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Why More People Around the World Are Biking to Work?

/ 11:47 AM March 30, 2022

Following the COVID-19 outbreak, studies have shown that commuters are more likely to for opt biking to work. As the country returns to work, social distancing will be a major challenge for those who previously relied on rush-hour public transportation. So many people have turned to a healthier, less expensive, and more effective means of commuting.

Are you considering riding your bike to work? Fortunately, this can be used as both a beginner’s guide to cycling and a guide for other cyclists.

What Are The Benefits Of Bike Commuting To Work?

What Are The Benefits Of Bike Commuting To Work?

Besides avoiding huge mechanical issues that come with driving a car, there are several other advantages of riding a bike; they include:

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Escaping The Pandemic

The difficult pill to swallow is that the pandemic is currently one of the most crucial deciding factors for people who want to change their commute.
People who commute by cycling have the assurance that they will not be in a crowded public environment congested with little fresh air.

When you commute by bike, you’re out in the open and away from these high-risk areas. You are in your own cocoon when you are riding a bike, with the wind created by your bike movement helping to maintain a steady pace. In a case where you are stopped by a traffic warden or traffic lights, your bike can ensure you have enough distance from other drivers in front and behind you.

Get Away From The Traffic

One of the most inconvenient aspects of biking to work is traffic. There is minimal traffic to get stuck in when on your bike commuting to work.

You can create bike paths and find your way in traffic, and you won’t have to worry about cars because your bike is small and nimble enough to get around the long lines of crawling cars.

When you ride your bike to work, the length of your trip will be fairly consistent from day to day. There’s no need to get up early to make sure you arrive on time; doing so will only slow down your journey.

You might find yourself on a buffer time as a result of a bike commute. You could spend your time gaining restful sleep or enjoying a fun breakfast instead of thinking of the distance you should cover and worrying about getting to your office early.


Beneficial To The Your Heart

Biking is a great way to get your heart rate up. According to research, regular aerobic exercise, such as biking, lowers the risk of severe heart-related diseases.

It also improves the overall cardiac system and its functions, which allows your heart to work more efficiently. It can also aid in the reduction of blood pressure and the prevention of atherosclerosis.

With Bike Commute, Spend Less Gain More

With Bike Commute, Spend Less Gain More

Commuting with a bike doesn’t require gas, therefore; you get to save your supposed gas money.
You’ll also save money on vehicle maintenance and parking, according to The League of American Bicyclists.

According to the group, as a bike commuter, you don’t even need gym memberships because biking to work provides a great workout.

It Makes a Difference for the Environment

Traffic congestion plays a major role in climate change, as well as air and noise pollution. Cycling reduces your carbon footprint.

Many cities are encouraging people to ride bikes, so it would definitely be a good thing if we get people to follow the bike path and get more cars off that route in general. Recent research has shown that to reduce carbon emissions from the daily commute; cycling is preferable to using cars as they cut down emissions by 70%.

Benefits Electric Bike Commuters Enjoy

Benefits Electric Bike Commuters Enjoy

Technology has surpassed expectations, and there are recent developments in bike creation. A lot of individuals have discovered the importance of ebikes and how it is suitable for their lifestyle choices. Others have learned and have started riding ebikes, knowing that an ebike gives them unlimited access to align certain aspects of their lives with their values, such as their commute.

Cycling is a very recent evolution to help mix up the commute, and ebikes are the icing on the cake, offering benefits that are distinct from both the regular commute and biking to work on a traditional bicycle. Many cyclists are starting to see the benefits of biking to work by ebike and are switching. Here are a few reasons why people from all walks of life are switching to ebikes or aim to ride ebikes as a mode of transportation.

Many people are discovering that the benefits offered by ebikes fit their lifestyle choices as the technology inside them improves and the variety of available styles expands.

Quicker Than A Regular Bike

Ebike riders can accelerate off the line and attain higher speeds than traditional bicycle riders because of the pedal assist and throttle capabilities. As a result, ebike cyclists can arrive at the office far faster than other bikers on the same route, saving them time on their commute.

After all, we want to enjoy our time cycling and not always break a sweat, therefore, ebike users won’t always travel at full speed. However, it’s comforting to know that if you need it, the extra power and speed are available to help you get where you’re going.

Headwinds And Hills

Headwinds are an unspoken horror that every cyclist faces at some point. When you’re riding into a headwind, you’ll often find yourself peddling frantically but feeling like you’re getting nowhere.

Headwinds, like slopes, are easy for an e-biker to overcome, and you won’t be grumbling under your breath or sweating afterward.

