What are veneers? | Everything you need to know about your teeth

What are veneers?

/ 01:56 PM April 01, 2021

Do you want to covet that million-dollar smile you saw on tv? Well, you’re a candidate for veneers. If you’re curious to know what veneers are, read through.

Veneers are film-thin, shell-like, tooth-colored materials that are bonded to your teeth to improve their appearance. The main goal is to mask any imperfections in size, shape, or positioning in the mouth.

These shells are permanently bonded to the front surface of your teeth to give them the perfect profile. Never worry that it would look fake as your dentist would have it custom-fit precisely on the shape of your smile.


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There are two types to choose from, porcelain or a resin veneer. Porcelain veneers are stain-resistant, stronger, and look more natural. At the same time, resin veneers made of composite resin require lesser tooth enamel to be shaved. It’s easier to fix but not as strong as the porcelain ones.

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Plus, resin veneer is wallet-friendly as it costs less than the porcelain ones. It will depend on you and your dentist’s advice whether what type of veneer would suit you best.

If you have crooked, chipped teeth, or there’s a gap between teeth, you might want to consider learning more about dental veneers, the procedure, and the cost. Whether you are already considering it or still thinking twice, read more below to decide finally.

Are veneers expensive?

Are veneers expensive?

The fee would start running from your first consultation. You need to go for consultation firsthand to have your teeth assessed. Only then will you know how much you’re looking at to spend. It’s better to go for a check-up with a cosmetic dentist for this procedure.

Consider checking in first if this procedure was covered by insurance as mostly it’s not. It’s considered as part of cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetics is an exception to insurance coverage.

Each veneer can cost from $500 to $2500. Yes, it is expensive but worth it. If what you’re spending on is for a perfect smile in the next couple of years, why not give it a go?
The price range depends upon the material you’ve chosen, the dentist’s expertise doing your procedure, and your location.


Apprehensive of cashing out that much for every tooth? Don’t fret just yet, as you also have the option to ask your dentist if they are offering a payment plan. Considering how much you are willing to shell out, it’s still up to you because once you’ve undergone the process, it’s kind of stuck with you already as it’s semi-permanent.

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Do veneers ruin your teeth?

Do veneers ruin your teeth?

Whether you are concerned or a bit hesitant if veneers can ruin your teeth, the answer is no. First things first, your teeth and gums need to be checked.

Depending on your case, sometimes a treatment was necessary before starting the procedure. Your dental care is your dentist’s trophy. They’ll make sure that everything’s working out fine before you undergo any measures.

You’ll have to adhere to the fact that your teeth need to be shaved. Once it’s done, there’s no turning back. Regardless, it won’t harm your natural teeth if you follow a healthy routine in taking care of your veneers.

If you have a complete understanding of how the whole procedure is done, you’ll know for sure that it won’t ruin your precious whites. Instead, it’ll give you that perfect appearance. What are veneers for, only to provide you with that stunning smile that’ll look superb in every photo op?

Although it is for the fact that it won’t do any harm to your teeth, not everyone is an ideal candidate for veneers. Some tests need to be performed as part of your dentist’s assessment.

It’s not a good option for you to have weak teeth, gum disease, or other existing dental problems. Try reconsidering if you have teeth-grinding disorder or Bruxism.

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Veneers: Its Advantages and Disadvantages

Veneers: Its Advantages and Disadvantages

Every little thing or situation has its pros and cons. Weighing them in first would save you from any regrets afterward. The first thing to consider is, it’s semi-permanent.

Meaning if you go for it, you’re going to have to wait 7-15 years before your dentist can remove it in case you have changed your mind. Keep reading below to discover the benefits and downsides of having veneers.


  • Aesthetically, it would give you a great appearance that looks like natural teeth
  • It will help increase your confidence level
  • It can promote good oral hygiene as you are more likely to take better care of something you have invested in
  • You’ll have a better tooth structure
  • Veneers can give you tooth whitening benefits
  • It’s a suitable replacement for enamel loss


  • No do-overs. Once they’re bonded, they can’t be undone
  • Once chipped or cracked, it can’t be repaired but needs to be replaced immediately
  • Your teeth’ sensitivity level may increase. You may become more sensitive to hot and cold food and beverages
  • It is pretty expensive unless you’re just planning to repair a single cracked or chipped front teeth

Whether you decide to go for it or check some reviews first, it’s always best to consider the pros and cons. Also, once any procedure is done within your body, it would always require special care. It won’t need a delicate routine with veneers, but only the basics like brushing and flossing. Likewise, as American Dental Association advised, it’s best to have regular dental visits for cleaning.

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Final Thoughts

Keep in mind that getting veneers is a long-term kind of self-care investment. It’s both a dental and aesthetic procedure that requires good oral hygiene once you decide to have it. After all, looking after your oral health is essential in taking good care of your overall well-being.

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