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Which Debt Relief Programs Save You The Most Each Month

03:48 AM August 30, 2019

Which Debt Relief Programs Save You The Most Each Month: Who should be concerned about the ratings of companies involved in debt relief? Anyone struggling with a credit card or other forms of debt in fact. Every debt comes with its unique challenges.

Nevertheless, you will require the best debt relief program or plan to get you out of it. This is where we go back to how I started this article.

Know the company before you take the leap.

Companies in the debt relief business usually sell themselves with a four or five-star rating, but you should not let this get to you.

Debt Relief Program.

What you should pay close attention to is its rating with the Better Business Bureau. If it has a BBB A+ rating, that is a good sign; it shows that the company has a great record in consistent customer satisfaction and exceeding expectations.

Get a free debt relief analysis and savings estimate from a BBB A+ accredited debt relief provider. Learn about available debt relief options and the benefits of a debt relief plan. Debt can hit you from anywhere in Virginia, just like any other part of the country.

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Simple things like medical bills, gas bills, store bills, credit card purchases, light bills, water bills, tuition fees, and others can pile up till it begins to choke you up.

There are several ways to get out of your debt burden that your debt counselor will bring to your notice in the course of implementing a debt management plan (DMP).

Just like debt, all these options have distinctions that you should be aware of so you can make wise choices about what best suits you. Some of the available options include debt settlement, debt negotiation or declaring bankruptcy.

Credit Counselors Personalize Debt Management Plans

Wait? Why do I need a Debt Management Plan (DMP)?

I got in this by myself, how can someone else help me get out of it?

This is a valid concern, and I’ll address it in this section. Just like taxes, there are ways to structure debt so you don’t have to pay the total amount, save money in the process instead of losing everything and also get out of debt faster.

This can only be done if you work with a debt or credit counselor.

They will negotiate on your behalf for lower interest rates, waiving penalties and fees and consolidating all your disparate debts into one package with a single repayment plan every month.

This is way more convenient than having to keep track of different repayments every month, with the risk of losing track of one.

If you are experiencing financial hardship and need to explore your debt-relief options, you can
get your free debt relief evaluation and savings estimate at no obligation.

Some of the benefits that you stand to gain when you work with a debt counselor include a reduction in your total monthly payments, saving money through waivers of penalties and negotiated interest rates.

Check if you qualify in two simple steps

  • Step 1 – Select your debt amount below to see if you’re eligible
  • Step 2 –Answer a few quick questions & join hundreds of thousands of Americans on the path to becoming debt-free

Just so you know, these benefits won’t come to you on a platter of gold just because you engage a debt counselor.

You have to cooperate with them fully to enjoy the full benefits of their services.

Debt conversations can be uncomfortable, but there’s no avoiding them. It’s better to get that elephant out of the room as early as possible.

Ensure you leave nothing related to your debt situation away from him/her.

That bit of information could prove vital in negotiating an extension in debt repayment for you.

The more information your debt counselor knows, the better positioned they are to match your monthly repayments with your actual regular income, so we don’t end up creating new debt in the process of clearing others.

They will also prescribe how much you put aside every month towards debt repayment as part of your unique Debt Management Plan (DMP).

These payments will be made to the credit counseling agency. On your behalf, it will be broken and repaid to your creditors.

This plan will be developed with your creditors being aware so they can be lenient, and possibly reduce your debt burden. With their consent, they will be added to your DMP.

If they don’t agree to it, you will still be obligated to adhere to the original debt repayment agreements. You will have to cut back significantly, there’s no avoiding this. To ensure you do so, your debt counselor will require that you stop using credit cards.

After Debt Settlement, What Next?

If you need relief from credit cards or other unsecured debts, you can get your free debt relief evaluation and savings estimate at no obligation.
Getting out of debt is one thing, staying out of debt is another thing.

This is something else that your debt counselor can ensure so that you don’t have to come back to him for his help, but as I said earlier, you have to be open with him.

Together, you can gain insight into the sources of your financial woes and develop the necessary tools and skills to ensure that they don’t raise their ugly heads again.

Your debt counselor will teach you basic budgeting skills, prudent spending habits, and simple investment strategies so you never have to carry the weight of debt on your shoulders again.

Could Debt Relief Help You? Get your free debt relief analysis and savings estimate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much could debt relief save?
A: There’s no fixed answer to this question. Each debt situation is unique, and how much you’re able to save will depend on how much you owe, who you owe, the interest rates and the debt relief program you opt for.

That’s why it’s important to work hand-in-hand with your debt counselor to choose the best plan that suits you the most.

Q: How do a free debt relief analysis and savings estimate work and how long does it take?
A: When you meet a debt relief specialist, they will want to get an overview of your comprehensive debt situation; this will involve information about your total debt burden, your monthly income and how much you can apply every month towards Debt Relief Program.

This process should only take a few minutes. With this information, your debt relief specialist will develop a DMP that suits your needs.

Q: How does debt consolidation work and how could it help?
A: You have several debts with varying interest rates that can get muddled up and confusing. Debt consolidation and Debt Relief Programs saves you from all of this.

It takes all those debts and their interest rates and merges them into one; one debt with one interest rate, which is lower than what you had before.

With a simpler debt package to deal with, you are able to reduce your debt burden and save money in the process of repaying.

Q: How do debt consolidation loans work and could they provide relief?
A: There’s more to debt consolidation than meets the eye. For a debt consolidation loan to be effective, it must be backed or guaranteed by real property, like your home.
When this is done, you get a loan that can be used to cover your outstanding loans.


Remember there are several options to choose in developing your Debt Management Program (DMP).

If you choose to go with this, you should also be aware of the risks involved. If you’re unable to consistently make loan repayments, your home could be foreclosed.

For most people who go the debt consolidation path, they end up accumulating a fresh set of debts, taking them back to the situation they just tried to get out of.

If you choose to go with this method, your debt counselor will guide you through the best practices to avoid the sad stories. There are many others who have used this method to get out of debt successfully.

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