The 4 Best SMS Apps for Small Businesses

The best SMS apps for small businesses

/ 11:19 AM November 18, 2021

Out of all the marketing tools right now, the best SMS apps for small businesses are probably the last thing you’ve thought about. After all, who still uses text messaging apps nowadays, right? Yet, SMS/MMS messages still prove to be an effective marketing tool despite newer methods like social media. That’s why you should consider adding it to your marketing strategy.

It can be difficult to pick one because there are simply so many choices. Google searches will yield thousands of results, but they’re mostly SMS apps for Android like SMS Organizer, Pulse SMS, and Chomp SMS. They may have nifty features like material design and night mode, but they’re simply not enough. Fortunately, we’ll show you the best ones later!

Before we share our picks for the best SMS apps for small businesses, we must elaborate on why you need SMS marketing. Then, we’ll go through the features your SMS app should have. We will then go through our recommendations. This alone won’t be enough for your marketing campaign so we will show the other methods you’ll need.

Why use SMS for marketing?

This represents an SMS app.

Nowadays, companies use digital marketing more often because people spend more time on the internet. That’s why it’s more effective than the offline methods.

Yet, this doesn’t mean you should get rid of them entirely. A good marketing strategy uses every method that could drive it closer to its goal.

If your campaign isn’t performing well lately, SMS marketing may help. Here are the reasons why you should consider this strategy for your business:

  1. Fast delivery – You can send a text blast to hundreds of people within seconds.
  2. Quick results – An app can also track metrics for SMS marketing, and it can be as fast as analytics for other media. You’ll need one of the best SMS apps for businesses to get the best results.
  3. Global reach – Many areas worldwide still can’t connect to the internet, but they still can receive text messages.
  4. Precise – You can assign specific messages for each target demographic.
  5. Customer insights – A great SMS app can provide data for each target audience, so you can see how you’re doing with each segment. You can adjust your messages depending on your performance with each demographic.
  6. Cost-effective – It’s the cheapest traditional marketing method.
  7. Supports your other channels – Text messaging can boost your other marketing strategies. Let’s say people aren’t checking your emails. Your messages may remind them to check your emails, so you may see more people opening them.
  8. Better than email – SMS is the best way to send a message that’s too short for an email. What’s more, people read 97% of text messages within 15 minutes. On the other hand, people often delete emails without reading them or set them aside as spam.

4 of the best SMS apps for small businesses

This is a smartphone.

You can’t just use any app for SMS marketing because it must have certain features. Here are the ones your SMS app should have:

  1. Easy-to-use – The app shouldn’t require a lot of know-how to operate, and you can’t spend too much time learning how it works or fumbling with the controls.
  2. Affordable – Expect to pay if you need the best services. However, it shouldn’t take a large chunk of your monthly business expenses.
  3. Scalable – Your SMS app should grow along with your brand, and this means it should provide more features to meet your business’s growing demands.
  4. Works with other apps – You’re probably using other small business tools so that the SMS app should fit seamlessly with that toolbox. In other words, it should be able to send and receive data to your other digital marketing tools.

It’s easy to find apps for sending iOS and Android messages. Your Android phone likely uses Google Messages as its default SMS app, and you probably installed Facebook Messenger.

These apps can host group chats, set up a quick reply, and schedule messages. However, the best SMS apps for small businesses can do so much more:

  1. Aloware – Our top pick
  2. Messente – Overall best SMS app for small businesses
  3. Salesmsg – For quick use
  4. SimpleTexting – For easy campaign management
  5. EZ Texting – For folks who aren’t tech-savvy

#1. Aloware

Text campaigns are among the proven strategies that help businesses gain traction. However, it’s easier said than done. Aloware’s business texting feature allows you to drive more sales through the channel where customers usually are. Through this feature, you can text with customers whenever, wherever; enjoy unlimited two-way texting, and automatically log all conversations when you integrate it with your CRM. You can even send messages with photos, GIFs, and videos. Aloware’s business texting feature also lets you schedule messages and follow-ups automatically. It helps you send notifications or quick updates with just one click, making your SMS/MMS campaigns easier to execute. It also comes with a Local Presence feature letting you use local phone numbers that match your customer’s area code.

Aloware’s business texting feature is your best bet if you want to reach your target audience, boost response rates, and drive more sales.

