SpaceX’s Starlink Internet Is a Promising Internet Option for Rural Areas

SpaceX’s Starlink Internet Is a Promising Internet Option for Rural Areas

/ 09:59 AM April 05, 2022

SpaceX’s Starlink internet is a promising internet option for rural areas.

What Exactly is Starlink?

What Exactly is Starlink?

SpaceX founder and Tesla CEO Elon Musk speaks on a screen during the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain, June 29, 2021. REUTERS/Nacho Doce/File Photo

Starlink is a hopeful, expanding network of orbiting satellites, basically a branch of SpaceX. Tesla founder and popular billionaire, Elon  Musk, established this network.


After three years of planning and development, Starlink started launching satellites; the first models of satellites were launched into space in 2018.

Subsequent years after, SpaceX has successfully launched a slew of satellites for Starlink satellite internet service into orbit. It is the most contemporary of which occurred on March 3. They have also sent another 47 to low-Earth orbit.

The fact is that some of the satellites are models or non-operational units that are not involved in the network. Though, it does not hinder the constellation from already containing over 2,000 operational orbital satellites.

StarLink Beta Test

StarLink Beta Test

Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX, announced that Starlink satellite internet service had exited the better than nothing beta test phase in October 2021, a critical step toward a wider launch, which it did.

Following the completion of Starlink’s ‘better than nothing’ beta testing, the service’s internet speeds improved, and the internet service became fully mobile, allowing users, including interested beta users, to enjoy and utilize their user terminal while in moving cars or between different addresses.

Is It Possible To Link My Home To The Internet Using Starlink Satellites?

Is It Possible To Link My Home To The Internet Using Starlink Satellites?

Yes, it is highly likely.

Starlink, similar to popular satellite companies like Viasat, is willing to supply internet connection to serval rural communities and any part of the world with no access to high-speed broadband.


Starlink is very convenient for areas of the world where connectivity has historically been a tug of war, according to the Starlink website. There is no restriction like ground infrastructure causing limitations and that is why Starlink can supply rapid broadband internet to areas where it was previously unreliable or unavailable.


You’ll only need a modest satellite dish to receive signals from space and deliver high-speed bandwidth to a personal WiFi router with Starlink.

The latest version of the dish is less expensive to manufacture for SpaceX, and further upgrades to the design could be coming in 2022.

Starlink only provides services to a small number of locations in the United States, Canada, and several other regions of the world, but Starlink has recently distributed over a hundred thousand satellite terminals to consumers, and soon the coverage area on the geographical map would be expanded as additional satellites are acquired and added to the constellation. Starlink intends to eventually cover the entire globe with a usable, high-speed Wi-Fi signal.

What Is Space Laser?

What Is Space Laser?

Since the Starlink beta phase, the Starlink team launched the first batch of its space laser-equipped Starlinks in September 2021. The function of these SpaceX lasers is intended to improve the way the worldwide satellite network relays broadband communication.

Creating enough ground stations is expensive. Also, physical and political constraints limit their location on the planet.
Because of the new inter-satellite SpaceX lasers, the network will be able to function with fewer ground stations. They’ll route data around the constellation instead of delivering it between space and Earth (between satellites). When there are much less “hops” between the ground and the operational orbit, within brief periods, signals are transmitted between destinations. Users of Starlink will benefit from the low latency. This low level of latency update will jump-start faster internet speeds.

Where Is Starlink Available?

Where Is Starlink Available?

The Starlink system has been restricted to particular areas in chosen countries, even after all the promises made to spread out and reach the entire world before the year runs out. Nonetheless, as more satellites are added to the constellation, the user locations on the map will significantly expand.

Elon Musk stated that the developing network of low orbit satellites now serves several locations, including the United States, Canada, and most parts of Europe like the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Austria.

People living in the Netherlands, Ireland, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, Portugal and also regions like Australia, and New Zealand. Starlink’s presale agreement includes options for users asking for service in countries other than Italy, Poland, Spain, and Chile.

Starlink will certainly have to launch satellites into low earth orbit before the service can make claims to serve the majority of the world. Although, according to SpaceX, the Starlink constellation could include up to 50,000 satellites. It’s only about halfway there at the moment. Coverage is only available between 45 and 53 degrees north latitude.

Musk is upbeat about the Starlink network prospects. With the exception of the North and South Poles, Starlink became available worldwide on the expected-to-see date. It was predicted that Starlink would be able to provide global service.

