The 6 best blockchain stocks your portfolio needs for 2021

Best blockchain stocks your portfolio needs

/ 07:25 AM June 22, 2021

Investors should be looking out for the best blockchain stocks this year. These are the hot new assets that have good chances for growth this year. Moreover, as the world adopts cryptocurrencies further, their prices are bound to yield huge returns!

We’ll get through the best blockchain stocks right away. Then, we’ll explain a few basics about blockchain and the technology companies that work with it. While you’re at it, you may want to know why you should invest in cryptos too.

Nowadays, people worldwide are getting deeper into cryptos. This includes large companies that work with them in some way. These businesses have the best blockchain stocks you need for your portfolio this year.

#1: Amazon (AMZN)

#1: Amazon (AMZN)

You can buy almost everything under the sun from Amazon. People may even use its platform to sell their goods. Soon, the e-commerce giant may let people create blockchain networks too.

With Amazon Managed Blockchain (AWB), a person could make a public network with ease. People won’t have to spend too much on equipment.

What’s more, the network owners won’t have to deal with too much overhead. This could help small businesses handle their supply chains and customer rewards.


In other words, this could draw in even more clients for Amazon. Moreover, the e-commerce leader may use blockchain to improve its supply chains too.

It was performing excellently during the pandemic. With AWB, this could bring massive returns for their investors. Moreover, there are barely any risks to the company’s growth.

Amazon leads in multiple fields, meaning various factors sustain its growth. It’s likely to keep growing in the coming years. As a result, this is the best blockchain stock for 2021!


#2: PayPal (PYPL)

#2: PayPal (PYPL)

PayPal Holdings Inc. has been going strong for more than 20 years. If you’ve ever bought something online, you may have heard of PayPal.

What’s more, it lets people share funds with others easily. Now, the company allows its users to buy, store, and send cryptos with their accounts. PayPal allows these four digital coins:

BTC and ETH are the top 1 and 2 cryptos, respectively. This means PayPal covers the most popular options in the crypto list. Although, it may benefit from allowing other cryptos.

Based on its 6-month performance. PYPL stock is doing well. It’s steadily growing with minimal dips. If it lets users choose other cryptos, perhaps this growth may increase.

Still, PayPal is one of the best blockchain stocks right now. So if you’re looking for a relatively steady investment, this might be for you.

#3: Visa (V)

#3: Visa (V)

When people think of credit cards, Visa often comes to mind. It’s the go-to plastic swiper for folks around the world. Lately, we’ve been using it for online payments too!

Now, Visa will evolve with its crypto solutions. For example, it recently launched the first crypto credit card. This will simplify its earlier card.

Back then, people used the card to buy stuff like a cup of coffee. It had digital currency inside that pays for the beverage.

However, the card had to turn crypto into regular money in a bank account. Visa’s new card will do away with this. Instead, it will store USD coins (USDC) and use the Ethereum network.

In turn, this will get rid of this extra conversion process. In addition, the major crypto exchange platforms Binance and Coinbase offer Visa cards nowadays.

Similar to PayPal stock, the stock price continues to grow steadily. It’s not growing much, though. Nevertheless, this is one of the top blockchain stocks you may want to hold for the long term.

#4: Square (SQ)

#4: Square (SQ)

Just like its simple name, Square has a simple goal. It helps small businesses accept credit cards easier. You may think it’s simple, but it’s a big deal for startups and mom-and-pops.

It can be hard to allow credit cards as a payment method. First, you’ll have to deal with numerous platforms. Also, you’ll need the machines to keep track of them easily.

Square makes it easier by providing all the tools a business may need. They’re compatible with several types of tech as well. As a result, clients won’t take too long adopting Square’s tools.

What’s more, the Square Cash App lets people send and receive bitcoin fast and easily. Meanwhile, its bitcoin team known as Square Crypto has numerous projects too.

One of its biggest is the Lightning Development Kit (LDK). It adds features to crypto wallets. For example, the LDK could enable multi-device access.

It’s one of the best blockchain stocks since Square is more likely to have more users. It has a big chance of increasing revenue, especially since America’s reopening soon.

