How to fix IOS 14 issues | Common Problems and Steps to Fix

How to fix IOS 14 issues

/ 11:00 AM March 30, 2021

Whether iPhone or an Apple watch, every latest version of IOS comes with various issues and bugs, some more major than others, and iOS 14 is no different. Sometimes the photos app doesn’t work, pinned conversations get lost, or the home app runs into problems. Most users have also been complaining about QR codes and Apple Pay not working correctly.

Whether issues are related to Apple devices or are just part of an app in the app store, the company generally irons out several of these glitches with ensuing software updates and uploading bug fixes.

However, it’s convenient to know whether the problems you see on your phone are known bugs in iOS 14. It is also crucial to learn about some of the fixes and workarounds you can try yourself. We have sorted out some of the standard iOS 14 issues and their possible solutions for you.

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1. Issue: Can’t Change Widgets

1. Issue: Can’t Change Widgets

With iOS 14, one of the major draws was the latest interface for the home screen that features stackable and resizable widgets. Some iPhone users were dissatisfied when they couldn’t change widgets when wanted or recently downloaded party apps that may not have existing widgets.

Viable Solution:

Try this worthy trick. To launch the app in question, use it for a while. Once the app clips are established on your phone, a widget may appear on the list when you tap the + sign.

2. Issue: Text Messages Hinders

When typing an email, text message, or inline replies, the text is deferred and slow to register on the screen, which is off-putting. This has been a longstanding iOS 14 issue.


Viable Solution:

Update your device to the most recent version of iOS — i.e., 14.4. The changelog for iOS 14.4 stipulates deferred typing as one of the bug repairs.

3. Issue: Google Authenticator App Not Working

3. Issue: Google Authenticator App Not Working

Another issue that iPhone 6s users have faced after updating iOS 14.2 was that the Google Authenticator translate app discontinued loading up as usual.


One would tap its icon, the app would start to load for a split second, but it would immediately return to the Home screen. This is possibly a severe bug, specified the necessity of using two-factor verification to log into personal accounts. Nevertheless, there is one speedy fix you can use to solve the issue.

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Viable Solution:

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap General
  • Then iPhone Storage
  • Finally, Authenticator

Tap Offload App, which will eradicate the app from your iPhone while keeping all of its data — don’t fret, your 2FA codes won’t be misplaced. Next step, tap Reinstall.

4. Issue: Not Getting Text Notifications

More and more iOS users are ranting that they don’t receive text message notifications at all. There are reports that even the red notification bubble may not show up either, even if you have unread text messages.

It’s frustrating, annoying and means you have to open your Messages app from time to time to check if you have newly received iMessages or texts. But remember that every problem has a solution.

Viable Solution:

As part of iOS 14.3, Apple fixed a bug affecting message updates aren’t being sent. You’ll need to update to iOS 14.3 or later to fix the issue. Just sign in with Apple. It’s that easy.

5. Issue: Installation of the IOS 14 Update

5. Issue: Installation of the IOS 14 Update

Many iPhone users had been waiting desperately to download the latest operating system as soon as it was accessible. Still, they found they had to wait from hours to a day or two for the initial release of iOS 14 to install to their phone.

Viable Solution:

The update ultimately reached almost every compatible phone with the latest update — it only took some time.
If you’re still on the waiting list, you must make some space in your phone and uninstall apps, videos, and photos you don’t need to save on your device any longer.

Additionally, ensure your handset is wholly charged or be ready to plug it into a power source for installing a new updated version. If you’re still facing issues, restart your phone to clean up the cobwebs.

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6. Issue: Battery Drain

Battery drain is an everlasting issue after the installation of the latest mobile OS. That is because the new system has a lot to put together and catch up on before the battery will start running normally again. Unexpectedly, it is a protest that’s still out there for iOS 14.

Viable Solutions:

Chill out for at least 2 days after installing a brand-new update, and keep the battery fully charged so that your phone adapts accurately to the new OS. Understand that not only is your phone fitting in the new system and re-indexing your phone data, but your installed apps are also adjusting to a new environment and even upgrading their systems to better operate with iOS 14. All of that takes power and time.

Double-check your battery health through Settings > Battery > Battery Health, which will let you know the level of charge your device can hold. You can take several steps to recover your battery life, such as adjusting app background use or screen brightness. If a specific app, like your camera app, constantly chews through your battery life, you may want to make added adjustments or uninstall it.

Start over your phone by turning it entirely off. Please wait a few moments, and then power it back up again.

7. Issue: Default App Reset

7. Issue: Default App Reset IOS 14 issues

If the reported glitch comes from any new features introduced by iOS 14, you can reset the default browser and email the client back. Switch the browser to Safari and email the client to Mail. Once done, power down and then restart your phone.

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Viable Solution

Download the latest version of iOS 14, which is 14.4. For solving the default browser bug, a single restart should be enough. There are also reports that some apps cannot open URLs if Safari is not the default browser. This issue can again be fixed by resetting the default browser to Safari through the settings menu.

8. Issue: Bluetooth Performance

Bluetooth connections can often be an issue, so if you cannot connect to various Bluetooth devices after updating to iOS 14, here are a few fixes that you can try.

Viable Solutions:

To fix the Bluetooth connection on your device first, go to Settings > Bluetooth and then select the link using the info circle. Tap on Forget This Device and Then reconnect.

You can also reset your iPhone’s network settings by going to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. This will cause your device to forget all the current Wi-Fi networks, so be sure to remember them to log back in safely.

The last resort solution is to restore your device’s factory default settings. To do this, go to Settings > General > Reset >Reset All Settings.

9. Issue: Wi-Fi Problems

9. Issue: Wi-Fi Problems IOS 14 issues

Losing your Wi-Fi connection is more like losing your car keys – you can’t get anywhere without them!

Getting disconnected from Wi-Fi means staying detached from the entire world. Wi-Fi problems can cause serious problems, especially in today’s world where our work life and personal life are entirely dependent on the internet.

So, if you’re operating a home Wi-Fi network for your iOS 14, here are a few things to try.

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Viable Solutions:

Start with simple solutions: unplug the router for a few minutes and then plug it back in if that doesn’t work out for you, no issues.

Go to your settings, tap on Wi-Fi and choose your connection info circle. Then, tap Forget this Network. After a short while, reconnect again.

You can also reset your phone’s network settings following the same steps cited above.

10. Issue: Cellular Connection Issues

10. Issue: Cellular Connection Issues IOS 14 issues

Among the iOS 14 issues, not getting a solid cellular connection is the most frustrating one. If you are facing cellular connection issues, you can try two things.

First, ensure that your region is not going through any service interruptions by checking the local news, notices, TV, radio, or social media. You can also contact your service provider and ask them if the service is deliberately cut down in your region.

If the issue not due to your approximate location, here’s what to do.

Viable Solutions:

  • Restart your iPhone to restart the connection
  • You can turn on Airplane Mode for 30 seconds and then turn it off.
  • Toggle cellular data off for a short while and then turn it on. You can do that via Settings > Cellular and toggle off.


Having the IOS 14 update can be essential for some people’s iPhones. Hopefully, with this guide, one can know what the issue is and solve it. There are always troubleshooting tips on Apple’s website, as well.

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