinder.com

The recent years have been bringing events that most people thought were impossible. Many of us tend to focus on the negative, but there are positive developments too.

For example, CBD legalization is spreading across the United States and the world. Last year, New York City allowed marijuana legalization. Now, Thailand allows the plant for its citizens.

However, negative misconceptions about CBD still linger. That is why Blosum provides a wealth of information about cannabidiol and its benefits. 

It has countless blogs regarding the subject, and you can find more content on its Twitter page. More importantly, it offers high-quality CBD goodies and delivers them anywhere in the US. 

4. Gravy

This is the Gravy Solutions logo.

Photo Credit: get.gravysolutions.io

One look at that name, and you probably thought of a meal kit delivery service. However, Gravy is an eCommerce solution that helps clients recover lost revenue.

It communicates casually, like the other inspiring brands. That is why its homepage starts with a simple breakdown of how small businesses lose profits. 

Gravy’s list cites faulty online payment systems, shopping cart abandonment, and insufficient marketing. The company also shares free blogs that can guide aspiring entrepreneurs. 

Some explain recent worldwide trends, such as the growing global inflation. On the other hand, some articles tackle specific topics like reducing customer churn. 

5. NerdWallet

This is the NerdWallet logo.

Photo Credit: www.allaboutcareers.com

Speaking of online resources, this next inspiring brand is the best source of insights for eCommerce. NerdWallet provides all sorts of financial blogs and tools.

It covers a wide range of topics, from paying off student loans to financing a business startup. Moreover, NerdWallet commits to sharing financial literacy with everyone. 

Its Financial Equality Project supports credit unions that serve low-income communities. As a result, these people gain access to fair financial products and services.

NerdWallet also has Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Programs that empower various minorities. These include projects like NerdOut, NerdWomen, and Nerds of Color. 

More importantly, it offers a free finance app for both iOS and Android. The NerdWallet app lets you monitor credit cards, savings, and other accounts on one platform.

What is a brand’s voice?

This is someone announcing something.

We just discussed some inspiring brands, but what insights should I derive from them? Their examples can help you determine what the voice of your brand will be. 

The term “voice” refers to two things for businesses. First, it is your company’s identity when it communicates to customers. Ask yourself, “what do my clients think about my brand?”

Let us say you have an eCommerce brand. Do you want people to view it as a cold, calculating machine for profits? Or would you instead want people to view it as a way to enrich their lives?

The right marketing can humanize any brand, even a seemingly-boring tech solution like Wise. Of course, you should go beyond by providing helpful social endeavors. 

For example, NerdWallet helps various marginalized groups using its projects. On the other hand, “voice” could refer to your company’s Share of Voice.

Like its namesake, it shows how many people talk about your brand. People limited the Share of Voice to traditional media like the TV and radio. 

It covers a broader range of platforms, such as social media. You can expand your Share of Voice by becoming an inspiring brand.

People have grown weary of negativity, so it is best to become that breath of fresh air. Eventually, they would spread the word about your inspiring brand and expand your Share of Voice.

Why should I avoid marketing with fear?

This is a nervous person.

You probably have seen many ads that use fear. Perhaps a pesticide brand creeped you out with gross household pests. Fear can easily elicit a response, but it has devastating long-term consequences for your brand.

It is an emotion that we inherited from our caveman ancestors. They needed fear because they had to be wary of wild animals. Nowadays, most of us do not face that level of danger.

Tapping into customer fears can cloud minds, so they tend to make wrong decisions. More importantly, it brings the following adverse effects for your business:

  • It turns clients off – Fear-based ads could be so scary that people turn away from them. Worse, your potential customers may even avoid buying your brand’s offerings. For example, a fear campaign against produce grown with pesticides caused people to avoid fruits and veggies altogether.
  • Fear may not work – The United States’ War On Drugs brought various ads, such as the one that compared “your brain on drugs” with an egg frying in a pan. Many people saw them, but they didn’t work as well as planned.
  • Fear can ruin your brand image – A fear-based ad could be jarring for customers if it strongly conflicts with your current brand reputation.
  • You may go overboard – If you’re not careful, that fear campaign could spell disaster for your brand! Customers may find it insensitive, just like what happened to a paint company after it offended victims of hurricane Katrina.

What is “Joy Marketing?”

This is a happy person.

You may want to use joy marketing instead. As the name suggests, these are campaigns that evoke feelings of happiness. In other words, you may want to be an inspiring brand!

It works simply because real people want to be happy. The US Declaration of Independence even promotes the human right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

What’s more, studies prove this innate need in people. Psychologist Sonja Lyubomirsky found that 93% of Americans sought more happiness.

Of course, the impact of joy marketing is more than just making your target audience feel good. Here are the ways it could help your brand:

  • Attract customers – Wouldn’t you rather watch an inspiring commercial instead of a depressing one? Your customers share the same view, so they’re likely to watch uplifting ads from you.
  • Improve your brand image – Cisco launched a “The Internet of Everything” campaign in 2015, changing the perception of its products as cold and unfeeling into warm and life-enriching.
  • Customers may buy more – People want happiness, so an ad that delivers it goes along with their desires. They will see that your products and services may work with your goals, so customers are more likely to pay for those.


Nowadays, inspiring brands prove that you don’t need fear to go viral on social media. Instead, they spread joy with their marketing, so people felt good sharing the ads.

Moreover, they prove that you need to be creative more than ever. The internet lets you reach more people, but you’ll have to do more to stand out!

Fortunately, LeadAdvisors is here to help. The company can deal with all you need for your marketing, so you don’t have to! Click here to learn more.

Frequently asked questions

How is happiness used in marketing?

Apply positive themes to your marketing so that it can exude lightheartedness. For example, show that your brand tries to solve a particular social issue. 

Where can I find brand inspiration?

You could find inspiring brands in various industries. Look hard enough, and you are bound to find companies that positively impact the world. Check the list above for some great examples.

How do you create an inspirational brand?

Start with having long-term goals that benefit others, not only your company. Then, communicate casually and respectfully with consumers. 

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