What will the new normal look like? | A peek into post-COVID life

What will the new normal look like?

/ 09:38 AM September 02, 2021

Have you ever wondered how the “new normal” will look after COVID? It’s easy to be horrified at the major changes it is bringing to the world. Nevertheless, life goes on, and you must understand where you will stand in the new world after the COVID-19 pandemic!

We will briefly go into the ways the pandemic is changing aspects of society. Later, you will see that such events may also bring great reforms to the world. More importantly, we will explore how you can build a better life from the pandemic.

The ongoing public health crisis is nothing like the world has ever seen. However, real change will inevitably feel uncomfortable for most people. With the right mindset, these changes can help you thrive and excel in the new normal.

How COVID-19 changed more than just public health

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In March 2020, the world first took notice of the novel coronavirus. The World Health Organization (WHO) declared its spread as a pandemic.

In response, countries imposed lockdowns. In the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommended stricter health guidelines.

People spent more time indoors than ever. Most of us had to wear face masks outdoors. We also had to practice social distancing and other unusual public health rules.


The lockdown rules had other effects on our lives. You may have seen it in yourself, too, not just outside. Let’s take a closer look at each one:

  • Mental health – Staying at home for this long has taken a toll on everyone’s minds. We now see more cases of anxiety and depression. Some even have this strange problem of not making sense of time.
  • Social media – We spent more time than ever on Facebook and Twitter. These platforms allowed us to stay connected with loved ones despite the distance. However, this had detrimental effects on our minds as well.
  • Shortage of everything – Let’s take the ongoing semiconductor chip shortage as an example. We will have to get used to these shortages for the long term! It’s why it’s harder to buy many things, from PlayStation 5 consoles to iPhones.
  • Telehealth – Nowadays, more people consult their doctors via video calls. This allows them to get medical attention while staying away from the virus.

What would a post-COVID world look like?

This a laptop on a bed.

Besides, even tragic events like this have silver linings! Everything comes and goes, including this pandemic. Just as our old way of life ended, this public health crisis will too.


Take the Black Plague as an example. This well-known pandemic killed nearly a third of Europe’s population. Yet, it brought the following positive changes:

  • Better wagesMost people back then worked farms as serfs. The Black Plague wiped a lot of them. Fewer people worked the fields, so landlords had no choice but to pay farmers more.
  • Worker’s rights – Many Europeans decided that they had enough of abusive worker practices. This sparked revolts that eventually earned workers more rights.
  • Hygiene and medicine – Basic cleanliness habits such as hand-washing weren’t prevalent then. They had to practice them more often because of the pandemic. What’s more, it led to numerous medical practices we use today.

As you can see, pandemics can bring positive changes. COVID-19 is no different. Here’s how the current events are improving our world in some way:

  • Remote work – Most people had to work from home during these times. Some people miss the social interaction they get around the water cooler. Still, some people liked that it gave them more time for other things in their lives.
  • Urban farming – Countries are finding new ways to become self-sustaining. For example, the Philippines has been starting urban farms in certain areas.
  • Easier investing – The extra free time was enough for people to start investing. Various investment apps made it easier too. As a result, we now have more people using services like Binance and Robinhood.

How do you find your place in the new normal?

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We still don’t see the end of the pandemic. This means the overwhelming changes are not over. As a result, many people like you may feel lost. How can you make sense of it all?

  • Let go of the “old normal” – You may not want to admit it, but the life we had from 2019 is gone. Vent all the negative emotions that come with this. Afterward, you’ll be ready to accept the new normal.
  • Determine your short-term goals – It’s hard to look into what you should do in the coming years. Instead, why not focus on what you’ll do each month or week? Work on things you can control now. Then, you can work towards what you’ll do in the long run.
  • Track current events – This article is a great start to understanding the new normal. However, it’s not enough. After all, the world is still changing as you’re reading this. That’s why you should always see the latest that’s happening in the world.
  • Learn relevant skills – The coming new world will rely more on technology. Try to find a way to make your current skills work in the digital space. Even better, adopt ones that are related to technology. For example, a background in cryptocurrencies can help you snag these lucrative blockchain jobs.
  • Prepare several long-term goals – After using the earlier steps, you may find it easier to plan long-term goals. It’s best to create several instead of just one. After all, nobody can truly predict how the world will work in the future. If one of your plans doesn’t work, at least you have alternatives.

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Final thoughts

Everyone’s trying to adapt to the new normal, even businesses. Take the Wikimedia Foundation as an example. It allowed all staff to work at home while earning their usual salaries.

We believe you can do it too. That’s why we hope our tips and tricks can help you thrive in these new times. If not, feel free to check other sources for guidance.

We acknowledge the uncertainty the world is experiencing. In real life, your methods should provide results. Use all the methods that may work for you.

Learn more about the new normal after COVID-19

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What will the new normal look like?

We can’t be entirely sure what the world will look like after the pandemic. After all, it is still changing as you’re reading this article. Yet, it’s safe to say that our world will become more reliant on technology than before. We say this because we use devices for even more activities, such as work.

How do I adapt to the new normal?

Start by letting go of the old normal. This will make it easier to accept the many changes brought by the new normal. Then, keep track of current events and learn new skills to help you prepare for the coming years. If our tips don’t suit you, feel free to try whatever works.

How do I cope with the changes brought by COVID-19?

It’s a good idea to let go of the old normal as preparation for the new. This will help you accept the changes that may come from the new normal. You may write down what you think about the old normal in a journal. This will help you release the negative emotions you may be feeling for the old normal.

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