5 Best Outreach Sales Tools in 2022 | Reviewed By Top B2B Marketers

Best outreach sales tools in 2022

/ 11:13 AM December 13, 2021

As we all understand the number of available sales outreach tools in today’s marketplace and how much time your team can consume by using the wrong tools for your sales objectives. The best outreach sales tools will allow you to go beyond inbound marketing and find more customers for your sales team.

No product or service sells itself, so just being present in the market won’t be enough to attract buyers unless you increase your outreach strategy to create campaign automation to communicate with customers. This is especially true for business-to-business (B2B) relations because they’re also busy, just like you.

Everything’s going digital, so your marketing campaign has to keep up. You will need top-notch marketing tools to gain an edge over your competition. I’ve made a list of the best automation and marketing tools now. These online services will help you connect to multiple prospects quickly and precisely!

That’s why I’ll start with my list of outreach tools that can help your sales performance, marketing, customer interactions, and automation, covering features and pricing plans. Then, I’ll cover the importance of sales outreach, even when people can’t search for anything online. I’ll also discuss more details regarding outbound sales, like its aspects, comparison between the top 2 choices with pros, and cons. That way, you can make the best decision by finding the right sales tool for your team.

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5 of the Best Outreach Sales Tools

  1. HubSpot – Overall best sales outreach tool
  2. Salesforce B2B – The best choice for B2B sales storefronts
  3. Hunter – The best choice for searching prospects for B2B
  4. Closely – Best for finding prospects on LinkedIn
  5. Snovio – The best choice for low-cost features

#1. HubSpot – Overall best sales outreach tool

This is the HubSpot logo.

Photo Credit: www.hubspot.com

You may have heard of this brand if you’ve been marketing for years. Hubspot started in 2006 and has been providing quality marketing tools ever since.

Following its commitment to providing quality business solutions, Hubspot now brings one of the best tools for B2B sales on the market, known simply as the Hubspot Sales Hub.

It lets you send automated sales messages to 50 prospects. Like Closely, it has a selection of email templates, so each one is personalized.


Besides automation tools, the HubSpot Sales Hub enables users to create workflows. They assist in streamlining lead generation by copying values and providing other features.

What can HubSpot do for your B2B sales process?

It truly is a well-rounded hub for sales as it provides many other services. The following lists give a brief description of each one:

  • Email scheduling lets HubSpot send messages whenever it must.
  • After you’ve sent messages, its email tracking notifies when someone opens their email, clicks a link, or downloads a file. The Sales Hub can even send a follow-up right away.
  • The Sales Hub also lets users see the document and specific pages other people check.
  • It facilitates setting up meetings with shareable links that work with Office 365, Google Calendar, and HubSpot CRM.
  • Reaching out to prospects is made a lot easier with the HubSpot Hub. It even lets you divert chat conversations to the right sales rep so that you can build better relationships.

The Starter Plan begins at $45 per month. That’s a great value since this provides small businesses with many features. It’s truly an ideal choice for outreach campaigns!


What’s the best way to use the workflow tool?

It depends on what your company needs. Hubspot is a highly versatile platform that you can use for closed-loop reporting, nurturing customers, and other purposes.

Can I use HubSpot as an HR tool and as a CRM?

A lot of companies use HubSpot for their HR departments. Yet, HubSpot has a free CRM software program too. Click here to learn more about HubSpot CRM.

#2. SalesForce B2B ECommerce – The best choice for B2B sales storefronts

This is the Salesforce CRM logo.

Photo Credit: www.salesforce.com

Your customers could be other businesses, depending on your industry. Perhaps you supply materials or rent services like delivery and distribution vehicles.

Just like your B2C platform, you want to make sure to reach them with a digital storefront. It should list all your products and services neatly, and users must navigate it easily.

Then, it must coordinate all the bulk orders that come to your site. That way, you can provide quality B2B services. SalesForce B2B ECommerce can empower your B2B storefront by:

What can SalesForce do for your B2B sales process?

  • Offering simple self-service online purchases
  • Solving B2B issues like contract pricing, fast reorders, and more
  • Making tasks for sales teams easier by providing customer data
  • Connecting you to B2B customers in real-time
  • Allowing you to time and money on B2B
  • Keeping you up-to-date with the latest tech

Even better, small businesses can start using this amazing sales outreach tool with the Starter plan. Starting at $4.00 per order, this provides one storefront with 7,500 products or SKUs listed.

If you want multichannel orders, you will have to get the Growth for $6.00 or the Plus plan for $8.00. These will also let you have more storefronts and products.

Besides these, they give you the same features. That’s why this is one of the best tools for outbound sales, specifically for business-to-business storefronts.

What is Salesforce B2B Commerce?

It’s the leading cloud-based online commerce solution that lets you meet the ever-growing online purchasing needs. The B2B platform lets you increase earnings and boost growth.

