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Amazing brands that are inspiring in 2021

/ 10:15 AM November 16, 2021

In the middle of all the negativity from COVID-19, a few inspiring brands serve as a beacon of hope. Instead of spreading fear, their content marketing campaigns show something to look forward to in the future. As a result, customers are more than happy to use their products and services. We’ll look at some of these today!

After all, you might want to adopt their strategies into your brand’s campaigns. Fear-based methods may provide quick results, but it’s at the expense of long-term customer engagement. On the other hand, a positive campaign done right can leave an impression in your customers’ minds that will keep them coming back to your brand!

Let’s start by explaining why you might not want to use fear in your marketing campaigns. Then, we will talk more about why you should choose positive marketing instead. We will also show you some examples to see their real-life benefits. Later, we’ll explain the other secret behind the trending brands, so you can use it too!

Why should I avoid marketing with fear?

This is the word "strategy."

You’ve seen fear-based market strategies at least once in your life. Perhaps you saw a pesticide brand scare you into buying by showing how it gets rid of the creepy-crawlies at home.

It’s also how national health agencies around the world ensured that people followed COVID-19 protocols. However, this brought an unintended consequence.

Fear is effective because it’s a response that we’ve inherited from our caveman ancestors. They used to hunt deadly animals for food, and fear made sure they didn’t take unnecessary risks.

However, fear can cloud our minds, so we tend to make wrong decisions. The COVID campaigns backfired because some groups used fear to their advantage.


They told people that the government is using the pandemic as an excuse to take away civil liberties. As a result, people fought against the guidelines and the science that’s backing them.

This is a recent example of how fear marketing can go wrong, but it’s not the only one. Here are the following examples of its negative effects:

  • It turns clients off – Fear-based ads could be so scary that people turn away from them. Worse, your potential customers may even avoid buying your brand’s offerings. For example, a fear campaign against produce grown with pesticides caused people to avoid fruits and veggies altogether.
  • Fear may not work – The United States’ War On Drugs brought various ads, such as the one that compared “your brain on drugs” with an egg frying on a pan. Many people saw them, but they didn’t work as well as planned.
  • Fear can ruin your brand image – A fear-based ad could be jarring for customers if it strongly conflicts with your current brand reputation.
  • You may go overboard – If you’re not careful, that fear campaign could spell disaster for your brand! Customers may find it insensitive, just like what happened to a paint company after it offended victims of hurricane Katrina.

What is “Joy Marketing?”

This is a person happy after seeing an inspiring brand.

You may want to use joy marketing instead. As the name suggests, these are campaigns that evoke feelings of happiness. In other words, you may want to be an inspiring brand!

It works simply because real people want to be happy. The US Declaration of Independence even promotes the human right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

What’s more, studies prove this innate need in people. Psychologist Sonja Lyubomirsky found that 93% of Americans were looking for more happiness.

Of course, the impact of joy marketing is more than just making your target audience feel good. Here are the ways it could help your brand:

  • Attract customers – Wouldn’t you rather watch an inspiring commercial instead of a depressing one? Your customers share the same view, so they’re also likely to watch uplifting ads from you.
  • Improve your brand image – Cisco launched a “The Internet of Everything” campaign in 2015, and it changed the perception of their products as cold and unfeeling into warm and life-enriching. You can also see it in action in our article about the uses of cryptocurrency!
  • Customers may buy more – People want happiness, so an ad that delivers it goes along with their desires. They will see that your products and services may work with your goals, so customers are more likely to pay for those.

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Four inspiring brands with great joy marketing ads

This is an example of an inspiring brand.

Words aren’t enough to prove how effective joy marketing is. That’s why we listed four inspiring brands that applied it to their marketing campaign:

  1. McDonald’s (#Imlovinit24)

  2. Coca-Cola (I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke)
  3. T-Mobile (2010 Dance Video)
  4. Tesco (Surprise Delivery For Christmas 2016)

McDonald’s (#Imlovinit24)

The mega fast-food chain has launched numerous positive ads over the years. They especially needed one in 2015 as they were getting their worst sales in more than ten years.

This is why the company decided to re-launch their usual “I’m lovin’ it” campaign but with a twist. It was called #Imlovinit24, and it asked folks to talk about their happiest times in McDonald’s.

It lasted for a day, and it spanned 24 cities worldwide. As a result, people linked feelings of joy with the restaurant chain.

Coca-Cola (I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke)

This next example is a blast from the past, dating back to 1971. Ad executive Bill Backer had a clear vision for it: the whole world singing about Coke as everyone’s favorite drink.

This is what people saw in this old-timey ad. Backer’s plan worked with flying colors, and it went on to touch the hearts of millions of people across the world.

The fizzy drink company received more than 100,000 letters raving about the ad. Thousands of people also asked for sheet music.

T-Mobile (2010 Dance Video)

Here’s an inspiring brand with a more fun ad. The telecom firm’s 2010 video starts during a regular busy morning in London. As you can imagine, it’s a hectic and gloomy setting.

Then, a person starts dancing to a beat in the middle of this bustling train station. Eventually, more folks start vibing to the beat, forming a flash mob.

It’s a fun campaign that highlights its positive slogan: life’s for sharing. People will connect the ad to that slogan, leading to T-Mobile.

Tesco (Surprise Delivery For Christmas 2016)

This article was published sometime near the holidays, so here’s a relevant ad. It starts with an elderly lady named Theresa recalling her wonderful Christmas.

She shares details about her daughter and how much she misses her. In response, Tesco gave a surprise delivery that included her loved ones so that she could spend time with them.

Tesco released this ad in 2016, and it was based on Tesco’s research that 1 in 5 families members will not spend their Christmas together because of travel expenses.

The company had this great idea of connecting the brand with family bonding. As a result, people viewed Tesco as an inspiring brand.

What’s the other secret of these inspiring brands?

This is a person using a tablet.

Nowadays, big and small companies need a digital transformation, which means taking advantage of the new tech tools to boost your marketing.

Take T-Mobile’s research, for example. It inspired the brand to create such a touching ad, which might not have happened if it didn’t get this insight.

You will have to use the best tools to catch this kind of info, but just having them isn’t enough. Everyone in the company should adjust to fit the technologies.

Click on this other article to learn more about how you can pull this off. You’ll find out that this isn’t just about having the latest tools, and it’s about going with what the times need.

Final thoughts

Nowadays, inspiring brands prove that you don’t need fear to go viral on social media. Instead, they spread joy with their marketing, so people felt good sharing the ads.

What’s more, they prove that you need to be creative more than ever. The internet lets you reach more people, but you’ll have to do more to stand out!

Fortunately, LeadAdvisors is here to help. The company can deal with all you need for your marketing, so you don’t have to! Click here to learn more.

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