9 Best Wedding Cake Toppers For Your Special Day

Best wedding cake toppers for your special day

/ 10:32 AM September 09, 2021

Do you need wedding cake toppers for your special day? Your wedding day is no small way one of the biggest and most important days of your life. It is a no-brainer that your choice of a wedding cake and a wedding cake topper is one that you must make with absolute precision. It would always be remembered long after the special day was gone.

Here’s an opportunity to recreate that exciting love story you have had in mind. All by using our carefully selected wedding cake toppers tailored to fit your personality and style. If you can think of it, I’m sure we can make it happen.


Most Memorable Wedding Cake Toppers on Amazon

Most Memorable Wedding Cake Toppers on Amazon

In this review, you’ll find out all about our diverse types and styles of wedding cake toppers, and it is safe to say that you will find that one cake topper that fits exactly what you have in mind. Ranging from our Romantic Bride and Groom Cake Toppers to our Sports Porcelain Cake Toppers, you can only find out when you read on.

Hat Shark Personalized Wedding Cake Topper

Most Unique Cake Toppers

Price: $29.95

Description: Depending on what flies as unique to you, you could have a love-shaped wire cake topper that sits pretty on your cake or an alluring design like a hand-painted crystal butterfly wire cake topper design with the wire finely made to fit easily on the cake.

However, we understand that nothing makes a statement like “simple yet classy when it comes to unique wedding cake toppers.” This is why we have selected the hat shark personalized wedding cake topper as the best unique wedding cake topper for your big day.

Pros & Cons: The best part of choosing the Hat Shark personalized cake topper is not just that you have the option of choosing between a rustic wood or a clear acrylic finish, but the simple fact that you can go as far as customizing the topper with your new last name and wedding date.

Having this cake topper customized will keep your occasion eternal and make for a great keepsake. When you think about this, the somewhat high price doesn’t seem so bad anymore.


Amscan Bride & Groom Cake Topper


Best Romantic Cake Topper

Price: $28.15

Description: There are probably many reasons why you’re finally tying the knot, and we are counting on the fact that maybe just one of the reasons is that you’re in love with your partner with hopes that your wedding day will be special. If this is true, then you probably want a cake topper that displays just how much in love with each other you are and just how affectionate! This romantic cake topper gives your wedding all the feels.

Pros & Cons: This romantic wedding cake topper features a couple holding hands, the bride staring deeply into the eyes of the groom as the groom leans slightly towards the bride, a truly beautiful moment you can have on your lovely cake.

The only con is that this wouldn’t be the perfect recommendation for couples who may want a little more action. This cake topper tells a “less is more” story.


Mei Jia Fei Wedding Cake Topper

Best Pet Cake Toppers

Price: $17.99

Description: For those of us who love our pets so much that we want to make sure they too are captured on our special day, this is an excellent and rather sweet way to get them included.

Pros & Cons: The Meiji fei wedding cake topper is an elegant acrylic wedding cake topper design that gives you all the sweet and tingly feels.

Not only do you have a sweet representation of your pet, but you also have a charming figurine of the bride looking down at the groom as he carries her mid-air.

Although the cake topper comes with two pet figurines, you could decide to use just one if that’s what you want. Simply breathtaking, this one.


Meijiafei Wedding Cake Topper

Best Child Acrylic Cake Toppers

Price: $20.00

Description: If you already have a kid in the union you want to be featured and made special on your wedding day, then the Meijiafei Bride and Groom with children cake topper should be your go-to. Picture for a second, having representatives of your kids up there on your cake looking all charming.

Pros & Cons: This is an acrylic laser cutting topper about 4.5-5.5 inches wide. The most pleasing thing about the Meijiafei Bride and Groom with children’s wedding cake topper is that you can customize the cake topper to whatever you want. This is with just a small extra fee. If you want to increase the number of children of different sexes and ages, this feature pencils you in without any hassle whatsoever.