Why are brands using it to be more adaptable?

Brands realized that it’s much easier to use Salesforce’s platform instead of creating and maintaining theirs. It lets them update data much faster.

#3. Hunter – The best choice for The best choice for searching prospects for B2B/span>

This is the Hunter email search solution logo.

Photo Credit: www.g2.com

You can expand your business by working with the right people. Perhaps they have the skills that you need in your company. Maybe you could speak with executives about a joint project.

Sometimes, you find them by luck. You might be reading an article then think to yourself, “Perhaps I should speak to the writer about his work.”

Whatever the case may be, it would be best to email them. The easy way to get that is by checking their online accounts. A faster way is by using Hunter and its great features:

What can Hunter do for B2B email campaigns?

  • Letting you narrow your search by only showing personal or role-based email addresses
  • Showing the most common email format of a certain company
  • Looking up email addresses using someone’s name
  • Finding verified email addresses or the closest matches
  • Saving emails to your leads and placing them into your favorite CRM
  • Showing the public sources and the latest discovery dates of addresses

Another great benefit of the Hunter platform is that it provides a Google Chrome Extension and a Google Sheets tool. The former lists the email addresses of websites you’re browsing.

That way, you may perform email tracking immediately if needed. The latter works similarly, but it’s for your Google spreadsheets. The best part is that you can start using it for free!

For $0 a month, you get 25 searches and 50 verifications. Once you get the hang of Hunter, you may get the Starter plan at $49 per month with 500 searches and 1,000 verifications.

I just want to use Hunter one time to export data. May I do that?

Yes, you may sign up for a subscription for one month and then cancel it once you’re done. You may also keep it if you’re satisfied with the service.

How many users can benefit from one subscription?

You may invite as many people as needed. Your team members will share the total number of searches and verifications of your payment plan.

#4. Closely – Best for finding prospects on LinkedIn

This is the Closely logo.

Photo Credit: kokokaka.com

You may find the right people on various websites. You’ll have an easier time if you go on LinkedIn, though. After all, it is the website where all the professionals are.

It connects CEOs of the largest firms, owners of promising startups, and numerous job applicants. If you’re looking for a business prospect, chances are it has a LinkedIn profile.

Closely knows this, that’s why it provides all the features that could help you. Take a look at why it’s one of the best B2B sales tools:

How can Closely help B2B email campaigns?

  • Letting your work directly from your inbox
  • Making it easier to create and send messages with its email templates
  • Allowing you to send messages to as many users as you want
  • Sifting through your contacts via LinkedIn Search and Sales Navigator
  • Letting you include CSV files for automated campaigns
  • Ensuring you won’t hit LinkedIn’s weekly limits
  • Syncing multiple accounts to expand outreach

Closely’s basic pricing plan starts at $45 per month, lasting three months. If you subscribe to the longer payment plans, you could save on monthly payments.

Can you automate LinkedIn connections?

Closely lets you send messages to certain people once a certain time comes. That way, you can get your email marketing campaigns running while you’re dealing with other tasks.

What is a good LinkedIn message?

This will depend on how well you know the recipient. Make sure your message works for your target audience and your goals. Closely can take care of sending it at the right time.

#5. Snovio – The best choice for low-cost features

This is the Snovio logo.

Photo Credit: snov.io

The next entry doesn’t just assist with cold emailing, but it also helps find new prospects. Snovio is one of the best sales outreach tools that do this!

Its 7-tier verification lets you find quality leads in less time, so you can spend more on converting them. Similar to the previous entries, Snovio lets you personalize the emails.

This email outreach tool also allows automated cold email sending and tracking. What’s more, Snovio lets you look deeper into the leads by showing their profiles.

This platform also lets you peek into the tools your competitors are using. In turn, you could develop a way to beat them at their game. All of this sounds great, right?

What can Snovio offer your sales team?

Even better, you can try it for free and then pay for the S Plan, which costs $33 a month. Here are the features you get with this basic option:

  • 1,000 credits
  • 5,000 unique recipients
  • CRM with unlimited users
  • Email finder and verification
  • Email drip campaigns

Well, my biggest gripe with Snovio is its credit system. Snovio’s payment plans offer a set number of credits that let you use certain features like the email finder and the APIs.

Each of those services has different credit costs. For example, email address verification costs 0.5 credits for each message, while viewing a company profile costs a credit.

If Snovio could simplify the system, that might attract more users. Otherwise, this is still one of the best tools for outbound sales.

How does the free plan work?

Snovio offers a forever renewable and free plan with 50 credits and 100 drip campaign recipients every month. You may pick a paid option if you need features outside the free plan.

Will I get all the features?

If you have a paid account, you gain access to them. Meanwhile, people with free accounts have limited data export and integrations.

Why do you need sales outreach?
This represents inbound marketing.

