14 Best Podcasts (2021) | Ranked and Reviewed

Best podcasts – ranked and reviewed

/ 09:08 AM December 06, 2021

Are you looking for the best podcasts of 2021? Since the pandemic hit, we have been looking for new ways to keep ourselves entertained.

We have found the best podcasts of 2021 to listen to.

Since the pandemic, many people have had some mental health problems. Finding podcasts as an outlet to ease our thoughts and minds gives you a clear head, and some of them make you laugh out loud.

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14 Best Podcasts to Listen to in 2021

14 Best Podcasts to Listen to in 2021

We have compiled a list of the best podcast of 2021. These are some we have listened to. Check out our list and take a listen if you haven’t already.

  1. Keep It
  2. Through the Cracks
  3. Anything for Selena
  4. Welcome to Your Fantasy Pineapple Street Studios and Gimlet Media
  5. The Ezra Klein Show
  6. Song Exploder
  7. This American Life
  8. You’re Wrong About
  9. Disgraceland
  10. Reply to All
  11. Louder than a Riot
  12. My Favorite Murder
  13. My Dad Wrote a Porno
  14. I Saw What You Did

Keep It

Keep It

Photo Credit: open.spotify.com

Three extremely funny culture critics host this podcast.


Keep It provides a lot of insight on thought-provoking topics. There are topics such as politics and international news and the Bachelor.

Keep It comes on every week and is a great way to learn about pop culture.

This podcast will keep you listening and wanting more with each episode you hear. This is a weekly podcast that airs on Wednesdays.


Through the Cracks

This true crime and personal narrative is about an 8-year-old girl named Relisha Rudd, who disappeared from Washington D.C. from a homeless shelter in 2014. Rudd was missing 18 days before she was considered missing.

This podcast has true crime, injustice, and more mixed into one. It shows how society has failed to protect black girls from falling through the cracks.



Photo Credit: open.spotify.com

Hosted by Mariah Smith, the podcast is centered around reality TV and society. Reality TV has been in our lives for over 30 years.

Reality TV has become the place where we see social and political movements happen. We learn so much from reality TV, even if we don’t want to.

This dissects the history of reality TV one show at a time, and Mariah Smith highlights how these shows have helped shape our culture and how each show changed our lives.

Spectacle goes over a wide range of reality shows, and you do not want to miss it.

Anything For Selena

Maria Garcia hosts a wonderful podcast about the talented and gone too soon singer Selena. This podcast is similar to a documentary and a memoir. Maria Garcia revisits the legacy of Selena Quintanilla-Perez’.

Selena was a Tejano music singer and legend for those who may not know.

Selena’s life was taken from her too quickly, and Maria Garcia takes this nine-part series and she discusses Selena’s life and what happened to put her on the map.

Welcome to Your Fantasy: Pineapple Street Studios and Gimlet Media

Welcome to Your Fantasy: Pineapple Street Studios and Gimlet Media

Photo Credit: pineapple.fm

Welcome to your Fantasy is about the 80s Chippendales dancers during this decade. These stripping male dancers were very popular in the 80s, but there was a dark side to these dance productions.

That’s right, the Chippendale dance production is not only dar but includes murder as well. This is a great podcast to listen to, especially if you like learning the history of different decades.

The Ezra Klein Show

The Ezra Klein show has been going strong for many years. The New York Times introduced this podcast early in the year, and when they did, it was well-received.

This podcast just keeps on shining and is doing very well. Ezra Klein touches on any and every subject, especially the ones he is interested in as well.

If you are into politics and debates, you would like this podcast.

Song Exploder

Song Exploder

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Song Exploder is a podcast with musicians on it. These musicians pick apart their songs, word for word, and then they discuss how that song was made.

Each episode features the host asking the musicians to jump into their songs and discuss their decisions when they make a song.

This American Life

This American Life is a podcast hosted by Ira Glass. Glass highlights stories and short fiction entries from around the country. Some stories will make you laugh and cry.

This American Life is one of the podcasts with a lot more to them than just talking. This podcast expands our minds through writing, and it is highly recommended.

You’re Wrong About

You’re Wrong About

Photo Credit: open.spotify.com

A true-crime podcast, You’re Wrong About, is more about what is going in the world today has writer comedian Michael Hobbs and Sarah Marshall as its hosts.

The podcast also reflects on past events and highlights what is wrong with a certain case or topic. Every week, these two discuss a person or an event in the past that has been miscast in the public eye.

These two love the past and love to talk about it. This is a great podcast and a great idea as well.


This popular podcast is a feed dedicated to content related to a true crime. This award-winning podcast discusses how musicians can get away with murder or being bad and causing havoc.

This great podcast changes your perspective on how celebrities and musicians are viewed in the limelight.

Reply To All

Reply To All

Photo Credit: podcasts.apple.com

Reply To All is a technological project because there are chats about technology interfacing with our lives. It also delves into the long-term effects and how they affect our lives.

Reply To All takes a deep dive into some odd and interesting internet memes. Listen now to this great and hilarious podcast.

Louder Than A Riot

Louder than a Riot is a great podcast centered on hip hop and mass incarceration. Every episode of this podcast explores an artist and their story.

The artists are also intertwined with another aspect of the criminal justice system. This podcast discusses power from all angles and the power of the music industry.

This is one of the best and most interesting podcasts released. If you are interested in learning more about a culture you are not a part of, you should check out this podcast.

Opening your mind to what is going on has never hurt anyone.

My Favorite Murder

My Favorite Murder

Photo Credit: myfavoritemurder.com

My Favorite Murder is one of those podcasts that you cannot get enough of. This podcast is hosted by friends and fans of true crime, Georgia Hardstark, and Karen Kilgraff.

This podcast shows a lighter side of crimes. Each host discusses true stories of crimes from their hometowns and other true crime stories from the past.

My Dad Wrote a Porno

This British podcast is one of the funniest podcasts we have listened to in quite some time. The hosts are James Cooper, Jamie Morton, and Alice Levine.

Every episode showcases Jamie Morton reading a new chapter of “Belinda Blinked,” a romance series written by his father, who goes by Rocky Flinstone.

This podcast started in 2015 and is hilarious. The three hosts have a running commentary throughout the show every week. As of 2021, there have been over 280 million downloads of this podcast.

I Saw What You Did

I Saw What You Did

Photo Credit: exactlyrightmedia.com

If you like movies and discussing movies, you will love this podcast. It was hosted by two women of color, Millie De Chirico and Danielle Henderson.

One loves films, and the other is an expert on films. Every Tuesday, these hilarious and witty ladies watch two films with a certain topic behind them, and then they meet up for the podcast and discuss their movies.

They also have bonus episodes on Stitcher Premium as well. If you love movies and love to laugh, this podcast will turn your day around and fill it with laughter.

These two film lovers highlight recent and classic movies as well. Some of these films are from different decades. However, the way they dissect the films is perfect and funny at the same time.


To sum it all up, the pandemic has caused us to seek other forms of entertainment over the last two years. Podcasts have become quite a staple in many people’s homes.

With so many different options and topics of podcasts, it is hard to choose from. If you are trying to find something to make you laugh, there are plenty of podcasts for that.

There are many true crime podcasts that many of us have gotten into and binged.

Since we are trying to find new and inexpensive ways to stay entertained, podcasts give us the ability to listen, laugh, learn, and be entertained.

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