#2. Messente – Overall best SMS app for small businesses

Messente - Overall best SMS app for small businesses

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Messente enables businesses across the world to reach out to anyone on the planet with a mobile phone. We help companies make the most of SMS messaging in different markets with in-depth industry knowledge and expertise. Our team of connectivity experts and account managers will do the heavy lifting while our clients can focus on growing their business using Messente’s full suite of high-performance APIs and tools.

Messente is trusted by FinTechs, logistics companies, CRM providers, e-commerce, and many other companies with their business-critical messaging needs, including transactional notifications, user authentication, and SMS marketing.

Our focus is on the highest possible quality for both delivery and customer service. Messente’s team shares the mindset of going the extra mile, which is why our very first customers are still with us today. With the help of Messente’s account managers, you can rest assured that all the necessary regulations are met and messages delivered.

#3. Salesmsg – For quick use

This is SalesMsg

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Perhaps you want an SMS app that’s easy to use, an option with only the features you need. If that’s the case, then Salesmsg has you covered!

It’s one of the most basic options in this list because it only has four tabs on its sidebar: Broadcasts, Contacts, Conversions, and Triggers.

Salesmsg is best when you use it with other apps. Once you sign up, it will ask you to create a local number. You’ll use that to send texts, and you can assign a number to your sales staff.

What’s more, it can help you handle appointments from Google Calendar and Outlook. Once you receive one, click Book Appointment on Salesmsg to add that to your schedule.

Small business owners may start at $35 a month for the Pro package that includes the following features:

  • 750 Text Messages
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Unlimited App Integrations
  • Calling
  • Call Recording
  • MMS Picture Texting
  • Shared Inboxes for Teams

If that’s not enough, you can add other features using the Custom plan. As the name suggests, it’s a highly customizable package, so your monthly payment depends on your chosen features.

#4. SimpleTexting – For easy campaign management

This is SimpleTexting.

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Do you need to launch your SMS marketing as quickly as possible? Then, SimpleTexting might just be the best SMS app for you. Here’s just how quick it is to start:

  1. Open the Campaigns tab
  2. Select New Campaign.
  3. Give that a name.
  4. Start texting your customers!

As we said, you also need to see how your campaign is doing. That’s why SimpleTexting has some of the most detailed yet simple analytics thanks to these features:

  • Tiny Links – Make every word count by shortening your longest URLs, then sending them to websites, videos, or other apps.
  • Link Tracking – SimpleTexting shows your metrics with clean and simple charts, grids, and graphs. Also, the app shows you how often those tiny links got clicked.

SimpleTexting’s most affordable plan is $25 per month or $18.75 per year. It lets you send 500 messages within that duration and includes the following:

  • Free incoming text messages
  • Unlimited contacts
  • One free number just for you
  • Weekly support
  • 5 user seats

Bonus review, and here is #5 

#5. EZ Texting – For folks who aren’t tech-savvy

This is EZ Texting.

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If you’re not used to these tools, don’t worry. EZ texting allows you to add SMS marketing to your campaign even if you’re not fond of using gadgets.

Once you sign up, EZ texting will present you with three options: Delight Customers, Simplify Operations, and Market & Engage. Select the one that matches what you want to do.

Afterward, it will guide you through the features based on your choice. It will also ask you to send a message yourself using EZ Texting so that you can get the hang of it.

Go over a new tab or feature, and EZ Texting will show instructions on using it. Despite being simple to use, the app doesn’t lack features.

The most affordable plan starts at $24 a month or $19 a month and provides the following features:

  • One number that sends and receives text messages
  • Keyword
  • Unlimited contacts and groups
  • Unlimited 1:1 texting
  • SMS texts with up to 160 characters
  • Integration with other apps
  • Dedicated shortcodes

What’s more, you may pay $25 every month for a new number and the same monthly amount for another keyword.

Final thoughts

If these options do not suit your needs, you may find others on the internet. Read the features carefully to be sure of what you’re getting, such as in-app purchases.

Unfortunately, even the best SMS app for small businesses isn’t enough. Your campaign needs more than one strategy to beat the competition.

Fortunately, LeadAdvisors can handle your digital marketing needs, from social media marketing to lead generation. Click here for more details.

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