Marketing is both a passive and active process. The inbound part helps you spark interest in your brand using pamphlets, billboards, and other advertising methods.

After seeing those materials, you can just wait for people to ask about your brand. Still, some people won’t see your inbound marketing tactics. That’s when you need outbound sales.

Instead of the customers finding you, it’s your business that will reach out to them. That’s why we often call it sales outreach! Here are the reasons why your marketing campaigns need this:

You gain better control of the sales process.

Outbound marketing requires a more hands-on approach than inbound marketing. The latter revolves around the prospect because it’s all about leading them through your sales funnel.

Meanwhile, marketing teams have to come up with new ways to attract new customers. This allows them to become more flexible and lets you gain more control of the process.

Outreach campaigns don’t need large sales and marketing teams as well, making them accessible for startups. Handling fewer people also makes it easier to direct their movements.

B2B outreach is as efficient as you’d like it.

This is why we focused so much on sales outreach tools. Businesses know that the internet is a vital part of their operations. That’s why more of them use it for business-to-business sales.

Back then, you would need to hire a lot of people who would look for prospects manually. This meant calling them on the phone, setting an appointment, and meeting them face-to-face.

Now, technology has made outreach campaigns more convenient and efficient. For example, email campaigns are much faster thanks to email templates and automation.

You can enhance your outreach efforts depending on your current budget. Later, we will talk more about how these tools help outreach campaigns.

What are the parts of outbound sales?

You might be surprised to know that outbound sales only have a few parts. The following list provides discusses them in more detail:

  • Cold email – The best outreach sales tools have this feature. It’s the most common way of connecting with new prospects online.
  • Cold calls – Before the internet, marketers have been reaching out to potential customers via phone calls. You might be annoyed by them, but many customers still prefer human contact from voice calls rather than email.
  • Social media prospecting – If you remember my top outbound sales tool, Closely, you can reach people on LinkedIn. That’s a must-have feature nowadays because most people have social media accounts.
  • Sales representatives – Also known as sales reps, are at the heart of your sales teams. These people are the ones who establish the customer relationships you need for outbound sales. You must provide sales enablement with the right tools, or they will not gather more sales.

Why do you need online tools for sales outreach?

Technology allows people to perform tasks faster and better. Your competitors know this, so they are probably finding new ways to leave your brand in the dust.

You’ve seen some of the best B2B sales platforms, but you can find so many other tools out there. Those could give you an edge over the competition in one way or another.

Of course, you can’t just try each one until you find the best. That’s why we went through several recommendations. Still, you may need more for your brand.

You would need to know the benefits of such tools to find the best ones. Let’s go over each one in more detail below:

Maintain accurate client data

It’s not a good idea to keep all your files as printed copies. After all, those are much harder to store, organize, and navigate. Your system might become too complicated even for your staff.

That’s one of the biggest reasons why more businesses are adopting digital platforms. For example, customer relationship management (CRM) tools track leads for inbound sales.

The B2B platforms can help you keep track of your outreach efforts. They allow you to see your new and existing clients at a glance. You will even see which ones need follow-ups or not.

You can find a specific person using the search box, or use filters to check several folks with similar qualities. They even update their status on your outbound campaign in real-time.

Respond to market trends as soon as possible

The internet also makes consumers move faster as well. In a few months, a website can attract millions of visitors. Imagine all those people buying from the same website!

That’s why business-to-business relations are important nowadays. You need to collaborate with other companies, so you can all help each other become more efficient.

That’s also why B2B digital tools are important nowadays. It informs you about your outreach efforts in real-time, so you can respond accordingly.

Let’s say a business prospect hasn’t responded to your emails for weeks. Your platform can let you know quickly, so you could send a request for a follow-up.

If you chose the right one, you won’t have to do this yourself. The platform could send an automatic follow-up message once that specific contact meets certain metrics.

You can personalize your approach for each prospect.

People don’t like junk mail, but email is still a major aspect of digital marketing for B2B and B2C. Its best feature is that you can send multiple messages in a few seconds.

Your prospects may not like it if you sent a generic email blast. It shows that you didn’t value them enough to bother for a more fitting message than one from an email template.

That’s when email platforms come in handy. They’ve become so advanced that they can send specific messages depending on real-time conditions.

Just like the previous earlier, your platform can send a certain message automatically once it detects that the recipient hasn’t replied for weeks.

That way, you can start your business-to-business relationship can start the right way. This would make it easier for you to close a deal with them for partnerships or projects.

Final thoughts

The biggest issue you’ll face with outbound sales is that it relies on your sales reps. They will be the ones going through the phone numbers and driving the sales process.

Yet, they also need the right skills. That’s why you need the best sales management tools to help sales reps do their jobs. You could build that team yourself or let experts handle it.

That’s where LeadAdvisors can help. It has the marketing team and everything else you need for outbound sales. Click here to learn more.

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Updated on February 23, 2022.
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