Bridal Garter Hunter Rifle

Best Funny Wedding Cake Toppers

Price: $9.69

Description: Wondering how you can make your guests relax on your special day? You do want yourself and your guests to have a good time, right? Then this Bridal Garter Hunter Rifle cake topper is the answer to how you can put your guests in a good mood.

Pros & Cons: This budget-friendly wedding cake topper would have you and your guests in a fit of laughter as it pictures a bride dragging a groom with a rifle on her shoulder to showcase that “the hunt is over” because it is.

This wedding cake topper will leave not just the bride and the groom amused but is a funny way of keeping the guests entertained too.


Jimhamhug Gift Boxed Running Couple Topper

Best Sports Cake Toppers

Price: $10.69

Description: Depending on your favorite sport, the Jimhambug brand of wedding cake toppers offers a wide range of sporting activities you could choose from. Ranging from a couple in a basketball game session, a bride in full support mode cheering on her groom doing press-ups, or the one with the ability to melt your heart, a bride tackling the groom as he runs off with a football.

Interestingly, if you want to throw in a bit of a message, you could go for a figurine of both the bride and groom doing something together, which is why we have selected the cake topper with the couple in a running session for you.

Pros & Cons: this running couple wedding cake topper is acrylic and is beyond perfect for a sports-themed wedding. Remember the loaded statement “a couple that runs together, stays together.”


Lihejy 6 pack Wedding Cake Topper

Custom Acrylic Cake Toppers

Price: $6.99

Description: If you are wondering if you can still have a beautiful cake topper without a lookalike of either the bride or the groom? The answer is yes.

The Lihejy 6 pack mesmerizing acrylic cake toppers are custom made. This is in such a way that they leave the couples, as well as the guests, breathless on a special day.

Pros & Cons: at $6.99, this wedding cake topper includes six pieces of gold acrylic cake toppers in various beautiful shapes and sizes. To get this offer for such a budget-friendly price, it is safe to say that this is more than an okay deal.

Even better is that these gold acrylic cake toppers tell the story of the bride and groom. This is all without necessarily having their image on the cake. As we all know, less is more, after all.


HappyPlywood Wooden Cake Topper

Best Wood Veneer Cake Toppers

Price: $9.99

Description: There is nothing like a natural-themed wedding to give the couple and the guests a warm and “homely” feeling. It might interest you to know that there are hundreds of wooden cake toppers for nature-loving couples. Especially, who want to introduce this unique personality to their wedding.

Going through the many options, we decided that nothing like the HappyPlywood “Mr and Mrs” wooden cake topper. Other than providing warmth and comfort to your wedding, it adds a kind of sophisticated beauty. This is what only this rustic wood design can offer.

Pros & Cons: this is a unique and overly beautiful cake topper that you can use even after your wedding as a soft reminder of your big and special day. It is made from 1/8̎ thick plywood by laser.


NST 3.5 Inch Clear Plastic Ornament Base

Best Cake Toppers Display Stand

Price: $13.21

Description: We have hinted at how beautiful our selected cake topper designs would be in your home long after your big day, so it would be completely unthinkable of us not to provide you with an opportunity to do that.

For this reason, we have included the NST 3.5 Inch Clear Plastic Ornament Base for cake toppers that would help you achieve that.

Pros & Cons: This small clear plastic ornament shaped like a crown is used as a base for cake toppers after the big day.

These display stands come ready. You have only to choose the best position for it. This can preferably be an open view for your guests, the coffee table maybe. Or maybe you want it to be just a soft reminder for yourself and your spouse; then, in that case, you can never go wrong with placing it in the bedroom.




Few things would make a statement and add that much-needed perfection to your wedding decoration on your big day. Also,  your choice for a cake topper is one of them.

With our carefully selected custom wedding cake toppers, we assure you that making a statement would be the last thing to worry about.

A mind-blowing fact to point out is that these wedding cake toppers feature the unique choice of the couple. This is all while also capturing the theme of the wedding. There is nothing like an exquisite cake design that tells a story about the bride and groom to put the guests in a good mood.


When choosing wedding cake toppers for your special day, you need to paint the picture, and these wedding cake toppers will make your big day the canvas!

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