Many people riding traditional bicycles quiver with anxiety when going up hills, but e-bikes eliminate this unease.

There’s no need to fear the long climb to the top of the hill or try to find a different, longer, but more leisurely route when you ride an e-bike. On an e-bike, simply increase the pedal assist, and you’ll be at the summit in no time.

The best part is that you won’t be drenched in sweat by the finish. Even a tiny hill in a commute can put some people off biking to the office by traditional bicycle, but e-bikes eliminate all of this stress and take hills in stride.

Friendly To The Environment

Friendly To The Environment

It is common knowledge that cycling to work is one of the most environmentally friendly modes of transportation. In this way, ebikes are just as environmentally friendly as traditional ones!

If you regularly ride to work, you won’t be consuming any gas. If you frequently use public transit as your main transit, your weight is no longer an issue; thus, these modes of transportation will use less gasoline.

Breathe Easily

One of the main reasons why individuals avoid biking to work on a traditional bicycle is because they arrive at the office hot, sweaty, and out of breath.

An e-bike’s adjustable pedal assist function allows the user to control how much support they receive and, as a result, how much effort they exert.

As a result, even people in the hilliest cities, such as San Francisco, are discovering that they can ride an e-bike to work and exert just enough energy to arrive at work energized but not sweaty. Nothing is more embarrassing than showing up for a meeting out of breath and sweating, unable to talk normally.

Extremely Budget-Friendly

There are several commute-related charges that you will no longer have to pay for if you choose to ride to work with ebikes. If you take public transportation, the cost of the ticket will be deducted from your pocket.

Bikers won’t have to pay for gas or the frequent tune-ups that come with daily car driving to work as car drivers do when taking their self to work.

When you ride to your office on an e-bike instead of driving for your commute also means you’re putting fewer miles on your car, lowering the amount of maintenance you’ll have to do and possibly raising its eventual market value.

Numerous insurance companies are currently giving schemes and discounts. In addition, several insurance companies now provide programs and coverage based on how many miles you drive. Not driving to work and enrolling in one of these programs could save you money.

Calculate how much money it costs you to travel to work every day if you’re thinking about getting an ebike for biking to work.

Calculate how much this adds up to in a year. The figures may surprise you, and as ebikes become more inexpensive, they may impact your purchasing selections.

The Best Bike Lock For Your E-Bike

The Best Bike Lock For Your E-Bike

Thieves are increasingly targeting ebikes as they become more popular. You have to consider your location and the time you’ll be locked up to determine how much security you’ll require.

Most bike Thieves would attack an easy bike lock. So, if you have an e-bike, how do you keep it safe?

  • Get Locks With the Ability To Fold

The Abus Bordo 6500 is the best-rated folding lock. Even though its locking circumference is about the same as a standard size u-lock, you should be able to get it around the frame, the back wheel, and an immovable object in most situations due to its flexibility.

The 6500 has the benefit of folding down and packing it into a small backpack that’s easy to transport on your bike, especially if your frame has water cradle holes (as the carrying case will screw into these).

However, 5mm plates are thinner and heavier than the Foldylock Compact, and the alarm feature adds to the cost.

  • Get Locks With Chains

Alternatively, a good chain lock would suffice. Anything with links smaller than 10 mm is easier to cut with bolt croppers, so I wouldn’t recommend it.

Secure chains have the disadvantage of being much heavier than other locks. However, there are a variety of lengths to choose from, so no matter how wide your wheels or how fat your frame is, you should be able to find one that fits your needs!

Noose chains help you get the most out of any chain length and are especially useful on e-bikes. Kryptonite and Hiplok both make good Gold-rated noose chains that are worth looking into.
But how are you going to carry it?

You can wrap shorter chains around your seat post. Longer ones, on the other hand, are more difficult. They can easily be put (alone side your spare tube– needed in emergency cases) in a pannier secured in the rear rack or you can pack it into a backpack. However, keep in mind that they are quite heavy.

You can also wear them across your chest like a bandolier. Hiplok chains can even be worn as a belt around your waist.

  • Get Combination Locks And Cable Locks

Get Combination Locks And Cable Locks

Combination locks are not so heavy; they are convenient and easy to carry. They don’t have keys, so there’s no risk of losing them.

Cable locks, on the other hand, are only suitable in low-crime areas because cables are less secure than solid shackles and links.

Layers of various fiber materials are woven together to create pure textile bicycle locks. As a result, the paint on the bike is not scratched or damaged. Some models also come with a metal cable.

Depending on the model, the lock is water and dirt-resistant, as well as fireproof. The lock is held together by lugs that are inserted into each other and secured with a mini U-lock (which again brings extra weight).