As the US restarts its economy, more small businesses may use Square. Still, the country must get rid of COVID soon. If everything goes well, Square is likely to grow this 2021!

#5: Riot Blockchain (RIOT)

#5: Riot Blockchain (RIOT)

Let’s talk briefly about blockchain first. It’s the decentralized network that enables cryptocurrencies. Regular people own many of the computers in them.

A miner uses his computer to confirm transactions for a crypto coin. Each success earns a reward in the form of more digital coins. Since bitcoin is the most popular, more people mine it.

It’s tough to be a bitcoin miner, though. You’ll need an expensive computer, the right software, and a 24/7 fast and reliable internet connection. Worse, you may not earn that much!

That’s because other bitcoin miners often have better equipment than you. This allows them to confirm transactions faster. As a result, they earn bitcoins before you do!

You have another option, though. You could pay for cloud-based mining. Even better, you may ask Riot Blockchain for your bitcoin mining needs. It’s well-positioned for growth this year.

China recently shut its huge bitcoin mining farms. In response, the cryptocurrency mining industries are headed to North America. Specifically, they’re looking at the United States.

Riot just acquired Whinstone US, Inc., making it the biggest bitcoin mining facility in the world. What’s more, this would enable them to reduce power costs greatly.

This could mean good news for Riot and its investors. As a result, RIOT is one of the best blockchain stocks of the year!

#6: Coinbase (COIN)

#6: Coinbase (COIN)

Buying Coinbase stock may seem like an obvious choice for investors. It’s one of the biggest crypto exchange platforms. In addition, Cryptos are trending around the world.

It’s one of the best blockchain stocks for this reason. Yet, it’s at the bottom of this list. It’s because of China’s bitcoin crackdown. In response, fewer investors bought and sold the stock.

Meanwhile, the US may soon regulate the crypto market. Even Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong admitted that it’s a risk. Still, you may want to stay bullish for the company’s shares.

Look closely, and you’ll see major US institutions adopting bitcoin. They’re still optimistic about crypto, despite recent events. If that’s the case, then Coinbase could still be a great investment.

Blockchain + stocks: Better or worse?

We didn’t cover many companies on the list. Still, they are promising. These include Marathon Digital Holdings and International Business Machines (IBM).

This was on purpose, though. If you’ve noticed, the list discussed their long-term growth. However, we mostly talked about how useful they will be in the long run.

This is because blockchain stocks are highly unpredictable. It mixes a regular stock with the wild price movements of crypto. The prices can shift significantly almost every hour!

The best way to invest is by HODLing. It stands for “hold on for dear life.” In other words, you may want to keep them for several years. In time, they will grow much more.

Cryptos have various long-term uses. It’s more than internet money nowadays. So no matter how short-term movements go, we’re likely to see long-term growth.

In short, blockchain stocks are a high-risk and high-reward asset class. However, if you’re willing to wait, they have a good chance of giving high returns.

Final thoughts

If you’re interested in the best blockchain stocks, you might as well invest in cryptos too. Binance, Coinbase, and other crypto platforms make it easy to start.

Also, you may want to check conventional options too. This includes exchange-traded funds and stocks from other industries. Real estate crowdfunding makes it easier to invest in properties too!

The crypto market is like the stock market today. It has more options, and it is more widely accepted nowadays. Also, it’s currently experiencing a huge dip.

Just like stocks, you may want to scoop some coins while they’re cheap. We may soon see another all-time high. So make sure you’re holding assets that will grow in value from this!

Learn more about the best blockchain stocks

What are the best Blockchain stocks to buy?

Amazon is the best choice for blockchain stocks right now. It’s bound to grow due to Amazon’s reach in various fields. PayPal and Visa are good picks too.

Are Blockchain stocks a good investment?

They’re a worthwhile investment due to the growing crypto trend. As the world adopts bitcoin further, these stocks will likely grow too.

What is the most popular Blockchain?

Ethereum is the most popular crypto network right now. It allows the creation of other digital assets. This includes smart contracts and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

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