FCC, which recently added Starlink to their directory of internet providers, stated that the service was available to about 0.01 percent of the population.

At the beta phase, users were permitted a range of up to 100Mbps download speed and upload speeds of about 10Mbps. However, after the beta phase, a lot of users confirmed that the services improved.

Advantages of Starlink Internet

Advantages of Starlink Internet

The following are some of the benefits of Starlink’s broadband service.

Super-Fast Internet

Starlink satellites are the quickest, earning the title of “Superman of Tele-satellites.” They deliver high data speeds, have low latency levels, and are not on the same level as the operational capacities of ordinary satellites.

Therefore, they are prepared to deliver speedier Internet access than their beta phase and other satellite providers.


Musk has a vision of capturing the trillion-dollar telecommunications sector while keeping pricing low and convenient.

During the beta phase, it was relatively inexpensive and attracted a lot of beta testers. However, only a subtle increment was added after the beta program ended, and it is stable in every section of the world, especially rural areas, removing the issue of rising prices in rural communities. It is only available for $99 worldwide.

Easily Affordable All Over The World

Easily Affordable All Over The World

This company has made sure its connectivity covers the entire globe, from the north pole’s latitudes to the south pole’s farthest longitudes, with a massive train of 42,000 satellites.

These satellites are orbiting on a low-level planetary path slightly over 200 or 300 miles, which is a very low orbit just above the earth’s atmosphere, forcing it to give services all around the world.

Very Comprehensible and Easy to Use

From the Starlink beta phase, Starlink Dish has a more basic version of dish hardware, consisting of a dish, WI-Fi router, mounting brackets (depending on client desire), and necessary wires.

It is unnecessary to be a nerd or a professional to carry out the dish installation; simply locate an open sky and a suitable installation location, then install the mounting brackets and brace the Starlink dish against the open sky.

As soon as you turn on the setup, the dish will automatically detect the frequency and signal required for a successful network configuration.

Rapid Recoveries from Natural Disasters

Rapid Recoveries from Natural Disasters

The network and telecommunications infrastructures around the world are the first to be impacted by adverse weather.

However, with Starlink, as soon as the sky clears, the dish automatically reorients itself and captures the signal, regardless of any failure in one of the numerous base stations across the world.

Portability on the Surface

It has higher portability than that cable internet. Even though cellular service is portable, it is not available everywhere, especially in rural areas.

Basic satellite internet, on the other hand, is just as mobile as Starlink, but it offers lower internet speeds, more latency, and worse service.

Starlink Internet Lacks Data Caps

The Starlink company now offers limitless satellite internet with no data limitations. This is prevalent in the satellite internet industry, where you frequently pay more for less data than you would with DSL, cable, or fiber.

However, Elon Musk and SpaceX are on a quest to improve internet access in remote areas and even rural regions, and lowering the cost of satellite data is a big part of Starlink.

Satellite Internet’s Disadvantages

Satellite Internet's Disadvantages

Every discovery comes with a cross to carry, and the Starlink satellite is no exception, but there isn’t the same level of anxiety associated with it. The following are some of the most significant drawbacks:

Not Suitable For Urban Areas With Heavy Traffic

Higher traffic will have higher populations, clogging the server with an overwhelming number of connections at once, slowing internet speeds in the suburbs and on city streets that share the same frequency and bandwidth.

Customer Service

The Starlink satellite is doesn’t have any customer care services, making it less reliable in terms of resolving service difficulties in any sector, and it also doesn’t provide any services related to the Internet.

Lack Of Ideal Portability

One of the primary factors that contribute to the satellite’s renown is that it is not as portable as cellular services. We can’t use it without the right ecosystem because it’s not yet compatible with phones.

Weather Disturbances

Because Starlink satellites require a clean sky to function properly, it will be difficult to establish a connection or receive messages if the weather turns nasty in storms or rain.

StarLink App For Mobile Devices

StarLink App For Mobile Devices

The official Starlink app from SpaceX is available for Android and iOS users presently, providing them with features to help them set up the finest internet connection possible.

The program also contains a variety of troubleshooting options and information about internet speed, among other things. Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX, recently stated that the business is manufacturing over a hundred satellites every month.

Function Of The Mobile StarLink App

Aside from arranging Starlink websites and its networks, the app can also offer assistance to endorsers making the foremost out of the service’s download speed. Another feature is that the app can use the camera on a smartphone to check for obstructions that could interfere with its web service.

