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Audio Advertising: How It Can Elevate Your Brand Awareness

/ 09:08 AM September 20, 2022

In place of visual content, people are steadily consuming audio through podcasts, playlists, or radio shows. This doesn’t require much to prove. Go into public places and observe regular wireless headphones, smart speakers, and smartphones.

You’ll instantly notice that we’re in an advanced audio age that provides an opportunity for audio advertising. This means more people can hear their content worldwide through audio services.

Audio advertising is expanding rapidly as a powerhouse of digital advertising. Since the coronavirus pandemic, there has been an increase in the number of people listening to podcasts globally, as it serves as an on-the-go pastime.

What is Audio Advertising?

Audio advertising is the insertion of ads in audio format into audio content broadcasted through digital radio, podcasts, or music streaming services like Amazon Music, Apple Music, and Spotify.

With audio ads, advertisers can reach consumers who listen to the radio, subscribe to podcasts, or stream music. Programmatic audio advertising provides an audience-focused buying approach by automating ad sales and insertion in audio content.

Why is Audio Advertising Effective?

Audio advertising is an excellent strategy for digital advertising due to its inherently immersive and intimate nature. Unlike other media, it quickly employs storytelling to pass its messages. This makes it easy for people not to feel stormed with promotional messages.

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Research has shown that audio is the most immersive media, triggering memorability, connection, and trust. It’s also considered the most trustworthy among other media sources. Digital audio advertisements generate more emotional activation and engagement than other media forms.

According to research by Spotify and Neuro-Insight, compared with radio, digital video, TV, and social media, digital audio is more likely to increase emotional intensity and engage lasting memory. Another study found an increase in ad engagement with each audio exposure.

Audiences can continuously get the main benefits in sales and brand equity from being exposed to audio messages. Consequently, the increase in immersion results in increased considerations to make purchases and positive opinions about the brand.

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Audio ads are very effective in driving people towards the point of making a purchase. Regardless of platforms or devices, audio has a strong emotional impact on people worldwide. This ultimately drives them to take action to make a purchase.

Furthermore, programmatic audio ads offer a data-focused method for efficiently targeting, measuring, and retargeting to optimize campaigns. Unlike conventional radio ads, audio ads tend to have a more conversational tone, with more personalized ad content specific to the intended listeners.

How Audio Advertising Can Help Your Brand

How Audio Advertising Can Help Your Brand

So far, it’s clear that audio content is widely consumed, and audio advertising provides an excellent opportunity to get your content out there. There are several benefits of employing audio ads to give your brand the reach it deserves.

High Reach to a Targeted Audience

Digital audio more efficiently reaches the younger generation because they engage more with podcasts or music streaming services than older generations. As a result, these younger generations typically spread the word about products or services online, which builds interest and loyalty for your brand.

With granular targeting, you will present your audio ads directly to your targeted audience, and you can focus on listeners who are likely to be interested in your product. For instance, if you’re marketing a keto-friendly cereal, you can target your ads to run during a podcast about nutrition or exercise.

High Listener Engagement

Research shows that audio ads have a higher recall rate than their conventional video counterparts. Several surveys also show that more podcast listeners have proceeded to buy a product right after an audio ad. This is mainly attributed to high engagement from audio.

Cost Effectiveness

Audio ads are generally not expensive to create, so you don’t need to worry about them taking up your advertising budget. You can also create audio ads remotely. This means that if an audio ad has two or more people, it doesn’t necessarily need to be recorded in one location.

Unlike conventional radio ads, you can track your ad spend on audio advertisements. They provide extensive data insights for you to understand your campaign results better. Since they’re target-specific, you’ll get better returns on your branding investment.

Brand Safety

Delivering your audio ads in-stream directly through audio applications reduces the risk of fraudulent activity and also guarantees genuine listeners. Understanding the content can make your ads more effective and connect your message properly.

Easy to Create

Audio ads are snowballing, and advertisers are capitalizing on them. But you don’t need a recording studio to create your audio ads. There are easier, faster, and more affordable ways to do it.

You can hire professional voice actors. Some companies offer amazing voiceover artists with hundreds of languages, which can be very useful if your audio ads target different language areas.

Use a royalty-free music service if you intend to use music in your audio ads. With this, you can avoid licensing issues and royalty fees. In addition, some streaming services like Spotify offer an in-house audio ads production service. You just have to provide details of your campaign, and their team will take care of the rest.

Why You Should Start Implementing It

Why You Should Start Implementing Audio Advertising

Audio content plays a crucial role in brand adoption. Various brands can freely try different ways to deliver creativity in a new yet familiar channel.

Digital audio advertising is becoming faster and more affordable, thanks to AI developments that increase the levels of expressiveness, such as synthesized voices for particular kinds of content. Production requires no additional costs, and you can quickly turn published content into audio and natively integrate your ads.

In addition, programmatic audio ads are getting more sophisticated through adtech, and audiences are becoming more targetable. At the current pace, the audio industry is set to expand rapidly and provide fresh revenue opportunities, including options for content creation, optimization, improved tracking, and wider audio inventory monetization.


Incorporating audio ads into your marketing campaign holds many benefits for your brand. You may find it unnecessary, but this advertising style benefits every business. Advertisers may feel the need to consider only futuristic, advanced trends to stay relevant.

However, audio has been a popular choice for a long time, and it’s unlikely to change anytime soon. Though its technology may evolve, there’ll always be those people who like to relax and listen. Digital audio ads can reach these audiences through several platforms.

Audio ads are cost-effective and can target audiences granularly based on their specific interests. One of the upsides here is the possibility of ad attribution. Audio ads could significantly impact your digital marketing strategy as they’re great for brand awareness, target-specific, and can provide great returns on your brand investment.

When creating and launching your audio campaigns, you should always consider your audiences – who are they, and where are they located? Also, podcasts can serve as a great platform to run your audio ads, having witnessed an increase in listeners and subscribers in recent years.

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