18 Great Long-Distance Relationship Gifts to Get Your Loved One

18 Great long distance relationship gifts

/ 08:43 AM September 22, 2021

Aside from thinking of wrapping yourself up as a gift to your S.O. who lives miles away from you, tons of great long-distance relationship gift ideas will surely light up your partner’s eyes.

Whenever you’re in a long-distance relationship, it’s hard as the separation can sometimes take a toll on you. Although technology does keep you connected (thankfully!), every moment spent apart makes you want to be together all the more.

What is the best gift for a long-distance boyfriend?

What is the best gift for a long-distance boyfriend?

When he’s far away in a different time zone, we’ll do anything to make him feel loved, even from a distance. With the help of modern technology, long-distance relationships don’t seem to be a struggle nowadays.

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Even so, you’ll still want to make him feel special. So, give him something that’ll remind you of you and your love for him. Here, we’ve gathered the best long-distance relationship gifts for him.

  1. Michael Kors Men’s Slim Runway Black Watch – Your beau will never run late on any appointments with this sleek and elegant black watch.
  2. Travel Pillow – He’ll always be excited to go home, so give him this ergonomic pillow. Perfect for his long flights and bus rides.
  3. Weighted Blanket – Never let him feel alone. With this blanket, he’ll feel like being held and cuddled.
  4. Digital Photo Frame – This Wi-Fi Cloud Photo Frame will enable you to email him your recent photos for instant display.
  5. Conversation Starters – Make those video chats far more interesting with this toy. Get closer to him even if he’s miles away.
  6. Adjustable Phone Stand – Don’t let him have stiff necks from talking with you for too long. Get him this phone stand for those late-night calls.
  7. Stir Your Tea and Think of Me Customized Spoon – If he loves tea, give this to them. It’s also a cute reminder of you as he sips his daily dose of tea.
  8. Toiletry Bag – Give him a travel kit for his essentials.

What do you buy someone in a long-distance relationship?

What do you buy someone in a long-distance relationship?

Nothing can ever replace your presence as a surprise gift to your beau. We get the feels! But if there’s no other way to be with them, there’s always the right long-distance relationship gift for your beau. Look no further as here is the list of gifts that will cheer up your special one when they’re homesick, sentimental, and sad.


Powerbeats High-Performance Wireless Earphones

Price: $130.61

Description: You want to make sure your video calls get through clearer without any interruptions. These wireless earphones are adjustable, so it’s perfect for that long haul of talking whatever position he’s in.

Why It’s Great: Another plus, it can stand up to 15 hrs of listening time. You can bond with your S.O. all day or night long.



Herschel Novel Duffle Bag

Price: $89.99

Description: For couples like you who’re miles apart, this is a great long-distance relationship gift. When your partner goes back for the holidays or special occasions, this bag is essential. With a timeless, sleek style, this duffel bag is also made of sturdy material. Along with its spacious storage, it also has a signature shoe pocket.


Letters to Open When

Price: $12.21

Description: If you’re both feeling sultry or cheeky, this unique prompt book entails all emotions you have. Tug one, and each letter comes with a prompt that you can stick on the book.

Why It’s Great: Whenever you feel like having a pep talk, love advice, and good cheer, this can be your go-to. The novelty of an old-fashioned letter adds to the romantic twist.


Personalized Cuff Bracelet

Price: $46.00

Description: Whenever you’re missing your long-distance partner, this personalized coordinate bracelet will remind you that no matter how far, you still feel connected. This cuff bracelet is engraved with both your longitude and latitude coordinates.

Why It’s Great: For a more sweet gesture, add up a personal message inside the bracelet. It’s a perfect long-distance relationship gift idea.


Homesick Scented Candle

Price: $52.38

Description: Let your S.O. indulge in the aroma of love with this long-distance relationship gift idea. With notes of sandalwood, lemon, and rose, this soy candle’s smell is like showering your partner with love.

Why It’s Great: This is a long-distance gift that won’t make them feel homesick at all.


Bond Bracelets

Price: $108.00

Description: This is the quickest way to let your partners know they’re in your thoughts. With just a touch on your bracelet, your S.O’s bond bracelet will light up and vibrate. Do this whenever you’re missing them or when you’re thinking of them.

Why It’s Great: This is a unique long-distance relationship gift you’d never want to miss on.


Capsule Letters Message in a Bottle

Price: $12.99

Description: Love notes in their chatbox? Take it up a notch with this message in a capsule. There are 50 capsules inside each bottle. Pour your heart out with all the love thoughts you have for your partner.

Why It’s Great: Write them a secret love note for when they’re feeling blue or just missing you. It’s cute and small but a love cure, that’s for sure!


Hug this pillow until you can hug me

Price: $17.71

Description: Whether you’re in a long-distance relationship or your BFF just happens to live states away from you, giving them a real hug is impossible.

Why It’s Great: Well, give them this pillow and let them know they’re loved, and this will make for a great long-distance relationship gift.


Passport Case

Price: $9.99

Description: Whenever your beau needs to stash his passport, cash, and other important cards, this passport case will take hold of all those for him.

Why It’s Great: While this is a perfect long-distance relationship gift, you can also stash some cash in or a love note before giving it to him, and your partner can use that cash when he runs out of some.


Long-Distance Relationship Keychain

Price: 12.99

Description: Never doubt if your partner’s thinking of you. Especially if they have this keychain that they’ll carry around with them wherever this is a great reminder of how much you adore and love them.

Why It’s Great: Let this long-distance relationship gift be the ultimate partner of his flat or car keys.


What can long-distance couples do together?

What can long-distance couples do together?

As cliche as it gets, absence makes the heart grow fonder. Especially when you’re in a long-distance relationship, yes, it’ll take work, but there are several ways you can do together to keep that spark burning. Aside from LDR gifts, read below for date ideas when you’re miles apart.

Go on a virtual date night.

This is where Zoom and FaceTime come in handy. Schedule a time and date, prepare yourself dinner, and surprise him with delivery food. Be sure to order the same food that you’ve cooked or order his favorite food. Pop a bottle of wine at the end of the meal.

Sing your hearts out in a karaoke

Thanks to technology, you can now bring that karaoke bar to you. Just type in and search for karaoke websites. Then use your smartphone or webcam to listen to each other. Don’t forget to sing a duet together.

Go on a virtual vacation.

It may be impossible to go on vacation for now since your S.O. is far away, but you can do it virtually. Choose one destination from your romantic getaway bucket list and search online for virtual tours. Taking a peek at your dream destinations will have you feeling close even if you’re far.

Enjoy a movie night together.

Choose the latest movie that you two have been talking about. Or, if you’re all mushy, watch those classic romantic movies. Do Zoom or FaceTime while watching for that feeling of togetherness. You never want to miss your partner’s comments and smart insights.

Send your S.O. a care package.

Surprise your partner by sending them a kit with his fave stuff or care kit. Also, you can fill up a box with his care essentials or a relaxation kit.

Key Takeaway

Never wait for a special occasion to make your long-distance partner feel special. In the meantime, spending time together (IRL!) seems impossible, so shower them with fun gifts. Gifting your partner when there’s an occasion or just randomly will ease that homesickness they’re feeling. Also, plus points for you!

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