Top free NFT games to play | Have fun and make money!

Top free NFT games to play

/ 12:01 PM October 05, 2021

If you’re looking for a unique gaming experience, why not try free NFT games? With the power of blockchain technology, they mix having fun and earning money at the same time! Which ones should you try first?

Fortunately, we’ll show you our recommendations for the best free-to-play options right now. What’s more, we will explain just what NFT games are and how they work. You must check these before you even download your first NFT game.

Blockchain technology is changing the world right now, and it’s just not cryptocurrency. Specifically, it’s rocking the gaming world with blockchain-based games. They could serve as additional income streams and a sample of blockchain’s impact on our world.


#1. Axie Infinity

This is the Axie Infinity free NFT game.

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Let’s start with a popular title in the Philippines. Axie Infinity is a smartphone game by Vietnamese company Sky Mavis, and it involves battling your team of digital pets against others.

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If you’re familiar with Pokémon, you’ll feel right at home. Yet, it’s mixed with mechanics from trading card games. To explain further, let’s say you’re a new Axie Infinity player.

You get your first creatures by purchasing them on the Axie Marketplace. You might be surprised once you see the prices. At the time of writing, they were worth around $150 to $200!

How is this a free NFT game, then? It’s made possible by the scholarship programs, and long-time Axie players can lend Axies to newbies. These generous people are in social media groups.

For example, Facebook has Axie Scholarship groups. You’ll find a long list of applications, and each one starts with a brief introduction and the person’s reasons for applying.

The borrower receives their first Axies. In exchange, the lender earns a cut from their earnings. This has been a great way for Filipinos to make ends meet during the pandemic.

A mother of three who was featured in a mini-documentary said it was a great help. She said, “… It [Axie Infinity] sustained our daily needs, paid our bills, and debts.”


Players earn Smooth Love Potions or SLP while playing against computer-controlled opponents or other players. Meanwhile, players earn AXS or Axie Infinity Shards from certain events.

The two are cryptocurrencies that you may convert into fiat money. If you check other blockchain-based games, you’ll notice a similar player income model.

#2. Binamon

This is the Binamon free NFT game.

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Here’s another free NFT game that’s similar to Pokémon. Instead of using your entire team, you play with them one by one. Also, you can only play this on a computer.

You may play with each creature or Binamon for an hour. Then, you move and attack by pressing the W, A, S, and D keys. The goal is to beat certain enemies to reach the next level.

Once you encounter a baddie, it will show an element: Fire, Light, Water, Forest, Physical, and Quantum. Press the corresponding button quickly to hit the enemy.

You earn points when you win. Make sure you keep at it, though. If you hit the wrong key or take too long, the enemy reduces your one-hour game time. Losing means fewer earnings!

Similar to Axie, you need to buy your first digital pets. You use BMON and Z1 to buy a booster pack containing random pets. Alternatively, you can buy a specific one on the Discord page.

Another similarity is its scholarship system. Just like Axie Infinity, Binamon players may lend their digital pets, and in turn, they also earn from borrowers.

Binamon is an Argentina-based team that released this play-to-earn model on August 28, 2021. At the time of writing, it’s only a couple of months old, so it’s not as popular as Axie.

Yet, the Binamon team isn’t fazed by this, and it’s more focused on improving how the game works and how the players earn. Give it some time, and it may shine like Axie Infinity and beyond!

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What is an NFT?

These are NFTs.

Are you excited about your first free NFT game? Before you register for one, make sure you understand how NFTs work. This will help you get the most out of these games.

NFT stands for non-fungible token. A blockchain network registers the owner of this object, and in turn, that person gets a unique copy despite countless replicas.

It started from an artwork that was worth $69,346,250! Beeple registered “Everydays: The First 5000 Day” as a non-fungible token. Now, we have NFT movies, music, and more!

You could make one yourself. With the right tools and enough money, you may feature your art in NFT marketplaces. This could boost recognition for your work, helping you find buyers.

As we discussed earlier, we also have NFT games. Some of the game assets are NFTs. The Axie and Binamon pets serve as examples, and you may sell those to earn more cryptocurrencies.

What are NFT games?

This is an NFT.

Nowadays, there are so many blockchain games. We couldn’t recommend them as free NFT games, though. Here are two of our top picks: Enjin and Decentraland:

  • Enjin (ENJ) – This is a cryptocurrency network that enables NFT games. It uses ENJ tokens as its cryptocurrency. The “melting” feature is what makes Enjin unique. You may earn NFTs in Enjin games then turn those into Enjin coins.
  • Decentraland (MANA) – This is a game that allows you to insert your NFTs in it! What’s more, it lets you use MANA tokens to purchase digital real estate in the game. That property may host your NFTs and other events, jacking up its value. Eventually, you can sell it for profit, similar to how real estate investing usually works.

Players usually gain money by selling the NFTs or earning cryptos while playing. How does the game earn money, then? That depends on the game’s play-to-earn model.

NFT games are relatively new, so there’s no clear-and-cut pattern. Yet, you’ll notice that they earn from fees. For example, they usually charge a small amount when you buy new items.

Should you start playing free NFT games?

It’s not enough to understand how play-to-earn games work, and you should also learn how their blockchains function. Let’s look at Axie Infinity and Binamon again.

Axie Infinity runs on the Ethereum blockchain, and it uses Ethers (ETH) that are #2 on the cryptocurrency list. Ethereum is well-known for NFTs and smart contracts.

On the other hand, Binamon uses the Binance Smart Chain. It’s the blockchain of the largest crypto exchange called Binance, and its native cryptocurrency is called BNB.

You will have to use these cryptos in these play-to-earn video games. Cryptocurrencies are well-known for their high volatility. In other words, their prices change quickly and drastically.

As a result, profits from free NFT games aren’t constant. For example, your SLPs today might not convert into the same amount of money tomorrow.

Of course, understanding how cryptos work can help you earn more. You may want to wait a bit until the prices go up before converting your cryptos.

Final thoughts

Free NFT games are interesting, aren’t they? You get to earn rewards as cryptocurrencies. Then, you can turn them into real money. It’s all thanks to blockchain technology!

This is one example of how blockchains are changing the world. Check the internet, and you’ll see so many more uses of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Fortunately, you don’t have to look that far. Just check out the other articles from Inquirer USA. It’s a great source for the latest in investments, finance, and so many trending topics!

Learn more about free NFT games

How do NFT games make money?

These play-to-earn video game companies earn from fees, and players need to pay cryptos for certain in-game actions like buying items. However, the NFT gaming world is relatively brand new, so there’s no cookie-cutter pattern for gaming and earning models. Look up your chosen NFT game before playing.

Is Binamon a play-to-earn game?

It may serve as a free NFT game because you can apply for the scholarship program. You may request other players to lend you their digital pets, which allows you to start playing while giving some of your earnings to the lender. Aside from this method, you will have to buy your first digital pets yourself via cryptocurrency.

What are examples of NFT games?

The most popular NFT game right now is Axie Infinity, and it became popular after those who lost their jobs to the pandemic used it to make ends meet. Also, there’s Binamon, a game that is similar to Axie. What’s more, Decentraland lets you insert your NFTs into the game and invest in digital real estate.

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