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InVideo Review – The Best Online Video Editor

/ 10:17 AM April 06, 2021

If you’ve wanted to be the next Mr. Beast or Pewdiepie, InVideo could help you get started. Nowadays, YouTubers are becoming more popular, and more folks want to be like them. It’s not easy to make and edit videos, though. Thankfully, InVideo allows regular folks to create videos within minutes for free!

We’ll explain how people are taking the pandemic as an opportunity to earn from YouTube. More people are getting into it, and software like InVideo makes it so much easier. We will show you its unique features you could use without spending. If you have spare cash, we’ll go through the additional features you get from their subscriptions!


Start your influencer career with InVideo!

Start your influencer career with InVideo!

The coronavirus may have taken us down, but we have more options to get back up. Social media and other technologies provide ways to keep earning despite the pandemic. We’re getting more tech-driven nowadays, so it affects even our work preferences. InVideo might just help you adapt to our changing world.

Behind crisis lies opportunity

The pandemic caused many people to lose plenty of opportunities. Millions lost their jobs and closed their businesses. Worse, most of us still aren’t safe from COVID-19 outdoors.

Still, many people refused to give in to the current situation. They used the numerous online resources available to earn despite this crisis.

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Teenagers have been making videos to make money on YouTube. Linganore High School student Collier Vozzola has been making $50 a month from videos.

It’s not the same heights as PewDiePie, with his net worth of around $40 million. Still, he started from his video game clips. Now, he’s the most prominent YouTuber ever with a clothing line, Tsuki.

This could be your moment as an influencer

You might be thinking, “I don’t know the first thing about making videos!”. Well, lots of online services could help you get started. Some like InVideo don’t even charge a cent!

The signs are all around you. A quick Google search could show countless regular people earning a ton from video content.

As we get to know these personalities, more people want to be like them. A recent survey revealed that most kids want to be YouTubers or Vloggers.


You may earn around $1,500 from a YouTube video with a million views. No wonder students are starting their YouTube careers lately!

What’s more, services like InVideo let you start making videos with ease. You won’t have to deal with the steep learning curve of major video editing software like Adobe After Effects.

InVideo’s here to help

Video creation can be complex. You need to learn the technical aspects of video editing software. This requires time for learning and practicing computer programs.

This is probably the reason why you’ve held back in starting as a YouTuber. After seeing famous names like Mr. Beast and Ninja, you might feel more discouraged.

If only there’s a video editing software that’s so much simpler. Something so easy to use that you only need a few minutes. Here’s where InVideo comes in.

InVideo allows you to make videos much more accessible. It provides all the graphics and tools you need to start making videos quickly. Even better, it’s free!

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Video Making

InVideo provides lots of convenient drag-and-drop features. Start by choosing from several templates on their website. You’re bound to find one that suits your video.

Then, you can add stock videos to each of the scenes. Add effects such as animations, transitions, stickers, and filters.

Unlike regular video creation software, InVideo only takes a few minutes. Just choose the graphics and effects you need, then drag them onto the scene!

Turning text into videos

InVideo also enables users to convert text into videos. This could serve well when you’re presenting an article. Slideshows are a thing of the past!

Select a “Text to Video” template, then copy and paste your words. It will lay your text onto the scene, ready for personal touches.

Back then, adding long lines of text on a video takes hours. InVideo lets you skip placing them correctly, so you can start editing.

Adding music

Let’s say you’re done setting up the scenes. Well, you won’t just put out a silent movie, right? Good thing InVideo has a wide selection of ready tunes.

Same as the other features, just drag-and-drop all you need. On the other hand, you could put in tracks from your computer.

This could be pretty handy if you want a YouTube music career. Just copy and paste the lyrics, then match them with your fantastic voice!

Managing your videos

YouTube creators don’t just make a video then upload it. They also deal with video management. They think about video looping, bulk uploading, and other stuff.

InVideo could also help manage your videos by providing these features. For example, it lets you place closed captioning, so folks from around the world could understand your content.

The online service is so convenient that it enables more than just video creation. What’s more, its mobile screen support feature allows you to keep an eye on your content while on the go.

Giving these features for free

Professional video software like Sony Vegas could cost you a lot. InVideo gives all the tools you need for free. Even better, you won’t have to take too long learning the ropes.

It’s great for those just starting their Vlogger careers. Those teens we mentioned just uploaded 5-minute videos. InVideo lets you make content in less time!

This online service could help you earn extra on YouTube. As you make more, you might want better programs. On the other hand, you could pay for additional InVideo features.

InVideo pricing

The program gives this many features for no cost. If you want more features, you could get a monthly Business or Unlimited subscription. Check below for more details:

InVideo Pricing Plans & Features

InVideo Review Pricing

InVideo accepts all cards via Paypal. For Stripe, the service only accepts Visa and Mastercard. It will charge your credit card and renew your subscription automatically.

Final Thoughts

With online services like InVideo, you don’t have an excuse to hold off on your YouTuber dreams! Along with extra time during the pandemic, you may start earning at home.

InVideo provides all you need to start making videos. It lets you create content within minutes. Choose from its selection of images and clips, then drag them into your project.

Please check the InVideo website for more information. You could also click on the bubble at the bottom suitable for chat support.

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