What to do during a dog attack | Dog Attack Prevention

What to do during a dog attack

/ 09:02 AM April 22, 2021

Do you fear that one day an aggressive dog would attack you? Or have you already been in such a situation and did not know what to do?

Dog attacks are rare but deadly. Do not make the mistake of underestimating a dog’s ability to cause harm. When a dog feels threatened, it would aggressively attack.

Most dog attacks could be fatal as well. A dog bite has the potential to kill you. According to estimates, most casualties by dog attacks are caused by pit bulls.


Dog Attack Prevention

Dog Attack Prevention

It is imperative to take dog attack prevention seriously. You can never know when you would get into a situation like this. Your main objective should be to keep yourself safe and to do that. You might have to obtain a physical.

Dogs are some of the most lovable and adorable creatures. We love to keep them as pets. But let’s not forget that some dog breeds are overly aggressive and dangerous. An attack from them could be your worst nightmare.

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A dog attack is something that we should not take lightly. There are several dire consequences of a severe dog attack. Even if you do not live anywhere near a dangerous dog breed, you should still know the basic dog attack prevention techniques to save yourself from severe wounds.

There are different methods to deal with other sorts of dog attacks. To correctly manage such a situation, you must be able to recognize the dog’s emotions. In some cases, a dog would attack you because it is scared or feel threatened, while some breeds would attack and killed just because it is in their nature, like a pit bull.

Here are some tips and techniques that you should know for dog attack prevention.

What to do if an off-leash dog approaches you?

What to do if an off-leash dog approaches you?

If you are walking and suddenly notice an off-leash dog approaching you in a fast manner, then the most sensible thing to do would be to call out to the owner. Tell them to get their dog immediately. If you do not see the owner around, then here are some helpful tips to control the situation.

  • Remove yourself from the sight of the dog by getting something in between you, like a blanket or an umbrella. You can also get behind a car.
  • Usually, the dogs are trained and know common commands such as “sit” or “stay.” You can firmly say these commands to the dog and check if that works.
  • Get a handful of treats and toss them on the dog’s head quickly. It would divert its attention, and you would have some more time to walk swiftly away from it.
  • If you see a leash hanging around their neck, you can grab the leash and quickly loop it around a pole or a fence and then tie it. However, while doing so, you should remain careful. It is not wise to put your face near the dog’s face while tying the leash.

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What to do if a frightening off-leash dog approaches you?

What to do if a frightening off-leash dog approaches you?

If you suddenly notice that a scared dog is frighteningly approaching you, you must keep your calm before applying the dog attack prevention techniques and not scream, run, panic, or make eye contact. Your constant up and down movements might scare him more. A frightened dog is more likely to attack.

There are many instances where a person dies after being struck, especially say a story like a woman mauled to death by a dog. You have to always be in the know of the latest stories and prevention tips.

Staying calm and in one place is what you need to do first. Here are a few other tips to prevent a dog attack.

  • Make firm commands like “stay” or “sit.”
  • Throw some food away from yourself. The dog would be attracted to it, and you will have more time to escape.
  • Stand and stay upright.
  • Get on top of something.
  • If you are with a baby in a stroller and cannot get away, then the best option is to yell at the dog. Throw a stick at it to scare it away. If you do not have anything firm, you can also throw toys or the diaper bag to distract the dog.

What to do if you are attacked?

Joggers and runners are at a high chance of getting a dog attack. If an aggressive dog has suddenly come near you out of nowhere, your first attempt should be to let the dog attack something that is not you.

For example, if you or a boy was attacked and are wearing a sweater, then quickly get your arm out of it and let the empty sleeve in the face of the dog. The dog would likely take the bait. You can then let the dog pull the sweater off.

This would give you some time to slowly back out of the area. The dog would be satisfied in getting hold of a piece of you. It would be distracted for some amount of time.

This is always a good idea to use that you already have to distract the dog. Let the dog think that they had a piece of you, and it would leave you alone for some time. The best material to use in such times can be pulled off quickly, usually in seconds. If you have nothing on hand, use your shoe for this maneuver.

When you are in a dog attack, the best advice is to protect your face, chest, and throat. Keep your hands firmly in the fist so that your fingers are covered. If the attack is bound to happen, then the safest place for a dog bite is the shin or forearm. Keep your thighs protected at all costs because a dog bite there can cause fatal bleeding.

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The Bottom Line

Dogs do not naturally feel the urge to attack humans unless they feel scared or threatened. You cannot always avoid or get out of such a situation because the dog owners are negligent. But you can still save yourself and protect yourself from this knowledge and minimize the harms of a dog attack or even death by dogs.

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