The Starlink mobile app will use a compass to highlight obstructions. In further expansion, it will also offer assistance to clients and decide the conceivable leading spots to set up the Starlink user terminal to guarantee ideal performance. Once associated with the Starlink broadband arrangement, clients can now test their web speed within the app.

Moreover, in the event that Starlink’s web association isn’t working properly, the app also gives clients investigative instruments, such as the capacity to reboot the association or contact client benefit.

The Starlink benefit is accessible within the northern side of the equator presently, but Musk is arranging to amplify its reach all around the globe.

Starlink Satellite Internet Service Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the usual questions about the Starlink service.

What Is Starlink?

Elon Musk’s SpaceX has built Starlink, a satellite internet provider. It uses low-Earth orbit satellites to bring broadband access to underserved rural and remote locations around the world at higher speeds, with more data and lower latency.

What Is Starlink Business, And How Does It Work?

Starlink Business is a premium internet service tier that provides download rates of 150–500 Mbps via satellite. The monthly charge is $500, plus a $2,500 equipment fee.

What Is The Speed Of Starlink’s Internet?

According to their claims, Starlink internet data speeds vary from 100 to 200 Mbps, due to network difficulties; consumers may experience slower speeds. Starlink Business promises speeds of 150–500 Mbps and more reliable service. However, Starlink Business is significantly more expensive.

What Is The Cost Of Starlink Internet?

Starlink revealed that they now take orders on a first-come, first-served basis; this implies that you will have to request service, pay a $99 deposit, and wait in line. Starlink stated in its beta in 2021 that some beta testers’ pre-orders could take up to six months to fulfill. However, in some regions, new orders can’t go through until 2023 or later.
Starlink has a monthly price of $110 and a one-time equipment fee of $599. Starlink Business has a monthly price of $500 and a one-time equipment fee of $2,500.

Is Starlink’s Internet Service Limitless?

Even in the Starlink beta phase, the internet on Starlink doesn’t have any restrictions, and there are unlimited data as long as you subscribe.

When Will I Be Able To Get Starlink Internet?

Starlink internet no longer uses the beta program; you can obtain it once it’s ready in your area. Starlink is currently only available in the northern United States. Although the network expects the availability to grow until 2022 rapidly. Entering your service address on the Starlink website is the best way to check for Starlink availability in your area.

Is Starlink internet available in Bad weather?

Starlink has improved since its beta phase and is now has high-level performance in various conditions. Today, people can enjoy Starlink in extreme weather conditions. It can work even in snow, the intense heat of up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit, and extreme cold (-22 degrees Fahrenheit). It can also withstand heavy rain, sleet, and hail. Although the dish is hydrophobic and capable of melting snow, the warmth may be appealing to cats.

Is Starlink’s Internet Service Mobile?

Starlink internet is not currently portable and is only meant for usage in fixed residential locations. On the other hand, Elon Musk has stated that he intends to expand Starlink service. He aims to include RVs, vehicles, and boats in the future.

Will Starlink Have A Negative Impact On The Starry Sky?

Astronomers are collaborating with Starlink to address concerns about Starlink satellite blocking the natural starry sky. Updating Starlink networking software to alter location so that they are invisible to the naked eye. And also deploying sun visors to shade satellites from sun reflections are two examples of efforts.

How Many Starlink Satellites Are Currently In Orbit?

According to Elon Musk, there are currently 1,915 active Starlink satellites already in orbit.
As of March 22, 2022.

Is Elon Musk The Owner Of Starlink?

Elon Musk is the founder, CEO, and chief engineer of SpaceX. It is an aerospace firm and manufacturer that runs the Starlink satellite internet service.


The Starlink satellite internet can connect people who would otherwise be unable to connect to the internet. It gives assurance to everyone, including individuals who enjoy online gaming and working remotely. No matter where they are, they can have access to high-speed, low-cost internet.

However, there is a price to pay for this and other factors to consider. From the apparent and invisible effects on the night sky to the perils of encircling the Earth with a net that makes it tough to flee, there is a lot to think about concerning the Starlink satellite internet service.

When there is a discovery, there is a cost, but the purpose is what brings the audience together. Since the origination of Starlink and its beta test phase, the early benefits outweigh the minor disadvantages of Starlink satellites. We may anticipate a wider influence of its effectiveness across the entire Telecommunications industry.

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