Sling Bags or Fanny Packs? I Reviews

Sling Bags or Fanny Packs?

/ 04:51 PM October 04, 2022

Think back to the last time you went on a hike, a walk around the city, or even just to the grocery store. Oddly, you were carrying at least one bag with you – and if not, then you were kicking yourself for not bringing a bag along to carry your things.

When it comes to traveling, there are a few key items that you need to bring with you. Of course, the essentials like clothes and toiletries are a must; but what about when it comes to carrying your belongings? Do you use a sling bag or a fanny pack? Both have pros and cons, so let’s look at each in more detail.

Fanny packs

ALPAKA - Fanny packs

A fanny pack is a small fabric zip pouch worn around the waist like a belt using a strap above the hips that you usually secure with a buckle. The straps sometimes have tri-glide slides, making them adjustable for a proper fit. It can be considered a type of purse worn around the waist.

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Fanny packs have been the choice of many when they’re on the move, as it is a compact way to store items and stays securely strapped to your body. However, this travel bag has gained an embarrassing connotation in recent years thanks to the stereotype of awkward tourists sporting clunky packs around their waists.

Still, these bags have come back in recent years, proving that there are still fans of this accessory. Let’s dive into what makes the fanny pack a popular everyday bag option.

A tried-and-true accessory

A fanny pack is not just a place to store your valuables – it’s a way to keep them close to you at all times. Wearing a fanny pack around your waist (some even see it as a utility belt) keeps your hands free and provides quick and easy access to your belongings whenever you need them.

These travel bags are also excellent examples of pouches that cling to you without swinging around, making them much more comfortable and convenient to use than traditional shoulder bags or messenger bags. 

Outdated and uncomfortable design

Despite their convenience, fanny packs have many limitations that ward off people looking to keep their items secure. The main appeal of these bags is that they allow you to keep your hands free while carrying all your essential belongings. However, this convenience comes at a price.

Fanny packs are often frustrating as they can only hold a small amount. They can also interfere with your natural body movements and even strain your lower back if they are too heavy. These bags have developed a reputation as being unfashionable and impossible to style. There aren’t many options for those who are more fashion-forward or just don’t like the look of these utility packs.


Lastly, fanny packs are prime targets for thieves. They are easy to spot and relatively easy to steal as only one buckle secures the bag. This feature makes it easy to remove.

As such, if you’re looking for a practical and stylish way to carry your belongings, a fanny pack is probably not your best option. There are plenty of other options out there that will serve you just as well – without compromising your style.

Sling Bags

ALPAKA Sling Bags

This is where sling bags come in. These bags are a versatile and stylish option for those living an urban life, enabling you to carry your belongings with you when you’re traveling or simply running errands.

While these bags come in various styles, they all typically feature a single strap, an adjustable buckle, extra padding for comfort, and one or two compartments. This design makes them both comfortable to wear and easy to access, making them an excellent choice for daily carry. Let’s explore the sling bag as an alternative to the time-tested fanny pack.

Unmatched utility and style

When it comes to stylish and versatile bags, a sling bag is hard to beat. Whether you’re looking for a casual bag to take on a hike or a more sophisticated option for a night out, these bags offer the perfect balance of form and function. And with so many different styles to choose from, it’s easy to find a sling bag that suits your unique sense of style.

One of the best things about these bags is that you can wear them in various ways. You can wear them over one shoulder, as a crossbody bag, or even as a backpack. This means you can adjust the bag to suit your needs, whether carrying a lot or just a few items.

Additionally, sling bags are often equipped with multiple compartments and pockets, which helps to keep your belongings organized and within easy reach. This is especially helpful as a travel bag for work, especially if you need to keep multiple small items on your hands, such as a passport, earphones, or a battery pack.

Sling bags: the superior option

A sling bag is worth considering if you’re looking for a bag that will take you day to night. With its chic and versatile style, this is an everyday bag that is the perfect accessory for any outfit.

It’s clear to see why these bags are preferable to other options. They’re fashionable, functional, and convenient, and you won’t come by any better sling bag than the ones by ALPAKA. They have capitalized on the shortcomings of fanny packs and other sling bag manufacturers, making them the best choice on the market.

Sling Bags by ALPAKA

ALPAKA - Sling Bags or Fanny Packs?

ALPAKA sling bags are engineered with durable components and fabrics inspired by the multi-faceted lives of new times. They are minimal and made for city life. However, they are also long-lasting, flexible, and sufficient for a quick outdoor adventure. 