In terms of weight, cable locks are similar to folding or U-locks. Because they are easier to wrap around the frame and an object, longer cables are better for locking cargo cycles, long-wheelbase cycles, or multiple bicycles at once than metal locks.

They’re also simple to store in a pack or backpack.

  • Get D-locks (U-locks)

D-locks or U locks as they are popularly known as are a type of lock that is used to keep solid metal shackles with a detachable crossbar that you loop around your frame and a metal railing or post.

They usually come with a cable that you can loop through your quick-release wheels. They are one of the lightest locks available with an advanced security rating.

Chain and padlock style locks are not as durable and cannot be compared to D locks. They’re also typically less expensive than other types of locks, and many come with a bracket for mounting to your bike frame for easy transport.

Their disadvantage is that manhandling them around the object, you’re locking your e-bike to can be difficult, if not impossible, especially with the smaller, thicker shackled designs.

Should I Go Bike Biking to work With A Folding Bike?

Should I Go Bike Biking to work With A Folding Bike?

Folding bikes are the best choice for any bike commuter or individuals who have limited space. Riders of foldable bikes enjoy a lot of perks, and they are the center of attention for all good reasons. They’re also a lot of fun to ride and are also theft-proof.

They also provide health benefits and are better for the environment, just like any other bike. As a result, foldables are a clear winner on all fronts!

Space-Saving And Compact Size

The storage space required by a folding bike is only 30-60% of that required by a full-sized bicycle. This makes storing at home and at work easier, especially for individuals who live in small apartments.

Furthermore, it is possible to pack a few foldables into the trunk of a car, which is useful for families who want to go cycling in the countryside. Besides, white-collar workers take the train with their bikes folded and then ride them to work after leaving the train station.

Shapes And Sizes Come In Varieties

You can get a foldable bike in any kind of size. This includes bicycle frame sizes and wheel diameters ranging from 14-26 inches. There are many bike rides to pick from to meet your needs; however, in addition to size, “fold-ability” is a key factor to consider.

Convenient To Use

Convenient To Use

Foldables are far too convenient because they can be ridden to the store, go on leisurely rides, catch up with friends at cafés.

Another issue is that foldables are easier to handle than mountain bikes, owing to the fact that they can be ridden with your work clothes and any shoe, rather than having to wear only clipless shoes as your riding shoe gear while riding a mountain bike.

Free And Simple To Transport

Traveling by a folding bike is generally unrestricted because it allows you to take it anyplace, unlike a bus, train, boat, etc. However, as a kind user, please fold the bike and place it in a designated bag to maintain the area clean.


The fact that you can easily fold and carry your bike anywhere enables you to reduce the bicycle length to about one-third of its original size and length in just a moment; You’ll be able to store and protect the folding bike indoors.

Tips for Staying Safe While Biking

Tips for Staying Safe While Biking

Here are some tips to keep you safe while commuting with your bike.

Put On A Helmet and The Right Gear to Stay Noticeable

Wearing a helmet does not eliminate the possibility of head injuries, however; it increases the rider’s chances of survival.

Airbags for your bike are an additional option to your headgear. Ensure that when riding with kids, safety helmets are placed correctly on their heads.

Wear bright colors and reflective clothes to look like a fluorescent peacock, especially early in the morning, late at night, or on cloudy days.

Front And Rear Lights Should Be Installed And Used

This relates to remain visible. In most places, it’s also required by law.

Understand The Weather Forecast

Understand The Weather Forecast

You can’t ride with the same gear all year round. On bad weather days, put on appropriate clothes. You could even bring a small backpack with you on every ride to carry lightweight extra layers and other essentials.

Be Very Watchful And Alert

Headphones, air pods, or even earphones in your ears—even a single piece is not an ideal bike gear.

You should be paying attention to everything you can in your immediate environment while staying aware of the cars in front of you, as the passengers might swing open the car doors.


E-bikes and Foldables are simply enjoyable to ride home or to work. It is difficult to ride any of them without smiling because you have control over how much assistance you receive, and you’re not crammed into mass transit, stuck in traffic, or sweating as you pedal into a headwind or get stuck in a bike path traffic.

The bike will always make your commute something you look forward to, rather than something you just want to be done with.

If you just started biking, the best advice is to try longer commutes during the weekend before commuting to work on a weekday.

Ensure you put on the appropriate gears while cycling and follow every cycle rule, including the ones in your state, to ensure your safety and other individuals around you. Also, make sure kids and teenagers are always protected when riding.

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