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What marijuana legalization in New York means

/ 08:24 AM April 07, 2021

New York marijuana legalization just became a thing in New York state. Now, adult New Yorkers may use the plant for recreational purposes. What’s more, the state might make a lot of money as it allows the growing market. Could this mean that the United States marijuana prohibition will end soon?

Let’s first discuss how the state of New York finally allowed legal weed. Then, we’ll go through the details of the Empire State’s weed laws and their effects. Nevertheless, New Yorkers may try out CBD products for their possible health benefits. They were able to buy and enjoy CBD products even before the new law.

If you’re a proud New Yorker, this could bring changes to your neighborhood. You might see more stores and retailers of this plant. It may even help your state get back after the effects of COVID-19 and the lockdowns. More importantly, it’s good to know changes we might see in the whole country soon.


Governor Cuomo signed marijuana bill

Governor Cuomo signed marijuana bill

On March 31, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo legalized the use of cannabis for adults. It expands old cannabis laws and places new ones. Here are other details about Assembly Bill A1248A:

    • Details about the Office of Cannabis Management and the Cannabis Control Board
    • Increasing the number of health problems allowed in the Medical Marijuana Program
    • Rules for growers and distributors
    • New marijuana taxes
    • Allowing the sale of hemp flowers when adult-use stores are open
    • Using the taxes for public programs
    • Letting villages, cities, and towns choose if they want to allow adult-use or not
    • Erase criminal records of those who committed crimes that would be allowed under the new law
    • Rules for cannabis use during work
    • Public Health and Education Campaign

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Details of New York marijuana law

If you live in New York City or other areas within the state, you should learn more about the new law. Here are the details for using, possessing, and growing the plant:

  • People aged 21 and up may possess up to 3 ounces of cannabis for recreational use.
  • Also, adults may possess 24 grams of concentrated cannabis outside their homes.
  • Adults may smoke it wherever, as long as the Clean Indoor Air Act allows it.
  • In 2022, adults may grow 3 cannabis plants each at home or 6 for every household.
  • People may take medical cannabis as long as a specially licensed doctor certified it for a specific illness.
  • In 2021, patients in the medical marijuana program may grow up to 6 plants at home.

What this means for New York State

What this means for New York State

Governor Cuomo said that he legalized cannabis as a way of investing in communities. Here are some possible effects of New York marijuana legalization:

  • DUIs caused by marijuana may increase or decrease. The plant’s often used at home. That’s why there’s not much info about its effects on drivers.
  • The state expects around $350 million in marijuana tax revenue. This might not happen for the next year, though. Stores take time to start.
  • It may stop the waste of tax money on possession arrests. It uses up around $100 million every year. The new laws may have saved $75 million that could be used for the more important stuff.
  • Fewer teenagers will use the plant. Legalizing the drug may replace street dealers with legal retailers. Customers have to prove they’re 21, so it might prevent teens from using them.
  • The New York marijuana laws could bring more cannabis stores to the area. This could increase the property values.
  • The move to legalize recreational use might mean marijuana could be allowed at the federal level. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer says he’s made it a priority.

New York CBD

New York CBD

Even before marijuana sales were allowed, New Yorkers were allowed to buy and use CBD products. These have the extract cannabidiol found in hemp.

President Trump signed the 2018 Farm Bill, requiring CBD products to only have a 0.3% THC content. New York and other states follow it too.

This means people in the Empire State may buy them as long as they’re used as food supplements. For medication, you must have a medical marijuana card.

Even before New York marijuana legalization, New Yorkers may buy CBD goodies from nearby stores. They could also purchase them online and get them delivered to their doors.

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Possible benefits of CBD

Numerous studies have said that cannabidiol may have lots of health benefits. According to the World Health Organization, it’s mostly safe.

It doesn’t affect the mind like the other stuff in marijuana. Instead, it might help with numerous health problems like:

  • Muscle pain
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Acne and other skin problems
  • Epilepsies
  • Anxiety

What’s more, you could choose from many kinds of CBD products. For immediate effects, you may get CBD tinctures. For aching joints, CBD salves might be good for you.

If you want a fast and easy CBD fix, get some CBD softgel capsules. Of course, you could enjoy it instead by snacking on CBD gummies. Your dog might love CBD dog chews too!

Before you buy CBD

Before you buy CBD

Note that it’s not proven to cure, prevent, or treat any sicknesses. Please ask your doctor if CBD is suitable for you before you purchase. They could help you avoid unwanted effects.

Read the label on your CBD product before buying it. You might find something that may not be good for you. For example, see if there’s anything that may cause allergies.

Learn the CBD laws in your state. Some areas might not allow its use. Others like New York and California let people use CBD. Please follow the laws in your place.

Final Thoughts

Gov. Cuomo just signed New York marijuana legalization. This could mean big things for the folks at the Empire State. Its effects might not show up very soon, though.

Still, they could enjoy CBD products sold near their areas. They could also order them online to have the goods sent to their doors.

Of course, you shouldn’t settle for just any CBD product. You want high quality and top safety from your purchase. That’s why you should only buy at the best retailers like Blosum.

Blosum gets its ingredients from hemp grown in the United States. Third-party labs check their products to make sure customers get safe and effective CBD in every purchase.

You won’t find any harmful or artificial substances. Instead, Blosum CBD products contain all-natural, all-organic ingredients only.

Choose from a variety of CBD goodies like tinctures, gummies, and salves. Even better, they ship anywhere in the US.

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