They are of various kinds and can be customized to fit many different situations. While you can view the Alpaka sling bag collection on their website, we have listed some of the major ones and their features below.

These products from ALPAKA have superior quality weatherproof (water resistant) materials and a modular design, allowing you to add different modular accessories (optional) with a magnetic clip for a more convenient hands-free experience.

Bravo Sling Collection

ALPAKA Bravo Sling Collection

ALPAKA’s Bravo Sling range is perfect for those who appreciate the utility and silhouette of a fanny pack. The bags in the Bravo Sling sets have a well-organized interior to store your tech devices, chargers and cables, and smaller accessories. They also feature a scratch-proof tablet sleeve suitable for storing your devices safely.

These products are travel-ready, meaning they are fitted with compartments to accommodate your travel essentials, lockable zippers for security in crowded places, water resistant, and a compact, lightweight design.

In addition, these products come with a maglock magnetic buckle that’s easy to use and convenient in that it can be unbuckled with one hand and stay in place while wearing it.

The Bravo Sling collection is available in three different designs:

  • Bravo Sling Mini – This fits a Nintendo Switch, iPad Mini, and your daily essentials.
  • Bravo X Sling – Fits up to an 11-inch iPad Pro.
  • Bravo Sling Max – Fits up to a 14-inch MacBook Pro and features an RFID-blocking front compartment and a well-padded shoulder strap for your comfort. It also serves as a shoulder bag.

Air Sling

ALPAKA Air Sling

This compact and functional crossbody bag has three compartments and several pockets to neatly store your daily essentials and other things. Like the Bravo Sling set, they’re travel bags with maglock buckles for ease of use. They also come with water-resistant zippers.

You can conveniently carry your phone, tablet, SD cards, and cables, as it can fit up to an iPad Mini 6. It has a slim profile, a comfortable shoulder strap, and is also available in an all-new V2.

Alpha Sling

ALPAKA Alpha Sling

This expandable sling bag features four compartments: one open front pocket for items you need to access quickly; another front pocket for small items, chargers, and cables; the main compartment that’s padded and can fit a 13-inch laptop; and a back space with two pockets big enough to fit flat items like a tablet and small notebook.

Its front flap is fitted with a magnetic fidlock buckle, while its shoulder strap also comes with a magnetic buckle for quick release. Rather than a rear pocket, it also has a back luggage pass-through, making it travel-ready like its ALPAKA sling bag counterparts.

Go Sling Mini

ALPAKA Go Sling Mini

This sling bag collection is ultra-lightweight and comes in a compact design that’s convenient and easy to use. It features an internal scratch-proof tablet sleeve that can fit an iPad Mini or a Nintendo Switch.

The Go Sling Mini can safely store your electronics and has more room for your daily needs. It is also travel-ready and features anti-theft, lockable zippers, and a premium magnetic buckle for your convenience.

Modular Phone Sling

ALPAKA Modular Phone Sling

This compact sling bag is designed to fit your smartphone or other small essential items like keys, cards, and cash while moving. It features an RFID-blocking front pocket for your cash or cards and the main pocket for your phone.

Its strap is detachable to convert it from a crossbody bag to a utility pouch and vice versa. Its main pocket can perfectly fit up to an iPhone 14 Pro Max. ALPAKA also offers a slightly bigger Modular Sling, which can fit other things like cables and passports.

What bags does ALPAKA offer?

Other products that ALPAKA sells include Zip Pouch Pro, Admin Pouch, and the Elements Tech Case. These bags are water-resistant and suitable for any type of movement. ALPAKA produces its high-quality bags in Shenzhen, China, with a just-in-time manufacturing system. In addition, they offer a lifetime guarantee on all purchases on their website.

Most international orders are shipped from their China and Hong Kong warehouses, while certain items are available domestically from their Dallas warehouse. ALPAKA offers three US shipping options: free standard shipping (for orders over $95USD), priority shipping, and expedited shipping.

Incoming orders are processed within 24-48 hours on weekdays and will be dispatched within 24-72 hours after the order is placed. 



A sling bag, in general, is designed to be fashionable and provide convenience while remaining functional. They are obtainable in many different designs and colors, but the best kinds you’ll find are those by ALPAKA.

You need not worry about getting enough space to fit your essential items and carry them on the move. Although a fanny pack is another hands-free option, they aren’t fashionable and don’t give you as much space for your essentials.

Sling bags are the best choice, a must-have, and there’s no better place to buy them than ALPAKA Gear. Get yours today.

We’ve recently reviewed other ALPAKA products in other articles. Check out our ALPAKA reviews to learn more about this innovative brand.

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